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Wrongful Death Articles

how-to-prove-a-wrongful-death-claim-in-florida Brian O Sutter Mar/02/2022 Brian O Sutter

How to Prove a Wrongful Death Claim in Florida

The death of a loved one can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. If your loved one passes due to an illness or natural causes, you can grieve and find a way to continue with your life. However, if your loved one passes because of the negli...

wrongful-death-in-punta-gorda-who-can-file Corbin Sutter Feb/10/2022 Corbin Sutter

Wrongful Death In Punta Gorda: Who Can File?

Punta Gorda residents who have lost their loved ones due to the negligence or misconduct of another party may file a wrongful death claim. While financial compensation cannot fully help one cope with grief, it may provide financial relief to cover me...

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