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staying-safe-on-busy-roads-in-englewood-fl Bryan Greenberg Jan/30/2023 Bryan Greenberg

Staying Safe On Busy Roads In Englewood, FL

Driving on a busy road can be nerve-wracking and intimidating, especially if you’re new to the area. In Englewood, Florida, two of the busiest roads are McCall Road and River Road (especially during commute time with traffic to and from I-75). With s...

defensive-driving-tips-for-north-port-teens Brian O Sutter Jan/16/2023 Brian O Sutter

Defensive Driving Tips For North Port Teens

Parents of North Port gain a whole new point if stress when their teens are getting ready to take to the road. Teens are the most likely demographic to experience an accident in North Port, and they’re the most likely to be involved in accidents res...

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