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ice-isnt-the-only-thing-that-causes-accidents Corbin Sutter Mar/02/2021 Corbin Sutter

Ice Isn't The Only Thing That Causes Accidents

The Polar Vortex of 2021 is wreaking havoc across the US, and states are getting hammered by freezing temperatures, sleet, and snow. Those conditions led to a 100-car pileup in Texas just the other day. The event claimed the lives of at least five pe...

trucking-accidents-often-claim-peoples-lives%e2%80%a8 Corbin Sutter Jan/28/2021 Corbin Sutter

Trucking Accidents Often Claim Peoples' Lives

In a perfect world, nobody would die in car crashes. Heck, for that matter, collisions wouldn't come to fruition in the first place. However, as everyone knows, our world is far from perfect. Accidents happen all too often across the United States,...

the-five-most-common-types-of-auto-accidents Brian O Sutter Jan/20/2021 Brian O Sutter

The Five Most Common Types Of Auto Accidents

There are many hazards on the road. However, the biggest risk is auto accidents. There are many types of collisions that can happen on the road. Due to the nature of many of these collisions it can be challenging to clearly assign fault. Understandin...

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