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Traffic Accidents Articles

why-do-truck-accidents-happen Brian O Sutter Oct/26/2020 Brian O Sutter

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

The majority of truck drivers are great at what they do. They adhere to laws and regulations while transporting goods from one destination to another across the United States. These essential workers have helped people remain fed, clothed, and entert...

real-help-for-when-auto-accidents-strike Corbin Sutter Oct/21/2020 Corbin Sutter

Real Help For When Auto Accidents Strike

Chaotic, hectic, and painful are just some of the words commonly used to describe car crashes. The events can be traumatizing and leave participants injured and unsure of what to do. Floridians who find themselves in such a boat should not fret. They...

4-most-common-causes-of-traffic-accidents Brian O Sutter Oct/06/2020 Brian O Sutter

4 Most Common Causes Of Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are something that no one wants to be the victim of, and yet, somewhere in America alone, over three million traffic accidents occur that result in an injury every year. That averages out to six traffic accidents involving an injury...

tractor-trailer-accidents-can-be-deadly Corbin Sutter Sep/24/2020 Corbin Sutter

Tractor-Trailer Accidents Can Be Deadly

Tractor-trailers are large vehicles that weigh a lot, especially when they are loaded down. They are much bigger and heavier than cars, trucks, or SUVs. As such, when a big rig and another automobile collide, the outcome is usually not good. The driv...

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