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August 2019 Archives

this-stall-issue-can-lead-to-accidents-and-injuries Brian O Sutter Aug/12/2019 Brian O Sutter

This Stall Issue Can Lead To Accidents And Injuries

It can be quite scary when a person's vehicle gets a flat tire or stalls out on a roadway. Motorists, even those here in Florida, are not always the kindest or most sensitive people. They want to get where they are going as fast as possible with no d...

how-dangerous-is-it-to-be-a-pedestrian-today Brian O Sutter Aug/01/2019 Brian O Sutter

How Dangerous Is It To Be A Pedestrian Today?

Florida is a major tourist destination. People from all around come here to hit the beaches, visit amusement parks, and more. That means that plenty of guests can be found walking around from place to place at any given time. Of course, tourists are...

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