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October 2019 Archives

5-ways-truck-accidents-differ-from-auto-accidents Brian O Sutter Oct/29/2019 Brian O Sutter

5 Ways Truck Accidents Differ From Auto Accidents

Many people are under the wrong impression that truck accidents and auto accidents are the same. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five ways these two kinds of vehicular accidents differ. Trucks Are Covered By Bigger Insurance Policies Truc...

is-your-jeep-really-safe%e2%80%a8%e2%80%a8 Brian O Sutter Oct/23/2019 Brian O Sutter

Is Your Jeep Really Safe?

Consumers have been purchasing various Jeep models for generations now. Why? Well, the vehicles are reliable, dependable, and great for many different tasks. For example, some folks put big tires and lift kits on the units to go rock climbing. Meanwh...

what-to-do-after-a-slip-and-fall-injury Brian O Sutter Oct/15/2019 Brian O Sutter

What To Do After A Slip And Fall Injury

Of all the various injuries that you can suffer, some of the most frustrating are property related injuries like slip and fall accidents. This is because you’ll often struggle more to prove fault and get compensation than in a case involving auto acc...

what-happens-when-a-cars-brakes-fail Brian O Sutter Oct/14/2019 Brian O Sutter

What Happens When A Car's Brakes Fail?

There are numerous ways in which automobile accidents can occur. For example, an individual could be playing on his or her phone, not paying attention to the roadway, only to swerve into another lane side-swiping another vehicle. Drivers also partake...

things-to-know-about-pedestrian-accidents-in-florida Brian O Sutter Oct/08/2019 Brian O Sutter

Things To Know About Pedestrian Accidents In Florida

People go for walks all across the country. They utilize their feet to travel to work, school, and countless other places. Even right here in Florida, more and more folks are changing their lifestyles and walking from here to there. Who can blame the...

steps-to-take-after-a-workplace-injury Brian O Sutter Oct/07/2019 Brian O Sutter

Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Even if you’re as careful as possible on the job, workplace injuries do occur. Florida is home to plenty of industries, commercial enterprises, and more and each of them has its own risks – some more serious than others. No matter what your job is,...

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