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December 2015 Archives

whos-to-blame-for-food-poisoning Brian O Sutter Dec/31/2015 Brian O Sutter

Who’s To Blame For Food Poisoning?

It’s hard to have a good day when you’ve got food poisoning. You get to spend a couple days home from work or school (which may range from a well-earned rest to a catastrophic loss of income), but the time you spend there is nothing but misery. The...

which-is-better-more-recalls-or-fewer Brian O Sutter Dec/29/2015 Brian O Sutter

Which Is Better: More Recalls Or Fewer?

2014 and 2015 have set impressive records for the total number of auto recalls. Partly this happened thanks to major defects which all went public one after another, defects which often affected a decade or more of vehicles and (as in the case of Ta...

what-is-the-personal-injury-process-2 Brian O Sutter Dec/28/2015 Brian O Sutter

What Is The Personal Injury Process?

You or someone close to you has suffered because of someone else’s negligence or outright malice. Under United States federal and state laws, you have a right to compensation from the party at fault for your injury. But how much compensation is tha...

volkswagen-is-looking-for-alternate-payment-plans Brian O Sutter Dec/24/2015 Brian O Sutter

Volkswagen Is Looking For Alternate Payment Plans

Volkswagen’s future isn’t looking terribly bright. After the scandal many are calling Dieselgate broke in September and slowly expanded to include millions of diesel vehicles worldwide, stalled sales in October soon led to a 25 percent sales plummet...

floridas-workers-compensation-is-on-trial Brian O Sutter Dec/22/2015 Brian O Sutter

Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Is On Trial

In 2003, Florida’s legislature made a number of changes to the law regarding workers’ compensation, the mandatory insurance program which provides medical and lost wages payments to employees who are injured on the job or else grow ill because of wor...

you-deserve-to-have-help-with-social-security Brian O Sutter Dec/21/2015 Brian O Sutter

You Deserve To Have Help With Social Security

The Social Security Act turned 80 years old in 2015. Like most octogenarians, Social Security is creaky, wrinkled, and has a complicated life story with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. It’s also had 8 decades to get almost as complicated as t...

the-downside-of-miracle-drugs Brian O Sutter Dec/17/2015 Brian O Sutter

The Downside Of Miracle Drugs

We live in a golden age of new medications. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly releasing new drugs and new treatments on a monthly basis, drugs which are more powerful, work faster, and have fewer dangerous side effects than what’s already on t...

so-many-recalls-so-few-spare-parts Brian O Sutter Dec/16/2015 Brian O Sutter

So Many Recalls, So Few Spare Parts

2014 and 2015 have been banner years for vehicle recalls. Partly this is thanks to a few major defect scandals like the Takata air bag grenades and the GM ignition switch flying-coffin trick, both of which have demanded recalls in the order of sever...

sometimes-you-may-be-at-some-fault Brian O Sutter Dec/15/2015 Brian O Sutter

Sometimes, You May Be At Some Fault

In a simple, black and white world of cause and effect, when an accident occurs, one person is the victim, while the other person is responsible for the accident. This is the “ideal” legal situation that many personal injury lawyers will try to pursu...

florida-accident-law-has-a-complicating-statute Brian O Sutter Dec/14/2015 Brian O Sutter

Florida Accident Law Has A Complicating Statute

The legal system is incredibly complex. And the interpretation and enforcement of laws and judgments can be so convoluted that it requires trained professionals just ensure that the requirements of the system are properly observed. But because of the...

premises-liability-and-franchises Brian O Sutter Dec/08/2015 Brian O Sutter

Premises Liability And Franchises

Ultimate responsibility can be a tricky thing to figure out sometimes. With a small business, it’s fairly obvious who’s responsible for the state of things, although if it’s a utility problem it’s more likely the fault of the building’s owner than o...

smart-cars-still-need-smart-drivers Brian O Sutter Dec/07/2015 Brian O Sutter

Smart Cars Still Need Smart Drivers

There are a wide variety of driver’s assistance programs that are now on the market, at least at the premium end of things. Thanks to a host of sensors and cameras, plus a few electronic control systems, a vehicle can (under certain circumstances) d...

always-maintain-honesty-with-your-lawyer Brian O Sutter Dec/03/2015 Brian O Sutter

Always Maintain Honesty With Your Lawyer

No one is really prepared for the dramatic upheavals that occur in life when a serious injury with lifelong effects strikes. It means many changes and challenges, most of them negative, and it means adjusting to a new life with new limitations on how...

some-distracted-driving-can-be-incriminating Brian O Sutter Dec/02/2015 Brian O Sutter

Some Distracted Driving Can Be Incriminating

Modern technology has given us more and more ways to stay connected with friends and family. One of the best ways to do so now is through a combination of social media and video or camera equipment built into devices like our phones, which then allow...

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