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Drivers Must Remain On The Lookout For Cyclists And Pedestrians Or Crashes Will Likely Follow

Drivers Must Remain On The Lookout For Cyclists And Pedestrians Or Crashes Will Likely FollowEverybody is looking for ways to save money these days, and who can blame them? Folks seem to be working more hours than ever before, and if they are lucky, they might have a few minutes out of each day to spend with their significant others or children. Owning a vehicle is one thing that can throw a wrench into a Floridian's budget. How? Well, first of all, there is the initial cost of the car, truck, or SUV.

The price of these products continues to climb each year as new safety features, technology, gadgets, and gizmos are added. Plus, owners must purchase a pricey insurance policy too. When a lender is part of the equation, it must be full coverage, which means the cost can skyrocket in a hurry. Of course, nobody can forget about filling up the vehicle's fuel tank either. After all, according to, as of 8/22/2019, a single gallon of regular unleaded runs $2.39 here.

While not the highest price in the country, topping off the tank is still enough to make a person... full post

Everybody Should Be Aware Of This Increased Risk Of Fire Problem

Everybody Should Be Aware Of This Increased Risk Of Fire ProblemMost people, including those right here in Florida, likely imaging malfunctioning airbags when they hear the word recall. Why? Well, the Takata Corporation's exploding canisters have been in the headlines since May of 2013. The topic will be discussed briefly here for those that don't have a clue about the subject.

The original recall came about after a series of deaths and injuries occurred due to metal shards flying through the cab. It included 3.6 million vehicles but has since grown to 41.6 million. However, the NHTSA, short for National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, estimates the figure will increase to around 65 or 75 million by the year's end, and rightfully so. According to Consumer Reports, the faulty inflators are responsible for at least 24 deaths and 300 injuries worldwide.

This is only one issue though, and there are many others that people need to be aware of so that they can keep themselves and their families safe. Therefore, this post is going to focus on another recall that puts drivers and passengers in danger. So, curious persons should read further to learn... full post

Brian O Sutter
posted by Brian O. Sutter , in:

How Bad Is A Slip And Fall Injury?

How Bad Is A Slip And Fall Injury?When people hear the term “slip and fall” they just simply imagine someone slipping on a wet floor, stumbling, and falling to the ground. It doesn’t seem that it sounds that bad right? So why are there slip and fall accident claims? The reality is, most slip and fall accidents are not a big deal and may just leave you a little sore in the morning. However, there are also slip and falls that can cause life-long debilitating injuries.

Severe Slip And Fall Injuries

Some slip and fall injuries can be so severe they can lead to surgery, physical therapy, and even paralysis. Here are some of the worst injuries that can occur from a slip and fall:

Shoulder Injuries: Your shoulder is full of nerves, so a shoulder injury can be extremely painful. This is amplified by how often we use our shoulders to do simple activities like taking food out of the fridge or typing a document for work. Shoulder injuries most often happen when a person can’t catch themselves during a fall. The simple physics of a fall makes people often hit the ground... full post

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Claim?

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Claim?When you’ve been practicing personal injury law as long as we have, you find that people have the same concerns about their case. They worry if the settlement will be enough to cover all their expenses. They are afraid about the financial security of their family into the future. Mostly though, they are worried that the debt collectors will come before they get their settlement and they will lose everything they’ve built. This is a valid concern as insurance companies will do everything they can to drag out the process, hoping to hit the statute of limitations so they don’t have to pay.

Don’t Be Tempted By Quick Settlements

The financial pressure can build, making it very tempting to take a quick settlement from the insurance company. The problem is though, once you accept a settlement offer, you can’t get more money. That means if you settle for $10,000, and your doctor discovers your injuries are worse than they originally thought and now you need a $50,000 surgery, you are on your own to pay that bill. Insurance companies understand... full post

Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Car Crash Results In Wrongful Death

Reasons To Hire An Attorney After A Car Crash Results In Wrongful DeathMany different types of unfortunate events can lead to wrongful death. One example is workers getting exposed to harmful chemicals or hazardous conditions while on the job. Sometimes, employers knowingly put their agents in harm's way. Then again, on other occasions, they may do so by mistake. In either case, that does not justify a human dying on their watch.

Another issue that can cause loss of life is a manufactured product, which is defective or faulty. For instance, hoverboards were all the rage just a few years back. However, a lot of the devices wound up having battery packs that exploded. In turn, the risk of death increased, whether a person was on the unit at the time or not. After all, if the scooter was inside an individual's house during the event, a fire could have broken out, leaving him or her susceptible to smoke inhalation and flames.

There is also the possibility of wrongful death when guns are improperly handled. These unfortunate accidents can happen to adults and children alike. When one of the weapons is... full post

Stats That Show Florida Roadways Are Not Always The Safest Place To Be

Stats That Show Florida Roadways Are Not Always The Safest Place To BeThere are a lot of good things that come with living in The Sunshine State. For one, citizens are not too far from the beach in any direction. Hence, it is no problem for them to head out for a day of fun in the sun. Plenty of attractions are usually nearby as well, which means a quick drive will take care of all a person's entertainment needs.

Plus, Florida is a hot spot destination for tourists. The people ensure that residents have loads of job opportunities to choose from and help the state's economy thrive. Of course, just like any other place, there are some issues that Floridians have to deal with too. For instance, each new hurricane season tends to strike fear in folks as it is anybody's guess as to when the next big storm will hit our coastline.

Additionally, there are tons of people within close proximity of one another as Florida's population stands at around 21-million or so. By all means, there is nothing wrong with this number as the state has enough of this... full post

Stories That Reveal Car Crashes Happen In Fort Myers More Often Than One Might Think

  stories-that-reveal-car-crashes-happen-in-fort-myers-more-often- than-one-might-thinkRegardless of where a person lives, they tend to believe vehicle accidents don't happen all that often in their location. Plus, many drivers feel as if they won't be involved in a collision because they practice safe driving habits. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter where people reside or how safe they are behind the wheel; the recklessness or negligence of another operator could lead to a crash in the blink of an eye, including right here in Fort Myers. Just take a peek at some of the recent headlines from our area.

• News-Press – Vehicle Rollover With Injuries In Fort Myers
• NBC2 – One Dead After Crash In North Fort Myers
• Fox 4 – Fort Myers Police Officer Hit By Car While Responding To Call
• Fort Myers Beach Talk – LaBelle Woman Killed In Five-Car Pile-Up On Pine Island Road

The events usually aren't planned as most folks do not want to be involved in an incident. Still, though, sometimes, motorists speed, drive while under the influence of drugs/alcohol or partake in activities that distract them from keeping their eyes on the road. These actions regularly leave other drivers and passengers, who... full post

The Five Key Differences Between Car And Semi-Truck Accidents

The Five Key Differences Between Car And Semi-Truck AccidentsUnderstanding these differences is critical in protecting your rights. That is why it is so important that when you are in an accident with a semi-truck, that you work with a personal injury attorney that specializes in trucking accidents. Here are the five key differences between car and semi-trucks that highlight the importance of this expertise:

The Severity Of Your Injuries Varies Greatly

Just by looking at a semi-truck, it’s obvious they will cause far more damage than a car. They are typically 30x heavier than a car. Add the velocity of highway speeds and the impact can be massive. In most cases, trucking accidents cause fatalities. However, in cases where the driver survives, it is rarely they have no suffered severe, debilitating injuries. Most trucking accident victims deal with the pain, trauma, and financial costs of these injuries for the rest of their lives.

The Causes Of The Accident Are Very Different

In most car accidents, the primary cause is the driver. They were distracted, disobeying traffic laws, or intoxicated. However, a truck accident can be caused by the driver, but that isn’t the only cause. Some... full post

There Is Still Plenty Of Time To Go For A Spin On Your Motorcycle Before Chilly Temps Set In

There Is Still Plenty Of Time To Go For A Spin On Your Motorcycle Before Chilly Temps Set InSome people don't care whether the temperature outside is frigid or warm. They will take their bike out for a spin regardless. However, other folks tend only to go riding during the summer months. These motorcyclists do not want to feel the cold air on their skin. Additionally, they don't want to contend with stormy conditions in the wintertime either. Thankfully, Florida doesn't tend to have extremely harsh winters with ice and snow.

Therefore, persons can just about ride year-round. Perhaps, there isn't a better time than now to get on your hog and hit the open road though. There are regular events and functions planned across the state. So, don't hesitate to attend one while you are gaining your sense of freedom. Whatever your reason is for getting out and about on two wheels, be sure to watch your back as dangers could be lurking around any curve or corner. 

Stats To Back Up This Claim

According to Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 9,707 motorcycle crashes in... full post

Three Reasons You Need A Personal Injury Attorney After A TBI

Three Reasons You Need A Personal Injury Attorney After A TBITraumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) are not always apparent, but they are one of the most debilitating injuries a person can sustain. They can cause severe pain and suffering, negatively impact your mobility, and cause a number of psychological issues. TBIs are very difficult and expensive to treat and often require a lifetime of care. If you’ve incurred a TBI as a result of someone else’s action, you need to speak with a personal injury attorney immediately. Here are the three primary reasons why:

Even Mild TBI Can Be Life-Altering

The worst part about TBI is that it is extremely difficult to diagnose. After a TBI, physicians look for an immediate threat to your life. So they focus on severe symptoms like loss of consciousness, loss of motor function, or your reaction time to stimulation. They will send you for a range of diagnostic testing to look for severe signs like swelling, bleeding, and other obvious physical damage. They will then grade your illness. What’s important to remember is even when graded as mild you can still have:

● Blurred vision
● Depression, anxiety, and mood swings
● Headaches
● Personality changes
● Insomnia... full post

Understanding The Types Of Damages For Personal Injury Claims

Understanding The Types Of Damages For Personal Injury ClaimsWhen you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, you will quickly be faced with a lot of legal jargon. Most of it, your attorney will handle but there are some key terms you should know. However, what you really need to know about are your damages. Damages is the legal term for the costs incurred by your accident. Damages include both tangible things like the cost of your medical bills and intangible things like how much the injury hurts. Here is a guide to the types of damages that can be awarded as part of your personal injury settlement.
Types Of Compensatory Damages
Compensatory damages are essentially damages that are direct and can be totaled. These include tangible costs such as:

● Medical Bills: Medical bills are pretty straightforward. They include the costs of all your medical care and treatment. Medical bills include everything from doctor’s visits to prescription medicine to in-home healthcare. They can also include the immediate medical bills as well as the medical bills you will face in the future as a result of your injuries.

● Loss Of Earnings: Injuries... full post

Will My Car Accident Settlement Be Taxed?

Will My Car Accident Settlement Be Taxed?In general, car accident settlements aren’t taxed because they are compensation for losses. The law sees these as a type of income you already had and thus already paid the taxes on. However, depending on how your settlement is structured, a portion of the settlement may be taxed. Therefore, during the negotiation process, these taxes must be considered in order to truly regain what you have lost during your car accident.
What Parts Of My Settlement Could Be Taxed?
There are certain damages that will always be taxed. Those include:

● Lost Wages Reimbursement: Wages whether earned through standard means or as part of a settlement are always taxable. These will be taxed at your standard income rate. So they can easily be calculated by your attorney.

● Interest Payments: Interest, like wages or the interest accrued from an investment, is a form of income. Therefore, any interest will be taxed at a standard, accountable rate.

● Emotional Suffering: Emotional suffering is a form of compensation for the emotional turmoil you have experienced as a result of your income. This is not a tangible damage like medical bills and therefore is... full post

Could This Problem Be In Your Future?

Could This Problem Be In Your Future?People can sustain injuries in many different ways. They can slip and fall while shopping at a store or mall. It is possible for individuals to get hurt on the job as well. Heck, a person can even become wounded after visiting a friend's house and getting bitten by his or her dog. Of course, one cannot forget about auto accidents either.

Many, many drivers call Florida home. There are teen and adult operators alike. All it takes is for an individual to lose their train of thought for a mere second for the lives of people to be changed forever. No two crashes are the same. As such, damages will vary from one event to the next. However, some common wounds associated with these incidents include…

• Fractures, Broken Bones, And Lacerations
• Burns
• Traumatic Brain, Neck, And Spinal Injuries
• Loss Of Limbs

Victims May Be Able To Obtain Compensation For Their Damages

When a motorist acts negligently or recklessly, and the driver or passengers in another car become injured, those people might be entitled to a reasonable monetary settlement. Going it alone can prove to be a recipe for... full post

Drivers Everywhere, Including Those In Florida, Can Be Involved In Crashes With Tractor-Trailers

Drivers Everywhere, Including Those In Florida, Can Be Involved In Crashes With Tractor-TrailersEverybody knows that trucks keep America rolling. They carry products from one place to the next to ensure that they are on store shelves. Some of the vehicles are used to transport fuel, trees, chemicals, and more as well. Although these tractor-trailers and operators are necessary, it can still be quite intimidating to get in front, behind, or beside them on the highway.

Why is the venture so scary? Well, for one, the trucks create a substantial amount of wind while out on the road. The force causes smaller autos to shake and get pushed around. Additionally, big-rigs are large, and when they are loaded down, they are extremely heavy. In other words, the tractor-trailers need space to brake and stop safely. If traffic abruptly comes to a stand-still in front of one, it can plow into the rear-end of another car, causing a pile-up.

Also, because of the weight, if the trailer is improperly loaded, the vehicle may flip when turning or taking a curve. When this incident occurs, the rig can overturn onto a conventionally sized car, truck,... full post

Have You Been Injured Via A Manufacturer's Negligence?

Have You Been Injured Via A Manufacturer's Negligence?When products such as cars, trucks, SUVs, and other automobiles make it to the open market, they are supposed to be safe and ready for consumers to operate. In many cases, the vehicles are just that, as safe as can be. Owners drive them from one place to the next for years and years without an incident. However, on some occasions, autos can turn into dangerous pieces of machinery after becoming available to consumers.

All a person has to do is turn on the news to hear about the perils that automobile owners face today. Some of the stories regularly contain information about car crashes caused by defective or malfunctioning parts. Then again, headlines often surround safety devices such as airbags or seat belts that contribute to driver/passenger injuries. Every collision is unique, and as such, wounds will vary from incident to incident. Still, though, some common damages people experience in wrecks include…

• Deep Lacerations That Cut Ligaments And Muscles
• Punctures Which Cause Internal Organ Damage And Bleeding
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Fractures And Broken Bones
• Partial And Full Paralysis

Injured Parties May Be Entitled To... full post

Brian O Sutter
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How Long Should It Take To Get Your Money After An Accident?

How Long Should It Take To Get Your Money After An Accident? When you’re hurt in an accident of any kind, it can be difficult to know just what to do. Your physical recovery is always of paramount importance, but once you’re healing what will become of your finances? An accident can cause serious financial difficulty and knowing the options you have in front of you is important.

For many, filing an insurance claim and getting a settlement is the first step. Often, this may need to be followed by a personal injury lawsuit. In either case, knowing what to expect and how long it may take to get your money is important. It’s also an issue that’s not easily answered since every case is different.


Settlements are the natural progression in most accidents. After being injured, those involved will file a claim with the appropriate insurance company. This may mean a worker’s compensation claim, an auto accident claim, or something else. Regardless, filing the claim is the first step.

In a perfect world, it will only take a few days to get your funds. But this isn’t always the case, for... full post

How Much Are You Owed In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

How Much Are You Owed In A Wrongful Death Lawsuit? When you lose a loved one, it can be a traumatic event. The void left in the world and in your life by their passing is one that can never be filled. Making matters worse is when a loss occurs due to the reckless or negligent actions of someone else.

If that happens, those left behind do have rights. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit is an option that can help provide closure, justice, and peace of mind to those who lose a loved one. It can never replace a loved one, but it may help you find financial stability in the months and years after losing them.

Who Can File A Wrongful Death Lawsuit and When?

Wrongful death lawsuits are to be filed by those who are related to a person killed due to an accident. Only blood relations may file a claim including:

• Children
• Parents
• Spouse
• Siblings, if it is shown that the sibling was dependent upon the deceased

These claims can only be filed when it is shown that the person passed away due to reckless or negligent behavior. This can mean... full post