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3 Types Of Accidents That Could Cause A Wrongful Death To Come About On Englewood's Streets

You probably take to the open road in Englewood to commute between home and work. Then again, there are also individuals here that drive to get to schools, stores, and plenty of other locations. The list can go on and on. Of course, people also get around town in other ways like biking, walking, etc. It really doesn't matter how you travel from spot to spot. Whatever you pick is fine, and it is your prerogative to do as you please.

However, just be careful out there. Nobody necessarily believes they'll lose their life in an accident, but that is exactly what could happen. Unfortunately, fatalities occur all too often on Florida's roadways. According to stats obtained from the FLHSMV, The Sunshine State accounted for 3,098 fatal crashes in 2020, which caused 3,332 deaths. Hence, we are now going to look at three particular types of accidents that can produce such outcomes.

Motorcycle Crashes

There are many motorcycles on the streets in Englewood on any given day. That's not all, though. Buses, passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, and other machines make their presence known. All it would take is for a minor mistake to occur on a motorcyclist or driver's part for a household's life to be turned upside down. Of course, not every ride will end in someone dying.

In fact, trips on motorcycles usually go off without hiccups arising. However, getting killed in a wreck is a possibility. After all, bikes don't provide protection like other vehicles. Motorcycle accidents s take people's lives more often than most of us would like to believe. The same research from the FLHSMV states there were 552 motorcycle fatalities in Florida in 2020.

Auto Collisions

Car crashes come in varying shapes and sizes. Sometimes, the incidents are nothing more than minor fender-benders that don't do much damage or cause injuries. Meanwhile, on other occasions, the events are violent and chaotic. Cars become twisted and mangled images of their former selves, and passengers get seriously hurt. Negligence is regularly a part of the equation when people get killed in auto accidents. For instance, drivers shouldn't and are told not to, yet, they still text and drive from time to time. The distractions cause them to lose concentration, and then disasters strike.

Commercial Truck Crash

Tractor-trailers are essential in the United States. They deliver products to people's homes on occasion. The trucks also take shipments to stores and businesses, keeping products on their shelves and available to consumers. Big-rig operators are only humans, and they can make mistakes too. Commercial truck accidents are horrible. Due to the size and weight of these vehicles, smaller passenger cars don't always stand chance. And unfortunately, those inside those rides sometimes perish.

Some Final Thoughts

If a relative dies in an accident, financial challenges could come your way. Medical bills and final expenses may land right in your lap. However, if someone's negligence was responsible for the situation, you might have the grounds to seek compensation. Contact us at All Injuries Law Firm, P.A., to schedule a free consultation with an attorney. There's a good chance that you may be entitled to fair restitution for the loss.

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