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Workers’ Compensation Articles

workers-compensation-questions-answered Brian O Sutter Jan/13/2022 Brian O Sutter

Worker’s Compensation Questions Answered

Port Charlotte residents who go to work every day don’t expect to find themselves injured on the job. Like every other day, they expect to get into their vehicle, drive to work, put in their day, then come home safe and sound. Unfortunately, this doe...

when-should-you-get-a-lawyer-for-workers-comp Brian O Sutter Nov/25/2021 Brian O Sutter

When Should You Get A Lawyer For Workers’ Comp?

If you live or work in Port Charlotte, Englewood, or Punta Gorda, you’re probably just hoping to get through the workday unscathed and then return home to friends and family. However, sometimes accidents happen, and they might even result in a serio...

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