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Workers’ Compensation Articles

why-would-you-need-a-lawyer-for-workers-comp-2 Brian O Sutter Sep/02/2021 Brian O Sutter

Why Would You Need A Lawyer For Workers Comp?

Workers compensation, or “workers comp,” is, in theory, a great idea. It’s designed as a financial safety net for honest workers. If in the course of a workday, you, as a worker, are injured through no fault of your own and are unable to earn your s...

maximize-your-workers-compensation-claim-potential Brian O Sutter Aug/26/2021 Brian O Sutter

Maximize Your Workers' Compensation Claim Potential

For those pursuing a workers compensation claim in Englewood, Florida, it’s important to know just how to maximize your case. When you pay close attention to making the most of your case, you give yourself the best chance to get the full compensatio...

how-to-deal-with-assault-in-the-workplace Brian O Sutter Aug/18/2021 Brian O Sutter

How To Deal With Assault In The Florida Workplace

Extremely busy spaces like the workplace are no stranger to disagreements and arguments. There are times when these heated office exchanges can escalate into a full-blown fight, which can lead to office assault. If you are on the receiving end of th...

proving-your-workers-compensation-case Brian O Sutter Jun/30/2021 Brian O Sutter

Proving Your Worker’s Compensation Case

No resident of Port Charlotte, Venice, or Englewood, Florida wants to fall ill or become injured at work. Whether you’re going into an office or lacing up your boots to get to the construction site on time, there’s a certain expectation that you’ll m...

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