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Your Drone Is Your Responsibility

  Your Drone Is Your ResponsibilityThis falls squarely in the category of “21st century, first world problems,” but it bears repeating. We now live in a time where agile, versatile, extremely easy-to-use aerial surveillance technology exists in the form of drones. What was once a covert technology of the American military is now something that any American can buy in a store and start using.

However, just because you can buy a drone in a store and immediately take it to the air, it doesn’t mean you should. Especially from a legal standpoint. There are things that you, as a drone user, need to take into account if you don’t want to run into legal trouble and especially if you want to avoid being implicated in a personal injury lawsuit.

Register Your Drone

A few years ago, the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, came to the decision that drones are, in fact, aircraft. As a result, they fell under FAA jurisdiction, and it meant that no American is allowed to operate an unregistered aircraft. So while it is only a nominal fee, any American that wishes to legally operate a drone must fill out... full post

Florida Is Seeing Hit & Runs Rise

 Florida Is Seeing Hit & Runs RiseThe traffic law in Florida—as in other states in the country—is very clear on what to do in the event of a traffic accident. When an accident occurs, anyone involved in the accident is expected to remain in the scene, especially if injuries are involved. It is not just unethical, it is actually illegal for a driver to flee the area when an accident occurs, and this is known, colloquially, as a “hit and run.”

However, despite the fact that a decision to hit and run is against the law, hit and run incidents are on the rise. Perhaps even more sobering, Florida is one of the top states in the USA where hit runs are on the increase. And this means bad news for everyone.

Why It Matters

One of the reasons why remaining at the scene of an accident is essential is for both legal and insurance purposes. Police that arrives at an accident will want to conduct an investigation and, of course, talk to the witnesses as well as participants and victims of the accident. Information between accident victims will need to be exchanged so... full post

How Does Impairment Affect Your Workers Compensation?

How Does Impairment Affect Your Workers Compensation?For the vast majority of Americans, the only way that you are going to receive a steady income on which to live by is if you get a job and work. But if you sustain a serious injury, you won’t be able to work while you are being treated and recover, which means you may lose your salary for that period. If you sustain an injury that is so serious it permanently affects you, you may not be able to return to your old job in your previous capacity and resume your old life.

In instances where this type of injury is sustained because of the negligence or carelessness of someone else at the workplace, workers compensation is here to assist. As the name implies, it’s a form of financial assistance that helps to provide money to allow the continuance of food, shelter, and clothing that all require money which is no longer coming from an earned salary.

However, workers compensation is not something that is automatically given to employees. Sometimes you need the help of a workers comp lawyer to secure the compensation you deserve. And... full post

Don’t Assume All Injuries Are Present At An Accident

 Don’t Assume All Injuries Are Present At An AccidentWhen a traffic accident occurs, there’s obviously a lot of chaos that has to be dealt with. Sometimes this chaos is also accompanied by injuries, blood loss and the need for immediate medical attention. During such a hectic period, it’s very easy for a lot of things to get lost in the attempts to restore order. This is especially true if there are already some noticeable injuries such as cuts, bruises or even broken bones.

But one very important thing that all injury victims in an accident should consider is, as unpleasant as it may be to think about, the injuries may not be “over” yet. It’s medically possible that there are further injuries on the way even after the accident has occurred.

Not Everything Is Immediate

For example, the most obvious and well-known type of “delayed reaction” injury is a concussion. A concussion doesn’t have to be as obvious as a bump to the head, although that’s certainly a red flag for medically examining someone. If a sudden movement causes the brain to impact against the inside of the skull, for example, that’s not... full post

What Can You Do After A Hit & Run?

 What Can You Do After A Hit & Run?One of the most upsetting things that can happen on the roads of Florida is for you, as a driver, to be doing everything you can to obey Florida traffic law, and then get into an accident through no fault of your own. This becomes even more upsetting if the other driver responsible for the accident doesn’t do the responsible thing, but instead drives away, hoping to avoid all the consequences of what just happened. But can they?

If someone flees the scene of a hit and run—an act that is, unfortunately, on the rise in our state—do they get away with it?Is there nothing you can do once the other driver has decided to evade responsibility, and all you can do is hope your insurance company understands? The answer is “no,” and there are a few options open to you for investigating this.

The Police

This is a given if a hit and run results in injury or, worse yet, a death. When someone is injured or dies as a result of a hit and run accident, the police will automatically divert their considerable investigative... full post

The Hidden Cost: Maximum Medical Improvement

 The Hidden Cost: Maximum Medical ImprovementGetting injured while on the job, especially if the injury is serious, can be nightmarish for many people. One of the single, biggest crises that comes from such an incident is that you are no longer able to work and you require medical treatment. This is a horrible double whammy for most working-class Americans, since it signals the stop of a salary, as well as the need for financing to pay for whatever medical treatments may be required as well as any potential recovery afterwards.

In some cases, especially if you’re not at fault, and you’re working with a good workers comp lawyer, you can seek workers compensation. People fortunate enough to be in this situation have an experienced legal expert working on their behalf, proving that the injury was the result of someone else’s negligence on the job, and so it is up to the place of employment and/or their insurance company to provide financial workers compensation.

But even in cases such as this where the court recognizes a claim, and financing is secured, is that the end of the story? Not always, and the developments that... full post

NHL Players Are Suing The League For Brain Injuries

nhl-players-are-suing-the-league-for-brain-injuriesRetired National Hockey League players like Bryan Berard have been taking their former league to court in recent months in an effort to get compensation for the repeated brain injuries and concussions they received throughout their years of playing. Berard, in particular, suffered at least five concussions and went blind in one eye during his career, and he’s dedicated his lawsuit to his recently passed friend, Jeff Parker.

The NHL’s Problem

Of all the national team sports with a major governing body, the NHL arguably the most aggressive. It’s true enough that hockey doesn’t have a dozen people lining up to smash their heads and shoulders into each other, but the sport almost seems to encourage and glorify dirty tricks like tripping each other with hockey sticks and random acts of violence like fistfights. Sure, players who get caught doing these things will get sent to the penalty box, but the audience has come to expect this violence and coaches often designate players to act violent and disrupt the other team.

Because of all this violence, it’s no real surprise that hockey players suffer a similar level of injuries as football players, including... full post

Recall Notices And Liability: Who Pays For A Faulty Vehicle Accident?

  Recall Notices And Liability: Who Pays For A Faulty Vehicle Accident?The number of automotive recalls has gone way up in recent years. Partly that’s because some of the biggest national and international recalls of all time have happened one after another, and partly it’s because automakers are responding to these big recalls by being extra careful and issuing more recalls for smaller problems. Also, new vehicles are much more complicated than older models, so they have more parts and more software that can go wrong.

If an automaker creates a vehicle with a serious safety problem and someone gets hurt because of it, the law is clear: whether they knew about the problem or not, they are at fault for selling a dangerous and unpredictable product. If they found out about the fault and then tried to hide the problem from regulators and the public, then they could also face charges and fines from the government. But what happens if a faulty part causes an accident after the company finds the problem and sends out a recall notice?

A Recall Notice Doesn’t Pin Responsibility On The Consumer

It’s important... full post

Brian O Sutter
posted by Brian O. Sutter , in:

Stay Safe On Your Motorcycle

 Stay Safe On Your MotorcycleEvery day seems to bring news of another dangerous collision or serious accident involving a motorcycle on Florida’s roads. On August 18, a motorcycle and a semi-truck got in an accident on the Florida Turnpike, and you can guess which driver made it out okay and which one didn’t make it out at all. After all, car and truck drivers get the safety of sitting in a giant cage engineered to keep them alive, while all motorcyclists get is a pair of wheels, a set of safety lights, and a (frequently optional) helmet.

So if you find yourself out on Florida’s roads on a chopper, a cruiser, a touring bike, or any other kind of motorcycle, remember to stay safe out there and remember these tips so you don’t have to rely on drivers seeing motorcycles.

• Only ride with people you can trust. If you decide to ride your bike in a group, you need to know that you can trust the other people in that group. If one rider likes to mess around or try dangerous stunts, it can put everyone in the... full post

What Happens When A Swamp Tour Goes Wrong?

What Happens When A Swamp Tour Goes Wrong?Airboat tours are a popular attraction in Florida. While the state’s coasts offer lovely beaches, cruises, and nature walks, much of Florida’s interior is lakes, swamps, and wetlands. To see this aspect of Florida’s natural beauty, many people take airboat tours, and thanks to the often shallow waters that’s usually the best way to travel the wetlands.

Unfortunately, “usually” can sometimes be far away from “always.” From 2014 to 2016, over 75 airboats have been in reported accidents, injuring 102 passengers and killing seven. That’s not much compared to the over 12,000 registered airboats or the 1,000 registered for commercial use, but the words “That wasn’t very likely” are a cold comfort to the people who were injured or the families of those who died.

A Regulation Problem

One of the big issues in Florida is the fact that, while airboats and airboat tours are popular, the state has few regulations for operating them or using them commercially. Passengers don’t have to wear lifejackets even though the waters can get deep, and their seats don’t need seatbelts. Commercial operators don’t have to go... full post

What’s The Point Of A Social Security Lawyer?

What’s The Point Of A Social Security Lawyer?At the All Injuries Law Firm, one of our major practice areas is Social Security Disability. You may wonder whether Social Security really demands a legal expert, especially if you’re only familiar with it as an income for senior citizens. It’s true enough that most Americans won’t need a lawyer to prove their age and get their benefits from the program, but there’s also a Social Security Disability program and it can be very helpful to have a legal representative take you through the application process.

What Social Security Disability Is

Social Security, in general, is a federal program that gives retirees a source of income. How much it pays out depends on how much you contribute, but in general it helps senior citizens live comfortably without having to rely on their children or other family members. Social Security Disability (SSD) is for a different kind of retiree: someone who can no longer work for a living because of a serious disability, whether it’s because of an accident or because of a progressive disease.

However, the disability has to be very... full post

When Car Insurance Meets Hurricane Season

 When Car Insurance Meets Hurricane SeasonHurricanes don’t hit Florida every year, but they show up often enough that both the people and the buildings that sit on the coast have to keep them in mind. Structures need to be ready for flooding, high winds, and flying debris, and people need to have a plan ready so they’re prepared for when a hurricane decides to visit. However, car companies don’t make their vehicles with hurricanes in mind, and so often they’ll end up totaled by the storm. So what kind of insurance pays out when that happens?


Flooding is a major concern when a hurricane comes along, both along the coast thanks to storm surges and thanks to flash-flooding further inland. All it takes is one to two feet of water to carry off a vehicle, even a big truck, and you’ll be lucky if it’s drivable afterwards. This is especially true if the flood is seawater, because the combination of salt and water can cause a lot of corrosion is a short amount of time. If your vehicle isn’t a complete write-off from the water damage and... full post

Workers’ Comp And Auto Accidents Are Related

Workers’ Comp And Auto Accidents Are RelatedAuto accidents are a famous problem in Florida. There are a few different contributing causes: the large population in a relatively small state, the massive number of tourists who drive down to every part of the state, the many old roads, and even the geography of the state plays its part. Thanks to factors like these, Florida has more than its fair share of auto accidents and some of the deadliest highways in America. And while these statistics have an effect on Florida’s auto insurance rates, its impact goes far beyond just one type of insurance.

The Good News About Workers’ Compensation

The number of workers’ compensation claims has been going down in recent years, and that’s not just because of politics or legislation. It’s because workplace accidents are becoming less common, thanks to increased automation, better safety regulations, and safer workplace equipment. However, there’s one kind of workplace accident that’s defying the trend.

According to the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), the total number of workers’ comp claims in American went down 17.6 percent between 2011 and 2016. However, over this same... full post

The Dangers Of Distracted Driving

The Dangers of Distracted DrivingDistracted driving, unfortunately, is pretty commonplace on our roads today and has led to multiple accidents involving other cars and drivers and even pedestrians. Distracted driving is when the driver is engaging in other activities that compromise the safety of themselves, their passengers, and those around them.

Many different distractions can occur while you are driving:

• Taking your eyes off the road to play around with the radio or navigation system
• Daydreaming or becoming lost in thought
• Listening, using, talking, dialing, or texting on your cell phone
• Rubbernecking- paying more attention to an object or event outside of the vehicle
• Talking or looking at passengers in the car with you
• Eating or drinking
• Adjusting vehicle device controls such as the windows, door locks, or mirrors
• Using or reaching for any kind of device
• Smoking- lighting the cigarette, ashing it, or putting the cigarette out

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 65,000 people have been killed in car crashes, and in those instances, one in ten of those accidents were because of distracted driving.

How to Avoid Becoming Distracted

To avoid distracted driving and to help avoid becoming a statistic, there are several things you can do while... full post

Motorcycle Safety Tips For On The Road

Motorcycle Safety Tips for on the RoadWhen we discuss motorcycle safety, we are talking about not only the operator skill and training but also aspects of the vehicle and equipment design as well. In 2013 alone, two-wheeled motorcycles accounted for approximately 93 percent of all motorcycles involved in fatal crashes. Also, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, motorcyclists also accounted for 14 percent of traffic fatalities.

Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents is actually when cars are making left-hand turns. It has nothing to do with the motorcyclist themselves. The car making the turn is usually responsible for these kinds of accidents simply because they are not paying attention when the motorcycle is driving through the intersection.

Most of the vehicles on the roadway are trucks, cars, and vans. Many drivers of these vehicles have a hard time when it comes to seeing motorcycles, and they often don’t yield the right of way to the motorcyclist as they should.

This is largely due to the smaller size of motorcycles when compared to the other vehicles, the failure for a driver to... full post

You Have Witnessed An Accident- What Do You Do?

You Have Witnessed an Accident- What do You do?With more and more people on the roads these days, accidents are becoming more and more common. This also means that your chances of witnessing an accident are also much higher. So, what do you do if you witness an accident? It doesn’t matter if you are driving behind the car that is involved in the accident or you are walking nearby and witness it; you should still stop and assist and offer your take on what happened.

The following are a few steps you can follow if you are a witness to an accident:

Safety is Always First

Safety is key. So, before doing anything, make sure you pull over off the road to a safe place and leave enough room between your vehicle and the accident, so emergency vehicles and police can get close. Once off the road, be sure to turn your hazard lights on to alert the other drivers that you are pulled to the side of the road.

If it is safe, you can then exit the car carefully, being mindful of the traffic and surroundings. You can then call... full post