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Injuries From Slip and Fall Accidents Are No Joke. Get Compensated For Injuries From Unsafe Conditions

In Florida, as well as many other states in the US, business owners, schools, organizations, and even residence owners have a responsibility for the safety of patrons, and guests who are on their property.

This is to ensure a safe environment for those who shop, work or visit another's property and proper warning if an unsafe situation has occurred. If you have been injured because of an unsafe condition you have the right to pursue a premises liability law suit.

Often these kinds of accidents are referred to as slip and fall, and trivialized by an unaware public.

As an experienced personal injury law firm with more than 30 years of service, we have seen many injuries that are very serious including catastrophic injuries that have changed the lives of those injured years after being hurt.

In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, more than 400,000 people are injured each year in slip and fall accidents and for an astounding 17,000 people their injuries prove fatal. 


Who Is Liable For A Premises Liability Claim?

Commercial property owners, public organizations and even residential property owners can be liable if another has been injured on their property.

While the term “Slip and Fall” may be the most familiar, true premises liability goes way beyond such accidents and encompasses any kind of injury that results from a negligent unsafe condition.

Common causes for serious premises liability law suits include:

  • Swimming pool drowning or accidents
  • Unsecured fire arms
  • Construction site accidents
  • Unsafe conditions at a store
  • Exposure to toxic substances such as lead paint or asbestos
  • Unsafe equipment at amusement parks
  • Negligent security guards
  • Injuries from dog bites
  • Propane or natural gas accidents
  • Inadequate security arrangements

The strength of a premises liability case will depend on many factors such as how dangerous the hazardous condition was, if the property owner was aware of the condition before the accident, how long the dangerous condition has gone on and other factors.

A successful premises liability case will often require a thorough investigation into the events and facts of the case, and the lawyer's ability to present the evidence in an effective manner to the jury, judge or in the case of out of court settlements, mediators.

Attorney Brian O. Sutter has been helping Florida's injured for more than 30 years get compensation for the injuries they incur for many types of accidents, including premises liability law suits. Contact All Injuries Law Firm today for your free consultation.