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May 2021 Archives

top-5-reasons-ssdi-applications-get-rejected Bryan Greenberg May/31/2021 Bryan Greenberg

Top 5 Reasons SSDI Applications Get Rejected

Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a financial “safety net” designed to help out residents of Sarasota and Charlotte counties in cases of employment hardship. As the name suggests, if someone sustains an injury at work that is cripplin...

how-do-you-get-social-security-disability-insurance Brian O Sutter May/27/2021 Brian O Sutter

How Do You Get Social Security Disability Insurance?

People in the Sarasota and Charlotte counties work hard and pay their taxes when the time comes. While no one enjoys paying taxes, everyone understands the necessity of it. Without those taxes, roads wouldn’t get built, schools wouldn’t teach student...

even-white-collar-jobs-have-injury-risks Corbin Sutter May/24/2021 Corbin Sutter

Even Office Jobs Have Injury Risks

When we talk about injuries at work in the Sarasota and Port Charlotte areas, the first thing that typically comes to mind is more hazardous jobs. Working at a construction site, for example, with heavy vehicles and falling objects is easy to see whe...

why-would-you-need-a-lawyer-for-workers-comp Brian O Sutter May/20/2021 Brian O Sutter

Why Would You Need A Lawyer For Workers Comp?

Residents of Port Charlotte, Fort Meyers, and the rest of the Sarasota and Charlotte areas have a diverse range of different jobs. Some people work in retail, others in commercial, while others engage in construction. But for anyone that leaves home...

the-top-4-causes-of-slips-falls Corbin Sutter May/13/2021 Corbin Sutter

The Top 4 Causes Of Slips & Falls In Florida

Compared to a high-impact car accident on the highway, or even the accidental discharge of a gun, a slip and fall in Charlotte or Sarasota counties don’t seem all that serious. However, slip and falls are so common and so numerous that they go up an...

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