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What Happens If An AirBnB Guest Is Injured In Your Home?

What Happens If An AirBnB Guest Is Injured In Your Home?Florida is one of the great tourist states of the country, and with good reason. As if the tropical weather and sunny days weren’t enough attraction, cities like Orlando and Miami provide a lot of tourist destinations for the many travelers that come to our state looking for a good time.

Thanks to new innovations in the market, there are special services such as “Airbnb,” that allow homeowners to turn their residences into “hotels” or “guesthouses” for people coming to our state. It’s an easy and lucrative way for an enterprising homeowner to let their property investment make even more money. However, where some people view this enterprise as allowing a stranger into their home, and see that as the biggest risk, there’s another legal hazard that you need to consider; a stranger may be harmed in your home, and you may be responsible.

Legal Protection

Many people who don’t look into the legalities of Airbnb don’t realize that they are “on the hook” and responsible for many things when they allow a guest into their home, and this includes being responsible for certain... full post

In A Negligence Related Auto Accident, Phones Are Critical Evidence

In A Negligence Related Auto Accident, Phones Are Critical EvidenceIf you are ever unfortunate enough to get involved in an automobile accident and you know that you are not at fault, you have legal options. Negligence while driving is, unfortunately, a common act on our roadways, and drivers have failed to drive responsibly in numerous ways. While drunk driving is still one of the most tragic and severely punished of negligent driving offenses, there’s a new contender that’s rising up in the ranks as one of the most common—and serious—causes of auto accidents. Distracted driving—usually as a result of paying more attention to a smartphone than the driving environment—is causing more and more accidents across America every single day.

But fortunately for you, the very nature of distracted driving means that in a case of negligence you and the person that caused the accident may both have in your hands the keys to your winning a negligence case, and that is your phones.

Evidence Collector

Your phone can take pictures, videos and even record audio. All of this means that you have a tool right at your disposal to collect evidence at an... full post

If Your Child Is Traumatized You Can Fight Back

If Your Child Is Traumatized You Can Fight BackMost of the time when we talk about court cases and getting compensation, we’re referring to injuries. In many ways, an injury is a much more simple and straightforward situation for a court to resolve. Injuries—at least at the time—are visible. They can be documented with photos, medical records, and testimony from doctors. In most cases, if an injury is life-long, permanent and crippling, such as the loss of a limb, an experienced personal injury lawyer can make a case for proper financial compensation if someone else’s carelessness is responsible.

But not everything that debilitates a person is a visible, physical injury. In criminal acts, it’s often understood that the ramifications of a rape case, for example, can go far beyond just any physical damage. Emotional damage can potentially be life-long and just as crippling—if not more so—than a physical injury. The same is especially true when it comes to the delicate emotional condition of children.

Children are only just learning about the world around them. That means that any new experience can be a formative one, that will have a lifelong influence on... full post

Distracted Driving: Using Your GPS

Distracted Driving: Using Your GPSThe age of technology has given us a lot over the years from the internet to smartphones. Not to mention all the advancements that have made driving safer including GPS devices. They are simple to use, provides accurate directions, and helps to get you where you are going in the quickest route possible. Unfortunately, they can also make driving more dangerous when used incorrectly.

When it comes to driving, nothing is more dangerous than getting distracted behind the wheel. In fact, distracted driving is the number one cause of accidents in the United States. That is why you need to be extra cautious when using your GPS.

In order to keep safe on the road, here are a few GPS tips you should keep in mind.

Learn How To Use Your GPS Before You Are On The Road

Once you have purchased your first GPS, you should take the time to read the instructions and learn how to operate it properly. While GPS devices are typically rather easy to use, it can still be confusing at first. This can create a lot of distraction when you are behind the wheel.... full post

Safety At Home: Your Responsibilities As A Resident

Safety At Home: Your Responsibilities As A ResidentOne of the things we take for granted when we return home after a hard day of work is that we’re in a place of safety and control. This, after all, is our home. It’s where we eat, sleep, live and be with people we care about when we’re not working, it’s our place. But one of the things we frequently forget about is that because it is our place, and we are considered the resident of the space, this means we also have a responsibility to the people that come into that space to ensure their safety and well-being, not just our own.

This responsibility is a legal one, and when we violate it, we can be charged with premises liability. If you don’t know what this is, you should keep reading, because it has very real legal and financial consequences.

Your Safety Obligation

Whether you are the actual owner of the property, or someone who is renting, depending on your living situation, it is up to you to ensure that the immediate surroundings of your property are safe for other people. For example, while... full post

General Motors And Ford Make Recalls For Fire Potential

General Motors And Ford Make Recalls For Fire PotentialChevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit

The General Motors company has released a recall for Chevrolet Tahoe Police Pursuit models made between 2010-2014. This comes based on concerns that a cooling fan, intended to cool the engine under the hood in susceptible to corrosion due to engine fluid passing over it. Once the fan belt has started the corrosion process it because a potential fire hazard as this corrosion can cause a short circuit. With a short circuit present the changes in temperature make it the perfect scenario for a fire to start. Based on the need to temperature change the most likely time for a fire of this nature to start will be when the vehicle is running.

This model of the Chevy Tahoe is most frequently used for police and government use. To fix the problem General Motors will have our dealership simply replace the fan model used during the 2010-2014 manufacturing to the newer model that does not have the corrosion issues.

Ford Super Duty Truck

Ford issued a recall for almost 8,000 2017 Super Duty Trucks. This recall was the result of the vehicles lack... full post

Brian O Sutter
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Does This Crash Call For A Car Accident Lawyer?

Does This Crash Call For A Car Accident Lawyer?They are all too common, which is why they are so confusing. Auto accidents happen everyday, right in front of us and it could very easily be you at any point. If you have been in one of any severity you know there are immediately a lot of options and therefore questions. Am I injured? Do I report the accident to the police? Do I report it to my insurance? What information do I need from the other driver? Are there injuries after the fact? These are all things going through your mind before the legal troubles even come into play.

There are varying degrees of car accidents and varying degrees of legal action needed to deal with car accidents.

Without A Lawyer

For the most part if there are no injuries you should be able to settle the dispute through insurance companies without a lawyer because it will cost you about the same amount of money. The insurance should cover the cost of repair or replacement of the damage done to the vehicles. Using the combination of insurance, auto... full post

How To Collect Evidence After An Accident

How To Collect Evidence After An AccidentA car or motorcycle can be an extremely traumatic experience for anybody, Your initial reaction will most likely be one of shock, as many people claim to see their lives flashing before their eyes. However, if you believe that you have been wrongly accused of causing the accident, or have suffered severe and life-changing injuries, then you must remove yourself from shock, and look to collect evidence in order to improve your case.

Whether the accident was minor or extremely serious, collecting evidence for yourself is extremely critical. Doing so will greatly help your chances when it comes to appearing in court. You will ensure that you will get the damages that you deserve from your insurance company or from your personal injury lawsuit. As personal injury lawyers, we want to make sure that you understand what is possible when collecting evidence, and how to go about it in an effective way.

Keeping Those Medical Records And Police Reports Handy!

First off, if you were severely injured in your accident, then looking for evidence will prove to be... full post

Has Your Child Sustained An Injury That Needs Legal Action?

Has Your Child Sustained An Injury That Needs Legal Action We have all heard it a million times "oh they are just kids" or "boys will be boys" but these are just excuses adults are making when acting carelessly or negligently with the safety of your children. Yes, kids can be reckless than maybe your or I would be and are definitely far more active. It is not the allowance of kids to be kids we're are worried about, it is the quality of supervision while they are playing and after they may have become injured.

School Injuries

If your child has sustained an injury while at school and that has led to further complications and suffering, it is suggested you make sure you have absolutely as much information about the situation as possible. Schools and school districts usually have strict guidelines for their employees because there are necessary district and state rules in Florida that are intended to keep your children safe. These need to be followed at all times and if they were not, that may have resulted in your child's injury.

If you suspect something... full post

The Effects Of Head Injuries In Automobile Accidents

The Effects Of Head Injuries In Automobile AccidentsIf you've ever been a part of a car accident, or witnessed one firsthand, you can understand how easily someone can be severely injured as a result. Some people may walk out of an accident with only minor injuries, such as abrasions and bruising. Others may come out with more serious physical injuries, such as broken bones. While these injuries are unfortunate, they can be treated properly with physical therapy and the assistance of your doctor. However, there are other types of injuries from car accidents that can result in long-term damage. These types of injuries deal with the head and neck region; more specifically, the brain.

Traumatic brain injuries are common when it comes to car accident injuries. They are usually caused by the whiplash effect that results in the sudden impact of a moving vehicle, and can also be caused by your head coming into contact with a piece of vehicle equipment such as your steering wheel or dashboard.

Traumatic brain injuries are sometimes hard to identify medically, since the symptoms associated with... full post

When Is It Necessary To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer

When Is It Necessary To Get a Personal Injury Lawyer There is a reason it takes so much extra schooling to become a lawyer, it is complicated. Often when there are some injury or damages caused in an accident or event there is compensation possible that people overlook. The intricacies of the system can guide you off the path but it is very possible your situation can put you in the personal injury category. This is not limited to physical injuries and can encompass a lot of scenarios. Here are some instances that could be overlooked but are cause for a personal injury case.


Accidents that involve any negligent act or carelessness that result in an injury falls under personal injury law. This includes car accidents, falls and insufficient procedure that may have led to injury. There is a wide variety of accidents that can put your case in this category, so the most important aspects are the nature of how the accident occurred. Negligent acts by the other party or careless behavior that led to injuries put your case under personal injury rules.

Defective Products

Defective... full post