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January 2022 Archives

are-florida-car-accident-calculators-legitimate Mark A. Steinberg Jan/18/2022 Mark A. Steinberg

Are Florida Car Accident Calculators Legitimate?

After a Port Charlotte car accident, your world is turned completely upside down. You’re suffering from injuries, your vehicle is damaged, and you may not even be able to go to work. If you’ve never been in an auto accident before, it can be even mo...

workers-compensation-questions-answered Brian O Sutter Jan/13/2022 Brian O Sutter

Worker’s Compensation Questions Answered

Port Charlotte residents who go to work every day don’t expect to find themselves injured on the job. Like every other day, they expect to get into their vehicle, drive to work, put in their day, then come home safe and sound. Unfortunately, this doe...

what-is-florida-self-car-insurance Brian O Sutter Jan/06/2022 Brian O Sutter

What Is Florida Self Car Insurance?

Self-car insurance is not disallowed in Florida, however, those who want to self-insure their vehicles need to file for approval first and meet certain requirements. People who want to self-insure are those who deem it safer and better than availing...

is-it-bad-to-not-have-a-pip-insurance-in-florida Corbin Sutter Jan/04/2022 Corbin Sutter

Is It Bad To Not Have A PIP Insurance In Florida?

Florida as a no-fault state requires car owners to have a PIP or Personal Injury Protection insurance. The PIP shall cover your medical expenses and treatment for the injuries you suffered following an auto accident. As it is mandatory, refusing to g...

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