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October 2016 Archives

tips-to-prevent-teenage-car-accidents Brian O Sutter Oct/31/2016 Brian O Sutter

Tips To Prevent Teenage Car Accidents

Teenage drivers are still new to the road. They don’t have the experience that older drivers have to know what to expect in certain situations. Books and driver’s education classes can only prepare them for certain situations. Not knowing what to do...

trampoline-injuries-on-the-rise Brian O Sutter Oct/27/2016 Brian O Sutter

Trampoline Injuries On The Rise

The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently reported a huge increase in trampoline related injuries. While trampolines may seem like a great source of entertainment and fun for you and your kids, they can also be dangerous if not handled correctl...

nursing-home-negligence Brian O Sutter Oct/26/2016 Brian O Sutter

Nursing Home Negligence

Did you know that approximately one out of ten senior citizens is likely to experience some sort of negligence during their stay in a nursing home? This statistic is astounding and rather scary. If you have a loved one staying in a nursing home, you...

who-is-at-fault-for-a-dog-bite-in-florida Brian O Sutter Oct/25/2016 Brian O Sutter

Who Is At Fault For A Dog Bite In Florida?

If you are bitten by a dog in Florida, you probably have cause to open a lawsuit. Dog bites can come with medical bills and other costs, and it shouldn’t be your responsibility to pay for something that wasn’t your fault. Florida dog bite laws are fa...

eight-helpful-tips-for-applying-for-disability Brian O Sutter Oct/20/2016 Brian O Sutter

Eight Helpful Tips For Applying For Disability

When you’ve developed a disability through injury or illness, it can be the most stressful time of your life. You are worried about the financial security of your family, making adjustments to your new health circumstances, and trying to stay on top...

how-is-fault-determined-for-a-rear-end-collision Brian O Sutter Oct/19/2016 Brian O Sutter

How Is Fault Determined For A Rear-End Collision?

Typically rear-end collisions are the result of a tailgating or not leaving adequate stopping space behind a car. So if you rear-end another vehicle, it’s always assumed it is your fault. However, there are certain circumstances in rear-end collis...

car-safety-tips-for-driving-young-children Brian O Sutter Oct/18/2016 Brian O Sutter

Car Safety Tips For Driving Young Children

As parents we constantly worried about the safety of our children. This is especially true when we are driving with them. With over 276,000 vehicle accidents in Florida every year, it can be very nerve-racking to take your children in a vehicle. H...

understanding-disability-back-payments Brian O Sutter Oct/17/2016 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Disability Back Payments

If you have qualified to receive disability benefits, you may also qualify to receive back payments of disability. Back payments date back to the date of the diagnosis of your injury or illness, rather than the date your benefits began. With the l...

how-much-disability-can-you-receive Brian O Sutter Oct/13/2016 Brian O Sutter

How Much Disability Can You Receive?

The amount of social security disability you can receive depends on a number of factors. First you must prove that you qualify for disability. Then the Social Security Administration (SSA) will take into account the severity of the injury or illne...

a-guide-to-the-four-types-of-disability-claims Brian O Sutter Oct/11/2016 Brian O Sutter

A Guide To The Four Types Of Disability Claims

There are four types of disability claims that you may qualify for after an injury or illness. Claims are broken into two categories depending on the length of the injury: Temporary and permanent. Then they are broken further down into four catego...

who-is-liable-in-a-ridesharing-accident Brian O Sutter Oct/10/2016 Brian O Sutter

Who Is Liable In A Ridesharing Accident?

Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have taken the market by storm. They tend to be cheaper, safer, and easier to access than traditional forms of third-party transportation like buses, limousines, and cabs. Since they are so different from other...

how-to-pick-a-motorcycle-helmet Brian O Sutter Oct/06/2016 Brian O Sutter

How To Pick A Motorcycle Helmet

Florida has the most motorcycle fatalities of any state in the United States. Most of these fatalities can be avoided with a motorcycle helmet. Even though the state of Florida does not legally require riders to wear a helmet, they are still crucia...

a-guide-to-floridas-bicycle-laws Brian O Sutter Oct/05/2016 Brian O Sutter

A Guide To Florida’s Bicycle Laws

Florida is a great state for riding bicycles. The year-round warm weather and flat roads, make it ideal for this healthy form of transportation. Unfortunately, with so many riders, Florida has the highest number of bicycle fatalities in the countr...

workers-compensation-for-security-guards Brian O Sutter Oct/04/2016 Brian O Sutter

Worker’s Compensation For Security Guards

Security guards have tough jobs. Whether you work as a bouncer at a bar or nightclub, patrol a property after hours, or provide store security, you are putting yourself at risk everyday. In fact, security guards face a 3.8% fatality rate and an est...

workers-compensation-for-truck-drivers Brian O Sutter Oct/03/2016 Brian O Sutter

Worker’s Compensation For Truck Drivers

Truck driving is the most dangerous job in America. Not only does the trucking industry account for 12% of all workplace fatalities, it also has more non-fatal injuries than any other occupation. Trucks are massive, typically weighing over 10,000 l...

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