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what-are-your-july-4th-plans-in-florida Corbin Sutter Jun/16/2022 Corbin Sutter

Be Safe This July 4th Southwest In Florida

It seems like only yesterday that May began. However, most of us blinked, and now here we are. The month disappeared without anyone knowing where it went. That's usually how it goes, though, especially as you get older. The time and days just seem t...

understanding-florida-car-accident-law Brian O Sutter Jun/15/2022 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Florida Car Accident Law

If you are a Florida motorist, you must familiarize yourself with car accident law to prepare you if something unexpected happens. Millions of motorists traverse Florida roadways each day, and accidents can and do happen. It is up to you to educ...

is-that-a-hyundai-parked-in-your-englewood-garage Brian O Sutter Jun/09/2022 Brian O Sutter

Is That A Hyundai Parked In Your Englewood Garage?

There are plenty of car brands available to consumers today, including Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler. Of course, that's not all, though. Consumers can also run out and buy Kia, Honda, and Toyota vehicles if they wish too. However, there is another b...

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