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florida-is-a-strict-state-for-dog-owners Corbin Sutter Nov/23/2020 Corbin Sutter

Florida Is A Strict State For Dog Owners

Most people who own a dog in Florida don’t think too much about the legal system beyond ensuring they have a license for their dog. However, dogs, as friendly and domesticated as these animals are, are still animals. That means you can’t always rely...

why-is-the-slip-fall-so-dangerous Mark A. Steinberg Nov/19/2020 Mark A. Steinberg

Why Is The Slip & Fall So Dangerous?

There are few—if any—Americans that gone their entire lives without slipping and falling a few times. For most, it's an inconvenience, possibly an embarrassment, and a slight risk of a minor injury, such as a scratch or scrape. People fall while lear...

proving-a-traumatic-brain-injury-in-florida Mark A. Steinberg Nov/16/2020 Mark A. Steinberg

Proving A Traumatic Brain Injury In Florida

If you or a loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) following an accident, you might be entitled to compensation. TBI typically occurs when a person is involved in a vehicular accident, a boating accident, or a slip and fall incident. The i...

are-you-prepared-for-a-boating-accident Corbin Sutter Nov/09/2020 Corbin Sutter

Are You Prepared For A Boating Accident?

It's no surprise that Florida has a lot of boats. As one of the warmest states in the country, with more than its fair share of sunshine and mild weather, its mostly coastal geography gives it a huge advantage. There are more places to enjoy boating...

bus-stop-safety-to-prevent-pedestrian-accidents Brian O Sutter Nov/05/2020 Brian O Sutter

Bus Stop Safety To Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

With many schools back in session, we see more and more students waiting at bus stops in the morning and being dropped off in the afternoon. For this reason, it is important to learn bus stop safety to prevent pedestrian accidents. Start A Conver...

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