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March 2017 Archives

should-you-go-to-court-or-settle Brian O Sutter Mar/30/2017 Brian O Sutter

Should You Go To Court Or Settle?

If you, or someone close to you like a friend or family member is involved in an accident with permanent injuries, or even a death, this is will be a moment of great stress and trauma. If that injury or death could have been easily avoided if someone...

automotive-safety-recall-expected-in-april Brian O Sutter Mar/29/2017 Brian O Sutter

Automotive Safety Recall Expected In April

The seat belt anchor pretensioners of certain models of Hyundai vehicles are behind this expected recall. The seat belt can detach from the anchor, resulting in an increased chance of injury. There are as many as 977,000 vehicles that are expected to...

sargento-issues-recall-for-multiple-cheese-products Brian O Sutter Mar/27/2017 Brian O Sutter

Sargento Issues Recall For Multiple Cheese Products

It doesn't happen often but it is one of the more widespread recalls that can be issued, food. Because big food product recalls have the potential to affect more people than an automotive recall, there are strict health codes that are in place to pre...

millenials-are-the-most-dangerous-florida-drivers Brian O Sutter Mar/23/2017 Brian O Sutter

Millenials Are The Most Dangerous Florida Drivers

Unfortunately, this is not a joke or some way to poke fun at the generational stereotypes. While looking into traffic safety in the state of Florida, Southwest Florida in particular, there is statistical evidence that the generation with the most dan...

how-to-report-a-work-injury-to-your-employer Brian O Sutter Mar/14/2017 Brian O Sutter

How to Report a Work Injury to Your Employer

The first step to a workers’ compensation claim is to report your injury to your employer. The quicker you are able to report to your employer, the quicker you can begin your recovery. However, if you fail to follow the correct procedure, you might...

7-boat-safety-items-you-dont-want-to-forget Brian O Sutter Mar/13/2017 Brian O Sutter

7 Boat Safety Items You Don’t Want To Forget

There is nothing like getting some warm sun out on the boat. Whether you are hoping to catch some fish or just want to relax on the water, Florida has everything a boat lover could want. However before you hop in, there are a few safety items you d...

5-common-motorcycle-accidents-and-how-to-avoid-them Brian O Sutter Mar/09/2017 Brian O Sutter

5 Common Motorcycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Riding a motorcycle can be thrilling, but it can also be pretty dangerous too. Thankfully, bikes also come with a lot of great tools to keep you safe including strong brakes, smooth handling, obstruction-free vision, and some pretty ‘grippy’ tires....

what-you-should-know-about-airbag-safety Brian O Sutter Mar/08/2017 Brian O Sutter

What You Should Know About Airbag Safety

Car technology has come a long way. GPS systems make it easier than ever to find our destination quickly. Bluetooth allows you to talk to family and friends without ever having to take your hands off the wheel. Backseat DVD players keep children ente...

9-top-causes-of-boating-accidents Brian O Sutter Mar/07/2017 Brian O Sutter

9 Top Causes Of Boating Accidents

There is nothing quite like being out on the boat in the warm Florida weather. The bright sunshine on your skin and that wonderful sea breeze. As great as it is, taking a nice ride on the water can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful. 1. Running...

how-to-drive-safe-in-strong-wind-and-rain Brian O Sutter Mar/06/2017 Brian O Sutter

How To Drive Safe In Strong Wind And Rain

While Florida is typically known for its sunny weather, it isn’t all sunshine here. In fact, you may find yourself having to drive through strong winds and heavy rain sometimes. Traveling in that kind of weather can be downright scary. Heavy Winds...

what-to-look-for-in-a-workers-compensation-lawyer Brian O Sutter Mar/02/2017 Brian O Sutter

What To Look For In A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When you have suffered a serious work-related injury or illness, it is typically a good idea to have a lawyer around to help you through the workers’ compensation process. Since workers’ compensation law is complicated and highly specialized, it is b...

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