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Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit

In the unfortunate event you are seriously injured and need to bring a personal injury lawsuit, you have a lot on your mind. It is best for you and your family that you take some time to heal and figure out the best course of action.

A personal injury attorney experienced in personal injury lawsuits knows how to take on some of your burden, and relieve your stress. Your attorney can help evaluate your situation objectively.

A Port Charlotte personal injury lawyer skilled in lawsuits can assist you in properly and quickly preserving the evidence that may become necessary should you need to file a lawsuit. Your attorney also knows how to negotiate on your behalf to obtain a settlement.

What to expect in a personal injury law suit

Generally, a personal injury lawsuit, which is a type of civil lawsuit, can be expected to go through the following steps:

Complaint: During this step, the parties are named and the reason for the suit is spelled out

The answer: The defendant provides a written response to the claim and raises a defense against the lawsuit.

The deposition: In a deposition both parties may be questioned under oath. Any witnesses can also be questioned. Your lawyer and... full post

Protect Your Financial Interests- After An Injury; Work With A Skilled Attorney

It is important to be aware that after being injured in a serious accident the insurance company initially offers far less than it is willing to pay for a settlement. It can take several rounds of negotiations to arrive at an acceptable settlement amount.

The goal of the insurance company is to get you to settle your claim for the lowest amount possible. The attorney you hire should be a skilled negotiator. Your attorney can make a big difference in what you recover in your personal injury settlement.

A personal injury attorney experienced in personal injury settlement knows how to negotiate to maximize your recovery. As part of your Port Charlotte injury settlement, your attorney can seek recovery for lost earnings, medical bills, and other expenses. In the event your lawyer cannot negotiate an acceptable settlement, your lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit in Port Charlotte on your behalf to recover the damages you have suffered.

Whether or not a case settles does not necessarily affect the amount of damages you recover. But by settling, you can avoid the time and costs associated with a trial.

To increase the likelihood of collecting more for your damages, seek representation by an attorney... full post

Take Control Of Your Future; Hire An Experienced Injury Law Firm

Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere and can result in life-changing injury. If you or someone you love is involved in an accident that was the fault of someone else, do not suffer needlessly—seek the help of a qualified personal injury law firm.

The attorneys at All Injuries Law Firm, P.A. are experienced in all aspects of injury law, from car accidents to slip and fall injuries. They have litigated and negotiated on behalf of their clients in Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, and Sarasota, and are well-versed in Florida personal injury and accident law.

Florida personal injury law

Florida personal injury law is determined by the state's legal code. The legal code determines how torts (accidents are a kind of tort) are litigated, how fault and liability are determined, how responsibility for damages or compensation is assigned, and the length of the statute of limitations for accidents. Lawsuits pertaining to Port Charlotte accidents are governed by this code.

Lawsuits can last for years, especially lawsuits in which the plaintiff is seeking compensation for an injury. The success or failure of your Port Charlotte accident injuries lawsuit can largely depend on the quality of your legal representation. If you are considering filing... full post

Injuries From Auto Accidents Are More Common Than Many Would Believe

Statistics of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that in 2008, there were 2,978 traffic fatalities in Florida. 77 of these fatalities occurred in Lee County, home to Fort Myers, with 20 of them involving alcohol and 10 involving speeding. In Sarasota County there were 42 traffic fatalities, 11 of them being alcohol related traffic fatalities. In 2006 there were 256,200 auto accidents in Florida that injured 214,914 people.

In addition to car crashes, personal injuries include dog bites and injuries caused by slipping and falling in places such as parking lots, restaurants, and on the job. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were a total of 291 fatal occupational injuries in Florida, 39 of them involving falls, and 38 involving exposure to harmful substances or environments. Of these fatalities, 56 involved assaults and violent acts.

In addition, according to the CDC there were 8,917 deaths caused by accidents in Florida in 2006. Many of these accidents were caused by negligence. According to FARS, (Fatality Analysis Reporting Service) in 2005 Florida had the highest rate of pedestrian fatalities in the nation. Many of these accidents are preventable, and if there is a fatality, can be the basis... full post