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Wrongful Death Articles

wrongful-death-defective-product Brian O Sutter Feb/17/2016 Brian O Sutter

Wrongful Death: Defective Product

The death of a loved one is heartbreaking and painful. This is an event in our lives that we had always hoped would never happen. When that death wasn’t due to natural causes, but rather a defective product, it can be especially unfortunate. Some...

volkswagen-isnt-alone-in-earning-government-fines Brian O Sutter Feb/04/2016 Brian O Sutter

Volkswagen Isn’t Alone In Earning Government Fines

As far as automotive news goes, Volkswagen’s Dieselgate scandal has been hogging all the headlines. However, VW’s intentional attempt to fool regulators has been overshadowing those regulators’ attempts to step up and start penalizing car manufactur...

the-downside-of-miracle-drugs Brian O Sutter Dec/17/2015 Brian O Sutter

The Downside Of Miracle Drugs

We live in a golden age of new medications. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly releasing new drugs and new treatments on a monthly basis, drugs which are more powerful, work faster, and have fewer dangerous side effects than what’s already on t...

know-your-state-the-common-flux-of-common-law Brian O Sutter Aug/05/2015 Brian O Sutter

Know Your State: The Common Flux Of Common Law

For as powerful as federal institutions and agencies are in the United States of America, large parts of both the civil and criminal codes are left to individual states to legislate and enforce. Major laws are generally consistent throughout America...

understanding-a-wrongful-death-lawsuit Brian O Sutter Jul/21/2015 Brian O Sutter

Understanding A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Few things are as difficult as losing a loved one. However, it's a sad fact of life that eventually we must say goodbye. But when someone close to you dies due to the actions of someone else, it's important to understand that you may not have to stru...

wrongful-death-claims-and-florida-law Brian O Sutter Feb/01/2015 Brian O Sutter

Wrongful Death Claims And Florida Law

Wrongful death is a civil action that may be brought by the survivors of a deceased party. The Florida Wrongful Death Act specifically allows spouses, children, parents, and relatives who may have been dependent on the deceased to seek financial reco...

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