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what-do-you-drive-around-ft-myers Bryan Greenberg Dec/07/2022 Bryan Greenberg

Kia Recall - What Do You Drive Around Ft. Myers?

How new is your ride? Many Ft. Myers citizens avoid buying brand-new cars. With vehicle prices what they are today, who can blame them? According to USA Today, the average cost of a new car in July 2022 was $48,182 in the United States. But of course...

the-time-for-camping-is-almost-upon-us Brian O Sutter Aug/24/2022 Brian O Sutter

Florida Campers Beware - Roadtrek Motorhome Recall

It is no secret that it has been quite hot all across the United States for the last couple of months. However, fall is almost here. Floridians just need to make it past the scorching temps of August. Then, they'll be able to get out and about withou...

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