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October 2015 Archives

punitive-damages-its-not-always-about-you Brian O Sutter Oct/29/2015 Brian O Sutter

Punitive Damages: It’s Not Always About You

Personal injury lawsuits are generally about monetary compensation. Someone else’s negligence caused an injury which may be physical, mental, or else to your property, and so you sue that person or else settle out of court in order to get a fair com...

dealing-with-insurers-is-sometimes-a-matter-of-faith Brian O Sutter Oct/26/2015 Brian O Sutter

Dealing With Insurers Is Sometimes A Matter Of Faith

Like any other kind of for-profit company, insurers have a bottom line, and the farther away it is from their expenses, the better off they’re doing. The need to keep net revenue up puts significant pressure on claims adjusters, since they’re respon...

do-i-need-a-disability-lawyer Brian O Sutter Oct/22/2015 Brian O Sutter

Do I Need A Disability Lawyer?

Accidents and illness can happen to anyone, but sometimes it can leave you unable to work or support yourself. This is where filing for disability comes into play. Being on disability allows you to maintain your independence so that you can get back...

5-causes-of-pedestrian-accidents Brian O Sutter Oct/21/2015 Brian O Sutter

5 Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents

When the weather is sunny and you don't have too far to go, it's nice to be able to walk and enjoy the day. For some walking is even a daily form of exercise to keep you feeling good and healthy. Though traveling by foot might be a healthier option,...

a-closer-look-at-spinal-cord-injuries Brian O Sutter Oct/20/2015 Brian O Sutter

A Closer Look At Spinal Cord Injuries

is when there has been damage done to any part of the spinal cord of the nerves found at the end of the spinal canal. These types of injuries often come with permanent changes in sensation, strength, and other body functions below the site of the in...

what-you-should-know-about-car-seat-safety Brian O Sutter Oct/19/2015 Brian O Sutter

What You Should Know About Car Seat Safety

Though children can certainly be a handful, they are a precious gift. That is why you, as a parent, try so hard to keep them safe and healthy. You make sure they get all their fruits and vegetables, take them to the doctor when they get sick, and nev...

4-common-types-of-workplace-accidents Brian O Sutter Oct/14/2015 Brian O Sutter

4 Common Types Of Workplace Accidents

Accidents can happen anywhere. However, when they occur in the workplace there are a lot of extra considerations to think about. Was the accident due to your actions or the actions of someone else? Did the company ever train you on how to handle this...

florida-rain-and-the-accidents-that-come-with-it Brian O Sutter Oct/13/2015 Brian O Sutter

Florida Rain And The Accidents That Come With It

Though many only think of Florida as being a very sunny and warm place, it is actually a pretty rainy state. This can be especially true during hurricane season when rain and wind become a deadly force. However, hurricanes aren't the only dangerous w...

workers-compensation-exposure-to-chemicals Brian O Sutter Oct/12/2015 Brian O Sutter

Workers' Compensation: Exposure To Chemicals

Accidents can happen anywhere, but when your injured at work it can change a few things. If you are the cause of your own accident, there is not too much you can do about it. However, if the accident was caused due to the actions or neglect of the co...

why-you-should-have-uninsured-motorist-coverage Brian O Sutter Oct/08/2015 Brian O Sutter

Why You Should Have Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Accidents are no fun and can often cost you a ton in damages and medical fees. Thanks to Florida's no-fault insurance policy, Floridians are required to have at least the minimum amount of Personal Insurance Protection benefits also known as PIP. Thi...

understanding-floridas-no-fault-car-insurance-laws Brian O Sutter Oct/07/2015 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Florida's No-Fault Car Insurance Laws

Being in a car accident is already a stressful experience. The injuries you sustain from the accident alone can make it difficult to carry on normally. The last thing you want to deal with insurance companies. Many companies will go out of their way...

social-security-and-dealing-with-debt Brian O Sutter Oct/01/2015 Brian O Sutter

Social Security And Dealing With Debt

Whether you’re entering your golden years or dealing with a significant disability, Social Security can be an important lifeline at a time when you aren’t able to work as well as you used to. If you’re dealing with significant debts, it’s especially...

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