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June 2016 Archives

a-glossary-of-personal-injury-legal-terms Brian O Sutter Jun/30/2016 Brian O Sutter

A Glossary Of Personal Injury Legal Terms

When you decide to pursue a personal injury claim, settlement, or even a lawsuit, legal terminology can be very confusing. Since only people in legal fields use these terms, sometimes all of the legal jargon can run right over your head. So to real...

the-best-crash-avoidance-technologies Brian O Sutter Jun/28/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Best Crash Avoidance Technologies

New crash avoidance technologies have allowed manufacturers to make cars safer than ever. Crash avoidance technologies have already saved countless lives and reduced injury in even the worst auto accidents. So we’ve put together a comprehensive lis...

need-to-know-child-safety-seat-recalls-2016 Brian O Sutter Jun/27/2016 Brian O Sutter

Need To Know: Child Safety Seat Recalls 2016

Your children are the most important thing in the world to you, so their safety is paramount. So far in 2016, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued a notice of recall for four different brands of child safety seats....

9-tips-for-safe-boating Brian O Sutter Jun/22/2016 Brian O Sutter

9 Tips For Safe Boating

With the summer season finally here, many Florida residents are excited to hop on their boat and enjoy themselves. However, even an experienced boater can make mistakes. That is why it is always good and important to keep up with the latest safety ru...

the-dangers-of-driving-drowsy Brian O Sutter Jun/21/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Dangers Of Driving Drowsy

The dangers of drowsy driving do not receive nearly enough attention as it deserves. Mostly, because it often goes unreported and is much more difficult to pinpoint as a cause or factor in car accidents compared to factors like speeding or alcohol. H...

what-you-should-know-about-the-disney-gator-attack Brian O Sutter Jun/20/2016 Brian O Sutter

What You Should Know About The Disney Gator Attack

There has sadly been a lot of tragic events happening around Florida in the past few weeks including the alligator attack at Disney. It is scary for any parent to imagine losing their child or having them harmed by a wild animal. Unfortunately, this...

what-is-an-intentional-tort Brian O Sutter Jun/16/2016 Brian O Sutter

What Is An Intentional Tort?

A tort is defined as a wrongful act that causes an injury. A tort can be the result of either negligent acts or intentional acts. An intentional tort is when a person, business, or organization intentionally caused the injury. Intentional torts us...

types-of-medical-malpractice Brian O Sutter Jun/15/2016 Brian O Sutter

Types Of Medical Malpractice

When most people think of medical malpractice they think of doctor errors or mistakes. However, there are many other types of medical malpractice that can impact your and your family’s health and well being. We have put together this guide of the m...

what-you-need-to-know-about-youth-sports-injuries Brian O Sutter Jun/14/2016 Brian O Sutter

What You Need To Know About Youth Sports Injuries

Sports are a great activity for kids. They help promote physical health and well being, foster healthy competition, and encourage teamwork and social skills. Plus, sports can be a fun, beneficial way for kids to spend their free time. However spor...

the-basics-of-structured-settlements Brian O Sutter Jun/13/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Basics Of Structured Settlements

If you’ve been injured in an accident or as the result of negligence, many times insurance companies and businesses will settle with you out of court. One of the most common types of settlements is a structured settlement. A structured settlement i...

understanding-premises-liability Brian O Sutter Jun/09/2016 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Premises Liability

If you own any property, whether it is private property or property related to a business, you are liable for the safety of anyone on that property. This liability is known as premises liability. If you are not aware of your premises liability, you...

workers-compensation-and-temporary-employees Brian O Sutter Jun/08/2016 Brian O Sutter

Workers’ Compensation And Temporary Employees

There are currently around 4 million people working as temporary employees in the United States. That number is expected to grow as two in five companies will look to employ temporary staff this year. With so many temporary employees, it’s importan...

what-is-a-class-action-lawsuit Brian O Sutter Jun/02/2016 Brian O Sutter

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

You hear about them routinely on the news. You may have even recently been invited to join a class action lawsuit after purchasing a product or service. This may leave you wondering some pretty important questions like: What is a class action laws...

tips-for-driving-in-a-construction-site Brian O Sutter Jun/01/2016 Brian O Sutter

Tips For Driving In A Construction Site

Summer is coming, and in Florida, that means road construction season. So it’s a great time to refresh your driver safety before hitting the roads. If you follow these basic safety tips then you can avoid getting into an accident in a construction...

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