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July 2021 Archives

even-personal-mobility-devices-can-be-dangerous Mark A. Steinberg Jul/22/2021 Mark A. Steinberg

Even Personal Mobility Devices Can Be Dangerous

Florida has some of the mildest weather in the entire country. So it’s no surprise—especially during the winter months—that many seniors find themselves in the state. It’s not unusual for anyone living in Venice, Englewood, or Punta Gorda to see eld...

the-building-collapse-demands-legal-action Corbin Sutter Jul/19/2021 Corbin Sutter

The Miami Building Collapse Demands Legal Action

By now, most residents of Port Charlotte, Fort Meyers, and other towns and cities around the area are aware of the tragedy in Surfside, in Miami-Dade. On the morning of Thursday, June 24th, a condo building stunned residents and locals with a partial...

what-qualifies-as-disability-in-florida Brian O Sutter Jul/12/2021 Brian O Sutter

What Qualifies As Disability In Florida?

According to theOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 4.1 million workers sustain injury or illness from their jobs. Injuries or illnesses, if not fatal, may result in requiring time off of work or life-long injuries that may aff...

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