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Seeking Repairs For An Automotive Recall

Seeking Repairs for an Automotive RecallEvery once in awhile you may be faced with a safety recall that affects your vehicle. If you find this to be true of your vehicle, it is important that you contact the manufacturer immediately in order to receive the proper repairs to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Even if you are not the original owner of the vehicle, you will still qualify for the recall repairs. The statute of limitations regarding no-charge recalls is eight years from the original sale date. Recalls are considered safety issues, and if not addressed they can cause personal injury or other accidents to occur. Therefore, the recall repairs are free of charge.

The Basics of Auto Recalls

To find out if there are any recalls on your vehicle, you should visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall portal to receive updates and valuable information regarding current vehicle recalls.

A recall is placed on a vehicle when the manufacturer has determined that a defective component may potentially cause harm and injury to the occupants. Some common auto recalls include the tires and the airbags of the vehicle.

Other recalls include broken or... full post

Suing A Business For Personal Injury

Suing a Business for Personal InjuryIf you have been injured and have decided to file a personal injury case then you have at least one year from the date of the injury to file your claim. However, this can differ from state to state. If it is a business that you are suing due to the personal injury, then you are probably going to need to collect evidence for a negligence claim, and it probably has to do with a slip and fall that occurred on their property.

Slip and Fall Cases

It can be challenging to prove fault when it comes to a slip and fall case against a business. Thousands are injured in these types of accidents each year, but many still find it difficult to prove that the property owner was indeed at fault.

For these cases, you should determine if the property owner could have prevented the accident from happening in the first place. Were they aware of the unsafe conditions that could cause injury? If they were aware and failed to take reasonable steps to remedy the situation, then they may be found liable for the injuries you sustained.

Contacting... full post

Traumatic Brain Injury Following An Accident

Traumatic Brain Injury Following an Accident Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a brain dysfunction that has been caused by an outside force such as a violent blow to the head. A TBI may cause an extensive list of problems for the patient including cognitive and behavioral problems, balance disorders, mood changes, sensory and speech problems, and persistent headaches, just to name a few.

If someone has suffered a TBI, then they may be looking at long recovery time. Sometimes the condition can improve between six months and two years following the accident. However, improvement may slow down significantly after the two-year mark, and they may continue to experience problems for the rest of their lives.

More than half of the injuries reported for TBI have been due to car accidents, and they result from the strong blow to the head someone can receive during the accident in which any kind of force can penetrate or fracture the person’s skull.

Traumatic brain injury can occur when the head strikes a window or the steering wheel during the accident, or even due to the force of the accident that may cause the brain to collide against... full post

Why Retailers Are Responsible For Providing Safe Shopping Conditions

Why Retailers are Responsible for Providing Safe Shopping ConditionsAs a retailer, they are responsible for maintaining the property on which their business is located to better ensure safer shopping conditions for their customers. It is the property owner’s legal obligation to take all necessary steps to help prevent any kind of injury from occurring on their property.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are taken very seriously by retailers because a fire hazard can result in serious injury or even death to their employees and customers. It is their responsibility to make sure that there are no exposed wires present within the facility and they will want to ensure that all chemical storage regulations are followed to help prevent any accidents.

The retailer is also responsible for training their employees regarding the proper use of the equipment and proper storage and disposal of flammable and combustible materials. They should also be aware of what needs to happen if there ever is an emergency and they need to maintain routine and regular inspections to ensure that their fire extinguishers and other equipment continue to work properly.


Lighting is another potential hazard that retailers should consider to help prevent... full post

Why Would You Need To Hire An Attorney?

Why Would You Need to Hire an Attorney?If you have a good attorney on your side, they can add valuable protection for you, especially if you are a business owner. A good attorney provides an individual with several benefits and can help protect you from any future legal complications that may arise for a number of different reasons including accidents, workers compensation cases, personal injury cases, and even social security disability, and wrongful death cases.

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

While there are many good reasons to hire an attorney, we will highlight a few of them right here to help you decide whether or not you should hire an attorney.

Protect Against Lawsuits

Having an attorney can help protect you against many different kinds of lawsuits. They can help reduce any charges and can offer a proactive advantage for the case even before real legal proceedings have begun.


Lawyers can also help mitigate damages. Mitigating damages simply means to take action to avoid or reduce the amount of the damages. It will help reduce any loss you may experience due to the allegations of a wrongful act.

State and Federal Compliance

Laws and regulations vary state... full post

Be Careful While Operating Your Vessel To Avoid A Boating Accident

Be Careful While Operating Your Vessel To Avoid A Boating AccidentCar crashes, trucking accidents, and automotive recalls usually gain the most attention from news outlets. Roads in Florida, as well as the rest of our great nation, can become jam-packed with traffic at a moment's notice. It is not uncommon for a person to be driving along at top speed, only to have to bring their car to a screeching halt before they know it. Most folks understand that when there is a battle between flesh, bone, and metal that the harder substance usually wins the fight. Participants are left with broken bones, cuts, and countless other injuries that require medical attention. Luckily, paramedics and other emergency personnel tend to show up quickly to treat the wounds. However, when a person is involved in a boating accident help is not always so readily available.

People take their vessels out for different reasons. Some boat owners go fishing while others just water ski, play, and have fun. Regardless of why they are out on the water, colliding with another craft is a real possibility and one that can have catastrophic consequences.... full post

Ensure That Dog Bites Don't Happen By Just Putting Your Pooch Away

Ensure That Dog Bites Don't Happen By Just Putting Your Pooch AwayPeople have given the canine species a lot of nicknames over the years like Man's best friend, bowwow, and countless others. They are our beloved pets, and somewhere down the line even become a full-fledged member of the family. Some breeds are known to be more gentle than others, but they all stem from an extinct species of wolf. Regardless of how mildly mannered your pooch may be if they feel threatened, or gain the sense that their owner is in danger, the animals can lash out and bite. Razor sharp teeth can puncture and rip the skin, muscle tissue, or ligaments. Owners are usually always held liable for the actions of their pets, and if a person decides to seek compensation, you may find yourself in the middle of a personal injury case.

The simplest way to avoid this fate is by never giving the incident a chance to take place. If your pooch is kennel trained, put them in their container before guests come over. Considering that this is your pet's home, move them to a quiet room... full post

Having A Responsible Lifeguard On Duty At Your Pool Party May Prevent You From Being Involved In A Premises Liability Claim

Having A Responsible Lifeguard On Duty At Your Pool Party May Prevent You From Being Involved In A Premises Liability ClaimThere are not many feelings better than those gained from soaking in the Florida sun poolside. Many residents in our great state invest in a backyard oasis or hot tub. They can go for a swim at a moment's notice, which helps them stay in shape, but soaking in the water also reduces stress and anxiety. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of pool ownership is being able to host barbecues and parties though. Premises liability basically means that the homeowner is responsible for accidents that occur on their property. So, before getting too far ahead of yourself with the fun and excitement, take the time to check for dangers that could put guests in harm's way.

Many people have decks installed around their above ground pools. It instantly improves the aesthetics of the backyard and makes the entire site more visually appealing. However, a weak board, loose handrail, or protruding nail could be a recipe for disaster. Replace vulnerable wood before guests arrive as a person's foot can go through... full post

Keep Your Distance From Distracted Drivers To Prevent Yourself From Being Involved In An Accident

Keep Your Distance From Distracted Drivers To Prevent Yourself From Being Involved In An AccidentPeople have been partaking in activities that distract them from their driving for years. It used to be not all that uncommon to see a driver reading a newspaper or magazine during traffic hour. Gadgets, smartphones, and tablets have made many of these types of distractions obsolete, but they also opened up an entirely different can of worms. Glancing away from the road to text, even if only for a brief moment, can change your life drastically in an instant. There are GPS and other apps that assist with driving, but the vehicle should always be parked in a safe location before attempting to input coordinates. A person's attention should stay steadily focused on the road, as well as, their vehicle's surroundings, and with any luck, accidents will be avoidable.

Watching the car in front of you sway back and forth between the painted lines on the street could indicate that distracted or impaired driving is taking place. Slow down and remain at a safe distance from the vehicle. After all, most people would likely rather get... full post

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Trucking Accident

Reasons To Hire A Lawyer After A Trucking AccidentAs Americans, we are used to sharing our roads with big trucks. They transport goods from one location to the next, while driving through snow, rain, and on some days, sunny conditions. Failing to have these deliveries would put our economy in a state of chaos and confusion. However, these vehicles are huge, especially when compared to an ordinary car, truck, or van, and being involved in an accident with an eighteen-wheeler can have a terrible effect on one's overall way of life. Aside from the physical ailments like broken bones, lacerations, and burns, a person can become affected mentally by the crash as well. The incident may lead to drivers being fearful of getting behind the wheel again, or it might cause them to have panic attacks after only seeing a tractor-trailer.

The amount of work that these operators put in can result in drowsy driving, or it may cause their senses and reactions to become lax. Always attempt to keep your car out of a big rig's blind spot. The vehicles have multiple windows and mirrors to help their driver's... full post

These Faulty Vehicle Safety Devices Could Leave You In Need Of An Attorney

These Faulty Vehicle Safety Devices Could Leave You In Need Of An AttorneyThe start of the new year is supposed to mean turning over a new leaf. Everyone gets a fresh start, but if some of the recent recalls are any indication of things to come, car owners may be in for a rough year. Airbags, ignition switches, and countless other parts usually operate flawlessly. However, on occasion, these pieces malfunction causing damages, instead of protecting drivers and passengers. Automotive accidents are unforgiving and sustained injuries often include...

• Brain Injuries
• Broken Bones And Lacerations
• Wrongful Death
• Partial Or Complete Paralysis
• Loss Of Limbs

A person that becomes injured after a car crash may be entitled to a fair amount of compensation for their wounds. If Southwest Florida residents believe a negligent act by a driver, manufacturer, or another party is to blame for their damages, they should not hesitate to contact us for a free case review. For more than 30-years our attorney has represented clients in the area with great success, and given the opportunity, he can do the same for you. Bills begin piling up quickly after an injury. The victim typically... full post

This Automotive Recall Increases The Risk Of A Crash

This Automotive Recall Increases The Risk Of A CrashAny time automotive and recall are used in the same sentence, a person's mind instantly jumps to an airbag canister explosion. This act happens because the Takata corporation has been atop headlines for years and years. The entire situation is etched into our brain because of its lasting implications, and it will not just go away quickly. Most people are familiar with the case, but for those who are not, the canisters explode upon inflation, and they send shrapnel throughout the cab of the vehicle. The issue led to many injuries, deaths, and eventually forced the organization to file for bankruptcy. However, many other intricate pieces allow a car to function safely and correctly.

Not too long ago there was a problem with GM ignition switches. The switch was inadvertently slipping out of the run position, which caused the vehicle's engine to stall. This act also resulted in the loss of power steering and caused the driver to lose control. In the mid-90s, various Ford owners sustained injuries from faulty Firestone tires on their cars, which also resulted in many wrongful deaths. All of... full post

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Ways That Hiring An Accident Attorney Can Help You After A Motorcycle Wreck

Ways That Hiring An Accident Attorney Can Help You After A Motorcycle WreckA motorcycle gives its rider a sense of freedom and exhilaration that they just can not get from a standard car. They love the way the sun feels beating down on their skin and the wind whipping through their hair. Florida is the perfect location for taking your bike out for a leisurely drive on the weekends or riding it back and forth to work daily. The state's coastlines appear to go on forever, and the weather is almost always gorgeously sunny. Drivers must take a certain amount of responsibility when operating a motorcycle though. There are no airbags or seatbelts to keep people safe, and no walls or roofs are available to protect riders when a crash occurs.

Something as simple as laying your bike down can result in road rash, broken bones, or even a brain injury if the person lands just right. Nobody wakes up in the morning with the intentions of being involved in an accident, but different things contribute to them occurring anyway. Not getting enough sleep results in drowsy driving and fighting with... full post

2 Everyday Situations That May Put You In Need Of An Accident Lawyer

 2 Everyday Situations That May Put You In Need Of An Accident LawyerThere are not a whole lot of certainties in life. We expect to wake up each morning, stick to our regular routines, and come back home again without a hitch. However, the world is always throwing obstacles at humanity. Earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural disasters seem to be occurring more and more often. Still, these incidents don't take place every day, but injuries from car crashes, negligent acts by property owners, and wrongful deaths for various reasons do. Many times, these incidents are unavoidable, and people must just chalk them up to life experiences. On other occasions, with only proper care and maintenance to personal property, the accidents are preventable.

Florida is a premises liability state, which basically means that property owners are responsible for certain damages that occur on their premises. Slips, trips, falls, dog bites, and countless other items can land into this category. If it can be proven that another person acted negligently, and these reckless behaviors caused the injuries, the other party may be able to seek restitution... full post

Applying For SSD When You Can No Longer Work

Applying For SSD When You Can No Longer Work Most people dream of the day when they can finally retire from their job and relax. Sometimes, however, that “retirement” comes in an unexpected form when an illness or injury causes a permanent disability that cuts short a person’s working capability.

Becoming Permanently Disabled

Those who can no longer work due to a disability that is expected to last for at least one year, or result in death, are eligible for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits. The amount of SSD benefits that a person can receive is based on work history and previous earnings from employers who paid taxes to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

SSD is not for people who have short-term injuries or illnesses, nor for those who can still perform lesser jobs. The most common disabilities that are recognized by the Social Security Administration as being permanent include (but are not limited to):

• Immune system disorders
• Musculoskeletal system disorders
• Cancer
• Hearing loss
• Mental disorders
• Speech loss
• Neurological disorders
• Vision loss
• Digestive tract problems

These conditions can cause interruption of daily functions that can be permanently disabling when it comes to... full post

Contact An Attorney If These Continually Illuminated Brake Lights Cause An Accident

Contact An Attorney If These Continually Illuminated Brake Lights Cause An AccidentAutomotive accidents happen anytime, any place, and anywhere. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict the events, hence the name accident. Distracted driving plays a significant role in car crashes, and the actions include things like texting, eating, or just not paying attention. Motor vehicle operators do not always understand the dangers posed to them by these massive pieces of machinery. Owners naturally expect their cars to be safe, which they should, but on some occasions, malfunctioning pieces of equipment cause the automobiles to become less than trustworthy. Thanks to the Takata corporation being all over the news, almost everyone that has not been hiding under a rock knows the consequences of faulty airbags. The canisters of these devices break apart upon inflation, and shrapnel is sent flying throughout the vehicle's cabin. These pieces cause damages like lacerations and even wrongful deaths.

When incidents occur, people that are lucky enough to escape with their lives intact can find themselves injured, alone, and afraid. Sadly, bills don't stop coming in while you are trying to recover, and debt will... full post