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What To Do After A Car Accident

What To Do After A Car AccidentEvery year there are between 10-11 million motor vehicle accidents in the United States, and in Florida alone around two to three thousand people die as a result of these crashes. If you’ve driven a vehicle regularly for more than one or two years, odds are good that you’ve experienced an accident of some kind, although it was likely nothing more dramatic than bumping fenders as you tried to park or misjudging how much room you had while backing out of a driveway.

Still, you may yet find yourself in a collision involving two moving vehicles, and if that should happen there are several important tips you should know regarding what to do and what not to do.

Never Admit Fault

Even if you find yourself in a car accident too minor to demand the police show up, anything you say to the other driver or to witnesses can be used against you in court. Although you may think that you are at fault, you shouldn’t say so immediately because there may be circumstances you don’t know about,... full post

The Difference A Motorcycle Makes

The Difference A Motorcycle Makes“Start seeing motorcycles.” That’s the advice you can find on any number of bumper stickers, usually on cars whose owner also rides a motorcycle. And this advice is not given lightly – riding a motorcycle carries many risks beyond those which any driver takes when he or she enters traffic.

Additional Risks

When you’re not the one on the motorcycle, the single biggest problem you’ll have with them is quite simply their visibility. Most cars, busses, trucks, and other road vehicles are designed to be wide enough to fit two to three people side-by-side, and so no matter how small a compact or sports car may be, you can be certain that they will take up a specific amount of the road. Motorcycles, however, are much smaller than any car, and that makes them harder to see around corners and in blind spots.

Another risk inherent to the nature of a motorcycle is lower stability. With only two tires on the road instead of four, road hazards such as rain and blowing sand have a much greater effect on motorcycles... full post

Know Your State: The Common Flux Of Common Law

Know Your State:  The Common Flux Of Common LawFor as powerful as federal institutions and agencies are in the United States of America, large parts of both the civil and criminal codes are left to individual states to legislate and enforce. Major laws are generally consistent throughout America – laws such as those which cover murder, arson, and robbery – but even then the details can change from state to state.

For instance, according to the common perception of homicide laws, there are two degrees of murder: the first is premeditated and the second is more spontaneous. Below that are several degrees of manslaughter where death is not intended, and lastly there’s justifiable homicide where the death is intentional but for some reason unavoidable.

The Florida Difference
If you happen to live in Florida, this system simply isn’t the case. According to Florida statutes, there are three degrees of murder:

The first degree covers premeditated killings and anyone killed by someone committing a major felony such as arson, robbery, or kidnapping.The second degree covers reckless endangerment outside of a vehicle... full post

The Many Tools And Resources An Accident Lawyer Utilizes

The Many Tools And Resources An Accident Lawyer UtilizesWith more than 18 million people living in Florida, and millions more visiting every day, it's only natural that accidents happen from time to time. However, it's important to understand that if you're involved in an accident that isn't your fault, you shouldn't have to shoulder the financial costs of your injuries.

Finding an accident lawyer can help you avoid having to do so. While it's easy to ignore the need for an attorney, the reality is that they will directly help you in numerous ways after you're injured and ensure that you don't end up having to pay thousands in medical bills as a result of an accident that wasn't your fault.

In order to get you the compensation that you deserve, a lawyer must prove that the other party involved in your accident was at fault and that they acted in a negligent, reckless manner. If they can show that their negligent actions caused your injuries, they will be able to get you the compensation that you are owed.

To do so, a... full post

Figuring Out Whether Or Not You Can Pursue Compensation After An Accident

Figuring Out Whether Or Not You Can Pursue Compensation After An AccidentBeing hurt is never fun, and Florida accidents occur every single day. Luckily, the vast majority of these accidents are fairly minor. However, when you are injured seriously in an accident it can take time and effort to make a full recovery. Making things even more difficult will be the high financial burden that can come with an accident. Things like lost wages, medical bills, and medication costs are all going to play a role in your life after an injury, and they can add up quickly and become very stressful.

If the accident wasn't your fault and was directly caused by the actions of someone else, you may have options that can help you avoid that stress. Seeking financial compensation for your injuries is something that you need to look into to ensure that you are taking all of the steps available to you following an injury.

This is a must since the stress related to finances can make it harder to heal physically. However, there's much... full post

How A Port Charlotte Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your Recovery

How A Port Charlotte Accident Lawyer Can Help With Your RecoveryPort Charlotte is one of Florida's most beautiful locations, and is a perfect place to call home. However, it's difficult to enjoy life here when you've been injured in an accident. The process of recovering from your injuries can be a long and sometimes difficult one, especially when you have family who depends on you.

Most will instinctively assume that their medical professional is the only person who can help them with their recovery. And while they'll certainly be the primary professional helping you physically heal, the fact is that a Port Charlotte accident lawyer is someone who can help with your recovery as well.

The reason primarily comes down to rest, stress, and finances. After an accident, you'll often be left facing significant bills and financial issues. These can include:

Medical expenses
Medication costs
Physical therapy costs
Lost wages from time lost at work
And more

That's not even counting the cost of potentially replacing a damaged automobile if your injuries come from a vehicle accident. Obviously, recovering from injuries physically is important. But that... full post

Do You Really Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Do You Really Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?Being injured in an accident is something that nobody wants to face. The impact on your life can be severe, and depending on how badly you are injured it could lead to lost time at work, huge medical costs, and even permanent disability.

If you are injured in an accident, seeking compensation for your injuries is a must. If you're not responsible for the accident, you shouldn't have to shoulder the blame. And while sometimes insurance companies may offer you a cash settlement relatively quickly, the reality is that speaking with an attorney first is usually a very good idea.

There are lot of different reasons that you need to talk to an attorney, and finding out more about just why you need to trust in one is well worth doing if you're not convinced that they're an important part of your life after an accident. With that in mind, here are some of the key reasons you need a personal injury lawyer.

The first reason is simply to help you understand your rights and your... full post

Standing Up To Insurance Companies Is Easier With Help

Standing Up To Insurance Companies Is Easier With HelpBeing involved in an accident of any kind can be difficult. The injuries you sustain can make it difficult to carry on with your life normally, and the days following an accident are often fraught with stress as you realize that you're not only injured physical, but financially. Consider some of the costs associated with an accident:

Immediate medical billsFuture medical billsFuture medication costsLost wages from workFuture lost wages from work

These financial issues can create a situation where you're left struggling to pay your basic bills along with the various bills associated with your injuries. That stress can make it harder to recover physically, as well. And to make things worse, insurance companies don't usually try that hard to pay you any kind of compensation.

It's usually the exact opposite – insurance companies will do their best not to pay you a dime that they don't absolutely have to. They'll use a number of tactics, but most commonly they'll either offer you a settlement amount that's far lower than what you're actually owed, or they'll drag... full post

A Closer Look At A Workers Comp Lawyer And You

A Closer Look At A Workers Comp Lawyer And YouYour job is your livelihood, and it's the key to making sure you're able to move through life as comfortably as possible. When you're injured, it's hard to work and earn money – not to mention that you'll have bills associated with your injuries to deal with. When you're injured on the job, this situation can be even more frustrating.

Worker's compensation is designed to help ensure that you don't struggle to pay your bills and survive in the days and weeks following an on the job accident. However, worker's comp doesn't always do what it is supposed to do, and you may need to contact a workers comp lawyer to help you get the compensation that you deserve.
Usually, there are two main reasons you'll need a worker's comp lawyer. These are:

Workers Compensation refuses to pay for your injuriesWorkers Compensation only pays a small portion of the costs associated with your injuries.

Each of these can be major hurdles when you're struggling to recover after an accident, and it's important that you don't... full post

Trucking Accidents Can Be More Complex Than You Realize

Trucking Accidents Can Be More Complex Than You RealizeAccidents can happen in an instant, but can have effects that last for months or even years. Among the most serious accidents are those involving tractor trailer trucks, and if you're involved in a crash with a truck there's a good chance that you're already aware of the severity that can come with them.

If you're injured in an accident involving a truck, it's important to remember that you could have the ability to seek out financial compensation for your injuries. If the accident wasn't your fault, you can seek compensation for your injuries from the driver of the vehicle.

But while that sounds fairly simple, the reality is that personal injury cases involving trucks can often be the most complex types of personal injury law that is brought into the court system. There are numerous reasons for this, but at their core they all mean one simple thing – finding an attorney is more important with trucking accidents than with any other type of accident situation.

One of the biggest reasons that a ... full post

Fault In An Accident Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

Fault In An Accident Is Only The Tip Of The IcebergIt's not that difficult to enjoy life in Florida. From the weather to the beaches to the numerous dining and entertainment options, there's always something to enjoy here. However, it can be a bit harder to enjoy your time in Florida if you've been injured in an accident of any kind. Injuries can make it harder to move through your day, create difficulties in your finances, and more.

In fact, for many the financial side of healing is every bit as challenging as the physical recovery. Medical bills and lost wages due to missing time at work can combine to make your life very difficult as you move through the days and weeks following an accident. That's why finding a good Florida personal injury lawyer and seeking compensation for your injuries is so important.

Insurance companies will often try their best not to give you any kind of compensation or – in some instances – will offer a settlement that is very low in order to avoid having to pay you what... full post

A Closer Look At Dog Bite Liability

A Closer Look At Dog Bite LiabilityDogs can be rather energetic and fun animals, but what happens when you find yourself bitten or injured. Thousands are bitten or attacked by dogs every year and in some cases even killed. What causes these attacks aren't always clear, but the laws surrounding them are. Whether your a dog owner or just a dog lover, you should know what you may be liable for in a dog bite case.

Florida's Strict Liability

When it comes to dog bites, Florida has a very strict liability policy. This means a Florida dog owner can be liable if their dog bites someone even if they have no warning or prior knowledge that the dog might bite. It also means the dog bite victim does not have to prove that a lack of healthy care caused the bite.

Deadline For Filing A Dog Bite Claim

There is a deadline for the length of time a dog bite victim has to file a lawsuit after the injury occurs. However, with the deadline being four years within the date of the dog bite, it is... full post

Personal Injury Laws: Making The World A Safer Place

Personal Injury Laws:  Making The World A Safer PlacePersonal injury lawsuits don’t always have a stellar reputation. The media likes to sensationalize and exaggerate cases in order to play up the supposed greed or stupidity of the individuals who bring such cases to court, playing them off as frivolous and eccentric. The thing is, though, that personal injury laws exist for several very good reasons.

Nonexistent Stupidity

One of the classic examples of the frivolous lawsuit is the case of Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, which was about an incident in which the plaintiff spilled McDonald’s coffee on her lap and sustained burns. While the case has often been characterized as a woman attempting to get money from McDonalds courtesy of her own clumsiness, the fact of the matter is that the coffee really was dangerously hot.

Stella Liebeck sustained third degree burns, the worst kind, and she had to undergo skin grafts and two years of treatment before she fully recovered. When Liebeck asked McDonald’s for money to cover the medical bills and lost income her injury caused,... full post

A Closer Look At Disability Lawyers

A Closer Look At Disability LawyersPerhaps you have just been injured recently and have trouble walking because of it. Maybe you find yourself with crippling anxiety after you crashed your car and are unable to leave home. These ailments are already frustrating and stressful. The last thing you need is to lose money because your unable to work now. If you feel like your mental or physical health is keeping you from doing your job, then it may be time to hire a disability lawyer to look at your case.

What Is A Disability Lawyer?

As the name implies, a disability lawyer is a lawyer who is knowledgeable about disability cases and spend most of their time helping people file for disability benefits. Though some lawyers, who handle a variety of cases, can assist you it is better to hire one who specializes in disability cases.

What Counts As Disability?

Disability can refer to any physical or mental condition that limits a person's senses, movements or activities. For you to be able to file disability, your physical or mental limitations have to get in the way of your... full post

What You Should Know About The Florida Good Samaritan Act

What You Should Know About The Florida Good Samaritan ActLets say your driving down the highway and you see that someone's car is in a ditch. You stop nearby and rush to the scene. Once there you can see the driver is unconscious and trapped in the car. Immediately you call 911, but you are worried that they may not come in time. You could try to get the driver out yourself, but your unsure whether you could get sued for doing so. What should you do? Will you be protected from legal action later on?

Laws can vary from state to state. Some offer protection for those who come to someone's aid and others can be sued even when their actions have saved the victim's life. With the laws varying, it can make it hard to know what to do or what your rights are in these type of situations. In Florida, they have what is called the Florida Good Samaritan Act or Good Samaritan Laws that describe what you can legally do in this type of situation.

What Is Florida... full post

Tips On How To Handle Your Workers' Compensation Claim

Tips On How To Handle Your Workers' Compensation ClaimWorkers' compensation insurance companies are not eager to pay claims and can be quick to deny them. You shouldn't have to go through hoops for the money your entitled to. To make sure your workers' compensation isn't denied, here are a few tips that could save you a lot of trouble.

Report the injury immediately! One of the biggest reasons a worker is denied compensation is because they waited to report it. Waiting can make your claim seem unreliable and suspicious. It will especially look bad if you don't file your claim until after you get fired or laid off. Workers' compensation insurers hate that and will assume that this is just your way of getting revenge.

Get witnesses to support your claim! There aren't always going to be witnesses around when accidents happen, but when there are they can greatly help your case. If anyone was there to witness your accident, make sure you get their name so they can back up your story if necessary.

Don't wait to seek medical attention! If it is an... full post

The Unseen Side Effects Of A Car Crash

The Unseen Side Effects Of A Car CrashCar accidents happen a lot more often than we care to admit. Being in a crash can drastically change your life and in ways that may not be obvious at first. After a car accident, it is important to have a doctor check for any external or internal injuries you may have suffered from. Many internal injuries can go unnoticed until it's too late and it's better to be safe than sorry. However, there is another type of injury that may go unnoticed after a car crash. Many do not realize the mental side effects that can follow after you have been in an accident.

It is certainly understandable that someone may not be too eager to get back behind the wheel again after an accident. You might have others drive you around for awhile or find yourself feeling nervous when you witness someone else in a crash. It may feel like very minor symptoms, but they don't necessarily end there. After a car crash, you could find yourself getting flashbacks, nightmares, uncontrollable thoughts about... full post