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March 2016 Archives

recent-significant-automobile-recalls Brian O Sutter Mar/31/2016 Brian O Sutter

Recent Significant Automobile Recalls

There have been a recent spate of high-profile automobile recalls affecting tens of millions of vehicles, including the Takata airbag recall and the General Motors ignition switch scandal, but the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (N...

understanding-floridas-wrongful-death-laws Brian O Sutter Mar/30/2016 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Florida’s Wrongful Death Laws

There have been a lot of high profile vehicle recalls lately, including the General Motors ignition switch scandal. GM’s case involved faulty ignition switches that could shut off engines on the road and prevent airbags from properly inflating. Altho...

navigating-social-security-disability-insurance Brian O Sutter Mar/29/2016 Brian O Sutter

Navigating Social Security Disability Insurance

Do you have a serious medical condition that prevents you from working? If so, you may want to consider applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). SSDI is a Federal program that pays out over $143 billion per year to more than 11 milli...

floridas-motor-vehicle-no-fault-law Brian O Sutter Mar/23/2016 Brian O Sutter

Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law

Florida is one of the few states in America with a no-fault automobile insurance state. You’ve probably heard this before, but do you know what this really entails? The no-fault law guarantees your insurer pays you a limited sum of money, but there a...

boating-accidents-can-be-just-as-dangerous Brian O Sutter Mar/22/2016 Brian O Sutter

Boating Accidents Can Be Just As Dangerous

When you’re on a boat in Florida, the rules are different than when you’re in a car on land. You’re still considered under the influence if your blood alcohol content is .08 or higher, but you’re much less likely to get stopped by a patrol and you’r...

whos-responsible-when-wild-animals-attack Brian O Sutter Mar/21/2016 Brian O Sutter

Who’s Responsible When Wild Animals Attack?

To say that our state gets its fair share of wild animal attacks is something of an understatement: Florida is one of the few places in the world where the distinction between alligators and crocodiles matters because their ranges overlap along the...

the-importance-of-tornado-safety Brian O Sutter Mar/17/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Importance Of Tornado Safety

When you think of a tornado, you probably think of a funnel cloud hovering over a lonely, flat field of corn in the Great Plains or a massive twister picking up and tossing mobile homes like a kid taking out his frustration on his innocent toys. Howe...

whats-the-problem-with-the-assignment-of-benefits Brian O Sutter Mar/16/2016 Brian O Sutter

What’s The Problem With The Assignment Of Benefits?

“Assignment of benefits” is a practice with insurance claims in which a claimant will sign away some of his or her benefits directly to the person or organization who would wind up taking the money anyway. For instance, a person who’s just been thro...

open-vehicle-recalls-hit-new-high Brian O Sutter Mar/15/2016 Brian O Sutter

Open Vehicle Recalls Hit New High

According to a recent Carfax report, no fewer than 47 million vehicles currently on US roads are in need of a recall repair. This number represents no fewer than one fifth of all American vehicles, and while many of them may represent “better safe t...

hoverboards-unsafe-at-any-speed Brian O Sutter Mar/14/2016 Brian O Sutter

Hoverboards: Unsafe At Any Speed?

2015 marked the 30th anniversary of the Back to the Future trilogy, and homages to the films were everywhere throughout the year. This was especially true of the second movie, which involves a sequence that takes place in 2015 and features all kinds...

the-takata-recall-may-get-even-worse Brian O Sutter Mar/10/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Takata Recall May Get Even Worse

The Takata air bag recall is already the single biggest vehicle recall in American history, in large part because it affects over a dozen manufacturers to one extent or another. What started as a few million Honda vehicles has expanded to 29 million...

responsible-parties-pile-up-as-dieselgate-continues Brian O Sutter Mar/09/2016 Brian O Sutter

Responsible Parties Pile Up As Dieselgate Continues

Environmental advocacy groups have been saying for a lot longer than last September that car engines produce a lot more emissions under realistic conditions than in test labs, including diesel and gasoline engines alike. Both Volkswagen and the rest...

how-many-ways-can-a-civil-case-end Brian O Sutter Mar/08/2016 Brian O Sutter

How Many Ways Can A Civil Case End?

The vast majority of civil cases never make it to trial. While that fact may be disappointing for those who love the courtroom drama shown in TV shows and movies, the issue is that seeing a court case all the way through to the end is an expensive p...

no-trial-is-certain Brian O Sutter Mar/07/2016 Brian O Sutter

No Trial Is Certain

There’s a common misconception held by the general public that a trial doesn’t happen unless the defendant is guilty (or at fault in civil cases) and thus when a case is ruled not guilty or not at fault it’s a miscarriage of justice. However, very f...

the-basics-of-stairs-accidents Brian O Sutter Mar/03/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Basics Of Stairs Accidents

Anytime someone trips, slips, or falls, they are at risk of suffering a serious injury even if the fall occurs on even ground. However, when a fall involves a staircase, the potential injuries are all the more severe and life-threatening. According t...

what-you-should-know-about-asbestos-in-the-workplace Brian O Sutter Mar/02/2016 Brian O Sutter

What You Should Know About Asbestos In The Workplace

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, as many as 1.3 million people in the U.S. go to a workplace where they are exposed to a significant amount of asbestos. For decades it has been well-established that there is a link betw...

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