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November 2015 Archives

florida-should-prepare-for-a-wet-winter Brian O Sutter Nov/30/2015 Brian O Sutter

Florida Should Prepare For A Wet Winter

When it comes to winter, Florida isn’t usually a state that has to worry about problematic weather conditions. In fact, the typical Florida winter is both mild and dry, which makes it the time we can stop worrying about hot, humid air and the occasi...

why-do-recalls-happen Brian O Sutter Nov/26/2015 Brian O Sutter

Why Do Recalls Happen?

It is perhaps one of the most surprising and potentially upsetting events that can happen to an unsuspecting automobile owner. You read up on the news of the day, or check out your favored social media network and find stories talking about how a car...

all-the-details-of-an-accident-are-important Brian O Sutter Nov/25/2015 Brian O Sutter

All The Details Of An Accident Are Important

When an accident occurs the normal reaction is shock, usually followed by concern for the well being of everyone involved, especially friends and family. However, as difficult as it may be to maintain, one of the most important things that a person c...

workers-compensation-faqs Brian O Sutter Nov/24/2015 Brian O Sutter

Workers' Compensation FAQs

If you are an employee in Florida, you are entitled to certain worker's compensation rights under the law. It is important for any Florida worker to be familiar with the state's worker's compensation laws. However, for a Florida worker who has recent...

you-dont-have-to-settle-for-less Brian O Sutter Nov/18/2015 Brian O Sutter

You Don’t Have To Settle For Less

If you end up in an accident, or if you get injured on the job or while you’re at some other commercial location, then if your injury is serious enough it’s likely that you’ll have to deal with an insurance agency in order to get compensation for dam...

what-does-it-mean-to-settle-out-of-court Brian O Sutter Nov/17/2015 Brian O Sutter

What Does It Mean To Settle Out Of Court?

If you’ve suffered a personal injury and you weren’t satisfied with the settlement which the other party offered, either directly or through their insurance, and if you’ve hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit, then even at this point the chances are ve...

its-not-always-your-fault-if-you-get-hurt Brian O Sutter Nov/12/2015 Brian O Sutter

It’s Not Always Your Fault If You Get Hurt

You may not have heard the term “product liability” before, but you probably know the principle behind it: if you make something that gets somebody else hurt, you are responsible for that injury and you should have to pay something to make up for it...

how-do-i-know-my-personal-injury-case-is-valid Brian O Sutter Nov/11/2015 Brian O Sutter

How Do I Know My Personal Injury Case Is Valid?

Every day, we experience irritations which, at a stretch, could be classified as a personal injury. Maybe you burn your tongue on some hot coffee, or maybe you get to work late so your coworkers insist you buy everyone drinks for lunch. Maybe a nei...

gm-ignition-switches-and-the-public-good-of-tort-law Brian O Sutter Nov/10/2015 Brian O Sutter

GM Ignition Switches And The Public Good Of Tort Law

In February 2014, GM issued a recall notice regarding faulty ignition switches which could jostle out of the run position during operation and thus shut off power steering, power brakes, and airbags, all while the vehicle is potentially moving at ful...

6-things-to-keep-in-mind-for-a-long-drive Brian O Sutter Nov/09/2015 Brian O Sutter

6 Things To Keep In Mind For A Long Drive

The end of the year is traditionally a time for families to get together all across America, and with the way American families move around, that means it’s the season for long-distance car rides. At All Injuries Law Firm, we’re all too familiar wit...

3-defensive-driving-tips-you-may-have-forgotten Brian O Sutter Nov/05/2015 Brian O Sutter

3 Defensive Driving Tips You May Have Forgotten

In most states, qualifying for a driver’s license is a fairly straightforward matter of sitting through a few classes on basic traffic laws, going on a few practice drives with an instructor, and then going through a test which isn’t easy to fail (as...

what-is-pain-and-suffering-really-worth Brian O Sutter Nov/03/2015 Brian O Sutter

What Is Pain And Suffering Really Worth?

“Pain and suffering” is one of those amorphous terms that often come up during personal injury cases. If you didn’t know any better, you’d probably think it’s just a reason for the jury to give someone thousands or even millions of dollars because w...

volkswagen-diesels-are-setting-all-the-wrong-records Brian O Sutter Nov/02/2015 Brian O Sutter

Volkswagen Diesels Are Setting All The Wrong Records

It’s been an incredible couple of years when it comes to automobile recalls. Whether it’s ignition switches, airbags, or gas tanks set so far back that they could rupture and ignite in a collision, the overall number of recalls in 2014 and 2015 has...

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