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November 2017 Archives

wrongful-death-can-be-caused-by-wrongful-acts Brian O Sutter Nov/29/2017 Brian O Sutter

Wrongful Death Can Be Caused By Wrongful Acts

The unexpected loss of someone close to us can, unfortunately, happen in numerous ways in the blink of an eye. Beyond the random, unavoidable occurrences, such as a severe illness, or loss due to some extreme environmental catastrophe like an earthqu...

there-are-more-risky-people-at-sea Brian O Sutter Nov/27/2017 Brian O Sutter

There Are More Risky People At Sea

The average American—thanks to the media—is aware of just how many accidents can happen on the road. Mishaps can occur for any number of reasons, although the most common cause of accidents, in general, is human error. This is despite the fact that w...

a-personal-injury-case-isnt-valid-forever Brian O Sutter Nov/23/2017 Brian O Sutter

A Personal Injury Case Isn’t Valid Forever

With the American legal system, the clock is “always ticking.” There’s a limited number of judges, a limited number of courts, and only so many days within a year when legal business can be conducted and resolved. That means that the court always has...

its-not-just-lawyers-that-investigate-a-case Brian O Sutter Nov/22/2017 Brian O Sutter

It’s Not Just Lawyers That Investigate A Case

Once you get into a legal dispute with another driver, business, or property owner about an injury that was unfairly inflicted on you by the other party, a long, drawn out legal battle begins to form up. You, as a plaintiff are now seeking damages, u...

motorcyclists-must-ride-defensively Brian O Sutter Nov/21/2017 Brian O Sutter

Motorcyclists Must Ride Defensively

Florida is one of the more ideally located states in the country when it comes to weather. A combination of being one of the southernmost states and having incredible access to the ocean makes our part of the USA one of the most inviting. all year ro...

what-if-your-employer-has-no-insurance Brian O Sutter Nov/20/2017 Brian O Sutter

What If Your Employer Has No Insurance?

If there’s one thing that American culture strives hard to maintain it’s a fair deal; especially for honest, hardworking Americans. This is a country that is built on the idea that if you work hard, put in the time, and do an honest job, you will be...

what-are-forensic-experts Brian O Sutter Nov/16/2017 Brian O Sutter

What Are Forensic Experts?

Most people in America are now quite familiar with hearing the word “forensics” used when referencing crime investigation. However, its use over the years and its frequent application in fiction, reality TV and the daily news when documenting crimina...

a-guide-to-choosing-the-right-personal-injury-lawyer Brian O Sutter Nov/15/2017 Brian O Sutter

A Guide To Choosing The Right Personal Injury Lawyer

When you're injured in an accident of any kind, it can make it difficult to know what to do. Your physical recovery is hard enough, but when you factor in the financial impact that hospital visits and lost time from work can have on your life it beco...

alarming-facts-about-distracted-driving Brian O Sutter Nov/14/2017 Brian O Sutter

Alarming Facts About Distracted Driving

Ask most people what the biggest risk on roads are - what the one action that can be taken which will put people at risk is - and a majority of people will likely respond with drunk driving. There's a good reason for that - over the last few decades,...

do-you-need-a-lawyer-for-a-workers-comp-claim Brian O Sutter Nov/13/2017 Brian O Sutter

Do You Need A Lawyer For A Workers Comp Claim?

Most of us have some form of a vague idea concerning what happens when we're injured in a work-related accident. After all, workers compensation has been in place for years now as a way to protect employees as well as employers and ensure that everyo...

does-weather-impact-auto-accident-claims Brian O Sutter Nov/09/2017 Brian O Sutter

Does Weather Impact Auto Accident Claims?

Being involved in an accident of any kind is something that can change your life dramatically. And among the different types of accidents that you can face, an auto accident is certainly one that carries a high risk of serious injury or even death....

the-big-challenges-in-premises-liability Brian O Sutter Nov/08/2017 Brian O Sutter

The Big Challenges In Premises Liability

When most people think of an accident, they think about the many auto accidents that occur around the country every day. And Florida is no exception - millions of vehicles fill our roads annually, increasing the risk of an accident occurring. But r...

who-is-to-blame-in-trucking-accidents Brian O Sutter Nov/06/2017 Brian O Sutter

Who Is To Blame In Trucking Accidents?

Florida roads are among the busiest in the nation. With the third largest population in the country and millions of tourists visiting every day, it should be no surprise that accidents occur on a sadly regular basis. But among these accidents, the mo...

drowsy-driving-is-real-but-challenging Brian O Sutter Nov/01/2017 Brian O Sutter

Drowsy Driving Is Real But Challenging

In the case of the majority of traffic accidents caused by human error, the cause is usually pretty easy to legally determine and prove, even when a person seeking to avoid restitution or fault is lying to try to avoid fault. Drunk driving, for examp...

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