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September 2016 Archives

workers-compensation-for-cnas Brian O Sutter Sep/29/2016 Brian O Sutter

Worker’s Compensation For CNAs

The medical industry is very dangerous, especially if you work as a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNAs do a lot of the dirty work like caring directly for clients, assisting with medical procedures, and stocking the room with necessary medical suppli...

what-happens-if-you-are-hit-by-an-uninsured-driver Brian O Sutter Sep/28/2016 Brian O Sutter

What Happens If You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver

Getting into a car accident is extremely stressful. Between the property damage, the injuries, and battling the insurance companies, it can be a really nightmare to get your life back on track. This is only further complicated when you find out tha...

why-you-should-pursue-a-wrongful-death-claim Brian O Sutter Sep/27/2016 Brian O Sutter

Why You Should Pursue A Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a family member can be incredibly traumatic, especially when it wasn’t their time. Between the grief and dealing with the financial impact of the loss, it can be emotionally overwhelming for anyone. Though no amount of money can ever make up...

fiat-chrysler-recalls-1-9-million-vehicles Brian O Sutter Sep/26/2016 Brian O Sutter

Fiat-Chrysler Recalls 1.9 Million Vehicles

On September 15, 2016, Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles NV issued a recall for 1.9 million vehicles. The recall was issued after the company found that both seat belt and airbag defects. These two defects have lead to 3 known deaths and at least 5 injurie...

a-closer-look-at-settlements-following-accidents Brian O Sutter Sep/21/2016 Brian O Sutter

A Closer Look At Settlements Following Accidents

Being involved in an accident can lead to a long recovery. For those who aren’t responsible for the accident, seeking financial compensation is the key to ensuring that they aren’t left struggling to pay for medical costs that aren’t their fault....

why-a-florida-workers-comp-lawyer-is-so-important Brian O Sutter Sep/19/2016 Brian O Sutter

Why A Florida Workers Comp Lawyer Is So Important

Being injured at work can throw your entire life into disarray and chaos. But every day, it happens throughout Florida workplaces. One of the best ways to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are able to proceed with worker’s compensati...

what-to-do-following-a-work-related-injury Brian O Sutter Sep/15/2016 Brian O Sutter

What To Do Following A Work Related Injury

Every day, millions of Florida residents head to work to earn a living. It’s a part of life, but what happens when you’re injured in an accident on the jobsite? These accidents can end up costing you large amounts of money in medical bills and also m...

technology-and-the-new-ways-to-prove-fault Brian O Sutter Sep/14/2016 Brian O Sutter

Technology And The New Ways To Prove Fault

Technology has had a huge impact on our lives in many different ways. From improving the way we communicate to changing the way we work and play, there is a lot out there that helps simplify our lives. What many don’t realize, however, is that techno...

the-complexities-of-fault-in-a-trucking-accident Brian O Sutter Sep/13/2016 Brian O Sutter

The Complexities Of Fault In A Trucking Accident

When you’re involved in an auto accident, it can put your entire life into chaos. Recovering from your physical and mental injuries can be a challenge, and it’s even more difficult when you consider the financial burden accidents can place on you....

understanding-premises-liability-fault Brian O Sutter Sep/08/2016 Brian O Sutter

Understanding Premises Liability Fault

Every day, accidents take place throughout Florida. While the majority of accidents are on Florida’s roads, premises liability related accidents are very common as well. These are the accidents often referred to as ‘slip and fall’ injuries by the gen...

busting-the-biggest-auto-accident-myths Brian O Sutter Sep/07/2016 Brian O Sutter

Busting The Biggest Auto Accident Myths

Being involved in an accident is never fun, and when you’re injured it can be even more difficult to move your life forwards – especially when medical bills and lost wages from work keep piling up. That’s why it’s so important to understand the speci...

a-closer-look-at-the-out-of-court-settlement Brian O Sutter Sep/06/2016 Brian O Sutter

A Closer Look At The Out Of Court Settlement

When you’re injured in an accident, seeking financial compensation is something that may need to occur. Injuries take time to physically recover from, and mental scars can be just as tough to heal. But when your accident places you in a financial har...

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