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October 2018 Archives

slip-and-fall-accidents-in-the-workplace Brian O Sutter Oct/31/2018 Brian O Sutter

Slip and Fall Accidents in the Workplace

When in the workplace, it is important that you understand the risk factors that could potentially cause a slip and fall accident and find ways you can prevent this from happening. While there may be signs and other warnings listed around the workpla...

debunking-myths-about-social-security-disability Brian O Sutter Oct/29/2018 Brian O Sutter

Debunking Myths About Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is a type of insurance that pays out benefits to you and certain members of your family if you are insured and have worked the appropriate amount of time that is necessary. Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Supp...

are-you-at-risk-at-your-workplace Brian O Sutter Oct/25/2018 Brian O Sutter

Are You At Risk At Your Workplace?

Getting injured at work is something that no one hopes happens to them. And yet, at the same time, if it’s going to happen anywhere, work is the place with the highest likelihood, simply because many people spend eight or more hours, five days a week...

reasons-workers-comp-is-denied Brian O Sutter Oct/24/2018 Brian O Sutter

Reasons Workers Comp Is Denied

For professionals in Florida who have worked hard and earned fulltime employment, with benefits, workers compensation is one of those big factors that creates a lot of peace of mind. In a country where one bad accident is capable of wiping out life’s...

workers-comp-doesnt-mean-suing-your-employer Brian O Sutter Oct/23/2018 Brian O Sutter

Workers Comp Doesn’t Mean Suing Your Employer

For a lot of Americans, the idea of going to court for a lawsuit usually conjures up stories of two heated enemies, going into the legal equivalent of an ugly, knock-down, drag-out fight. In some instances, unfortunately, this is true. A person injur...

what-if-youre-injured-at-an-airbnb-home Brian O Sutter Oct/22/2018 Brian O Sutter

What If You’re Injured At An AirBnb Home?

Florida is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the USA, if not the world. The mild climate means that many “snow birds” flock to this state during the winter, when temperatures here are still pleasant and warm. But beyond that, the many world-...

an-injury-does-not-mean-termination Brian O Sutter Oct/17/2018 Brian O Sutter

An Injury Does Not Mean Termination

America is a nation that is forged in hard work, and that means it knows the value of a good worker. This is a country that tries hard to ensure that people who put in the time and the effort get a fair deal, and are recognized for their efforts. One...

is-carpal-tunnel-syndrome-a-work-related-injury Brian O Sutter Oct/15/2018 Brian O Sutter

Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A Work Related Injury?

Getting injured on the job in America meant a very different thing in the 20th century. Back then, America was primarily a country of industry and agriculture. So injuries then—and to a degree even today—were related to more physically demanding acti...

staying-safe-during-a-longer-commute Brian O Sutter Oct/11/2018 Brian O Sutter

Staying Safe During a Longer Commute

No matter where you live in Florida, you are probably well aware of the longer than normal commuting times involved in getting to and from work. Some people may see up to two hour long commutes on a daily basis because of congested traffic, adverse w...

school-bus-and-pedestrian-safety Brian O Sutter Oct/10/2018 Brian O Sutter

School Bus and Pedestrian Safety

With school back in session, it is important that we brush up on the laws regarding school buses and pedestrian safety to avoid any accidents. The traffic in the morning and afternoon on school days can prove to be a mess due to the massive congestio...

state-and-local-laws-that-cover-dog-bites Brian O Sutter Oct/09/2018 Brian O Sutter

State and Local Laws that Cover Dog Bites

In the state of Florida, a dog owner has only two defenses when it comes to a dog bite claim. These two defenses include trespassing as well as comparative negligence. Florida’s dog bite law also requires an injured person to be lawfully in place whe...

health-insurance-and-auto-accidents-what-to-expect Brian O Sutter Oct/08/2018 Brian O Sutter

Health Insurance and Auto Accidents- What to Expect

You have recently been involved in a car accident and sustained injuries. Now the medical bills are beginning to pile up, and you are unsure of what you need to do to file a claim so that the insurance provider of the other party responsible can step...

are-you-prepared-for-your-next-boating-trip Brian O Sutter Oct/03/2018 Brian O Sutter

Are You Prepared for Your Next Boating Trip?

When there is a boating accident, there may also be a few hiccups and obstacles when it comes to the legal issues associated with personal injury cases due to these kinds of accidents. The biggest challenges come when determining liability and establ...

the-role-of-the-judge-in-a-personal-injury-case Brian O Sutter Oct/02/2018 Brian O Sutter

The Role of the Judge in a Personal Injury Case

Accidents happen, and when they do, you might find that you have a personal injury case because of an accident or injury that you have sustained due to the negligence of another person. If you do decide to take legal action, then you may have a few q...

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