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Boating Accidents In Florida Have Become All Too Common - Get Compensation For Your Injuries

Being on the water is one reason why many people choose to call southwest Florida home. With Florida's 1,350 miles of coastline, warm sunny climate and great fishing it's no wonder so many Floridians are boating. With nearly 900,000 registered watercraft Florida has more registered vessels than any other state.

Unfortunately with so many boaters of varying experience on Florida's waterways the amount of injuries and deaths from serious boating or watercraft accidents is also disturbingly high.

The United States Coast Guard compiles statistics on boating accidents each year and the top hazards include collision with recreational vessels, collision with fixed objects, flooding/swamping, grounding or skier mishap.

As dangerous as accidents are on land, for those involved crashes in water are even more so. Those seriously injured who have been ejected into the water will face drowning, hypothermia or being struck by another boat.

Just as on dry land the causes of accidents on the water are often operator inattention, alcohol, excessive speed, or operator inexperience. At a time when so many new boaters are getting onto the water, many have received virtually no training in how to navigate, what the laws governing Florida's waterways are and worse still usually look at boating as a safe time to drink alcohol.

At All Injuries Law Firm we have seen the results of such a dangerous mix of factors time and time again. Often injuries occur to the passengers of a boat when the driver is either intoxicated, inattentive or driving with excessive speed resulting in a collision with either another watercraft or striking a fixed object. Like motorcycle accidents, injuries on the water can happen when an inattentive boater strikes a smaller watercraft or swimmer because the boater simply did not see the other watercraft in time to avoid them.

Negligence often plays a role in many boating accidents, and as such those injured by irresponsible boaters are entitled to financial compensation.

Boating-related injuries are often as serious as they get, and can leave a victim with huge medical bills, lost wages or employment, loss of future income, and in some cases where a death has occurred a family can be without a provider.

It takes an experienced personal injury law firm to investigate the facts, recreate the accident and put together a strong case to get the financial compensation you deserve. All Injuries Law Firm has been representing Florida's injured for more than 30 years for many kinds of accidents including boating and watercraft accidents.

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