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Important Information About An Increased Risk Of Fire

Important Information About An Increased Risk Of FireBurns are painful regardless of their severity. Most people learn their lesson the hard way by grabbing a hot pot or pan from the stove, but the action usually does not result in long-term consequences. The individual gains a valuable life experience and knows not to act in the same way again. Rather, people adjust their behavior accordingly to avoid touching flames and other things that can cause them harm. Burns are classified into the categories of either first, second, or third-degree.

First-degree burns are often considered superficial wounds. They cause the surface of the skin to sustain damage, but the outer layer remains intact. Meanwhile, second-degree burns are commonly known as partial-thickness burns. These injuries extend into the second layer of skin and cause blisters to form. Third-degree burns are the most severe out of the three types. They destroy the epidermis and dermis, damage nerves, and people refer to them as full-thickness burns. Problems that come along with these wounds include…

• Fluid Loss
• Infection
• Heat Loss

Car Accidents Can Leave Participants With Burns

Drivers, passengers, and pedestrians alike can sustain burns when they are involved in an ... full post

Failed Security Is Negligent Security

 Failed Security Is Negligent SecurityWhen a preventable injury occurs as a result of environmental factors, this is what is known as premises liability. It means that there was a basic safety responsibility that the property owner was legally required to maintain, and then failed to do so. Inadequate lighting in stairwells that causes a fall is one example, but security on a property can be another. But how does security “fail?” When is security doing all it can, but still failing to achieve its objective, and when is security not fulfilling its legally required obligations?

More Than Just Staff

Usually when people think about security on a property, the first thing that comes to mind is an armed security officer that is present in order to maintain order, and defuse potentially dangerous situations. In some cases, the mere presence of a security officer can be a major deterrent, causing thieves, for example, to forego robbing a residential community, due to the higher than average presence of security measures.

But it’s not just a security officer that represents a security measure. Cameras, for example, that are designed to provide surveillance are also a security measure.... full post

Insurance Fraud Can & Does Happen

Insurance Fraud Can & Does HappenInsurance is designed to protect honest, hardworking people from unforeseen complications and misfortunes that can sometimes occur in life. A home with flood insurance, for example, gets the financial backing it needs from the insurance company in the event that unusually large amounts of rain cause water levels to rise and damage homes by flooding into basements. People that have jobs with comprehensive health and dental insurance don’t need to worry about paying the bills when an accident knocks a tooth out, or an illness comes up that requires medical treatment or even surgery.

And of course, with so many cars on the roads of Port Charlotte and Sarasota, there’s always the chance that an accident may occur. If it does happen, auto insurance is there to quickly provide whatever funds may be required to ensure a quick repair or, in some cases, financial compensation for damages or even medical treatment.

Unfortunately, as with any system where significant amounts of money are involved, there are some people that would like to get their hands on that money through illegitimate means. Insurance money is, to some people, regarded as free... full post

How Can You Spot Insurance Fraud?

How Can You Spot Insurance Fraud?It’s one thing to get into an accident on the road with another driver because of bad road conditions, someone driving while intoxicated, or inattentiveness at the wheel. It’s quite another thing, however, if you find yourself in an accident, the other person claims you are at fault, but the reality is the whole thing is staged. It seems unbe-lievable, but some have faked a car accident in attempt to get free money from auto insurance companies.

This type of insurance fraud happens all over the country and the world. In fact, many insurance companies have anti-fraud departments that are set up to try and discover—and then defuse—fraudulent insurance claims.
If you’re on the road and you get into an accident, but something about it doesn’t feel right, how can you be sure? Are there any signs you can stay alert for to tip you off to the possibility that you are being victimized by a staged injury for insurance fraud purposes? We have a few popular techniques that some people like to use.

The Intentional Cut Off

This is a fairly sophisticated staged accident that requires two vehicles on the... full post

Mistakes To Avoid During A Personal Injury Case

Mistakes To Avoid During A Personal Injury CaseThere are many reasons as to why a person may choose to bring a lawsuit against another party. However, the most common one is money. The injured party must pay for medical bills, therapy sessions, and other things needed to reach a full recovery. Additionally, the person is usually unable to work during this period, and the lack of income coming in makes buying groceries or paying for rent and utilities difficult. Negligence or recklessness associated with car crashes, slip and fall accidents, wrongful deaths, truck accidents, or workplace incidents often result in damages. Because each case is unique and different, injuries will vary but sometimes include…

• Brain Injuries
• Burns, Lacerations, And Contusions
• Broken And Fractured Bones
• Full Or Partial Paralysis
• Loss Of Life

It is not always necessary to hire representation to obtain compensation. However, insurance companies and other legal teams tend to take advantage of people, and especially since they only have one goal in mind, which is to pay out as little as possible, so employing an experienced law firm frequently proves to be beneficial. First of all, the... full post

Motorcycle Accidents Are Likely Due To This Recall

Motorcycle Accidents Are Likely Due To This RecallMost motorcycle operators know that they take on specific risks while operating these types of vehicles. The two-wheelers are great for hitting the open road and letting the wind whip through your hair, but they do not typically offer much in regards to safety. For instance, there are no seat belts, and only a few models come equipped with airbags. Additionally, the vehicles don't have doors, a roof, or other elements like cars and trucks do to protect the riders. Still, a motorcycle offers the rider an exhilarating experience, which many operators feel is well worth the risk.

Florida's immaculate weather and beautiful scenery create the ideal conditions for taking the old bike out for a spin. The state is home to numerous motorcycle rallies and events throughout the year. For instance, the Memorial Ride is scheduled for May 19th, and the Brooksville Bike Rally & Cruise-In is set for May 20th. With so many motorcycles continually coming into the area, everyone must practice driving defensively to limit the number of collisions that occur. However, sometimes, incidents are unavoidable, and they will happen. The types... full post

Should You Employ A Social Security Lawyer?

Should You Employ A Social Security Lawyer?Social Security Disability is a government program that provides cash support to people with physical or mental disorders. These individuals have conditions that prevent them from working, but they must meet specific requirements to qualify for assistance. For one, the program is not for temporary or short-term ailments, and the applicant's records must show that they have been or will be disabled for at least one year. Additionally, the candidate must have worked for a long enough period and paid in Social Security taxes too.

As if the stipulations are not enough, there is a lengthy, challenging application process as well. Forgetting to fill in a blank here and there or inputting the incorrect information will result in a denial. Of course, there is a procedure for appealing, but it is equally as complicated as the first form. It is not necessary to hire a social security lawyer, and people are more than welcome to go it alone. However, interested parties should feel free to contact our office to obtain more information.

Our social security attorney... full post

What Are The Long Term Effects Of TBI?

 What Are The Long Term Effects Of TBI?The human brain is the control center of the human body. It is the organ that literally controls all the neural signals that allow the body to function normally, but on top of that, the brain is also the “home” a person’s identity. It’s where a person thinks, reasons, remembers and has feelings. All of which means that when a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is sustained, this is one of the most potentially serious injuries a person can have, and, in the worst case scenario, can have lifelong consequences. But exactly what kind?

Every Case Is Different

TBI occurs when the brain is exposed to some kind of hard impact. In most cases, this is normally the brain actually making physical contact with the skull itself. The brain, while compact and largely occupying the skull cavity, is not actually “fixed” in place, the way someone might screw in a television to a wall mounting to make sure it is both snug and securely attached to that wall with no movement possible. The brain is “loose” in that regard. It is, in an average adult, a... full post

There’s More Than One TBI

There’s More Than One TBITraumatic brain injury, or TBI, is an extremely complex medical condition. There may be both short term medical consequences, long term ones that may not manifest for quite some time, and even lifelong, permanent effects that a victim may simply have to live with. The reason for this is because the brain controls almost every aspect of a person’s health, from the beating of the heart to the ability to feel happy, sad, or even remember a loved one’s face.

As a result, because different parts of the brain control different aspects of biology, memory and even information processing, TBI effects can vary. The location of a TBI can have an impact on side-effects, but the type of TBI also plays a role. TBI can be sustained in a few different ways, but there are three types of TBI most commonly experienced by victims and medical professionals that must treat these victims.

Crush Injuries

As the name implies, this is when the brain has constant pressure applied from the outside, such as a car accident that results in a passenger’s head being pushed against a car door and pinned there,... full post

Things To Know About A Steering Issue That May Lead To A Car Crash

 Things To Know About A Steering Issue That May Lead To A Car CrashVehicles use a lot of different components to travel down the road safely and successfully. There are ball joints, tires, control arms, axles, and too many other parts to list. These essential items are seldom thought about unless something goes wrong, and most owners expect them to work correctly. However, regularly maintaining your car is a vital part of keeping everything in working order and running smoothly. Failing to practice such a routine is asking for trouble as breakdowns, accidents, or both will likely occur. For instance, people that do not keep the correct amount of anti-freeze or oil in their engine may experience engine failure, which can leave the car stalled out in the middle of the road and makes it an easy target for another vehicle to hit.

It is usually recommended that shocks become changed anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 miles. These pieces are vital for preventing the car from bouncing all over the place while it is being driven. If the parts do not get replaced after wearing out, the operator's ability to control... full post

Truck Accidents Are Anything But Kind And Forgiving

Truck Accidents Are Anything But Kind And ForgivingRather than just blabbing on and on about the consequences of truck accidents, we will let the statistics speak for themselves. In 2012, there were 104,000 injuries and 3,921 deaths from tractor-trailer incidents. As you can see, the outcomes can be devastating. Damages are often minor to severe and include…

• Head, Neck, And Back Injuries
• Fractured Or Broken Bones
• Lacerations And Burns
• Internal Bleeding
• Concussions And Other Brain Injuries

These vehicles are designed to carry different types of heavy loads, both in-state, and cross-country. They play an integral role in helping the economy thrive, and the drivers work diligently to keep products on store shelves for consumers to purchase. Still, though, truck accidents are destructive, so everyone must practice safe driving techniques to keep incidents to a minimum. Drivers should avoid using smartphones or partaking in other activities that serve as distractions. Although everyone has the right to be on the road, small vehicle operators may find it in their best interest to back off and give these trucks space whenever possible. This action may help prevent truck accidents from arising.

Reasons To Hire An Attorney

Logistics companies and their... full post

Does Your Employer Protect You?

Does Your Employer Protect You?There are a lot of different occupations required to keep a modern, first world economy going. While it’s true that computers and other digital technologies have created new working environments where people spend more time at desks, that’s a job everyone has. America still has a great need for people that know how to construct buildings, install furnaces, fix plumbing, and, of course, work in factories or other fabrication facilities, making and/or repairing components.

That means that for some working Americans, there’s a major physical component to the work that also comes with a higher risk of injury compared to someone inputting data into a spreadsheet in a downtown office. Any work with a more industrial orientation involves a lot of physical labor, as well as exposure to machines and different processes that can, if no care is exercised, result in injury. And for people that work in such important, but risky occupations, some of the responsibility for avoiding injury rests with the employer.

Workers Always Have Rights

It doesn’t just benefit a worker to be protected in a job with a higher potential physical hazard, it benefits the employer as... full post

What If Someone Else Injures You At Work?

What If Someone Else Injures You At Work?When injuries happen on the job, that can sometimes mean that the particular duty you were performing, such as welding or cutting, led to some accident that caused the injury. In such cases, the injury was sustained as a direct result of work activity, and so a workplace injury case might be a possibility if you know that you were not at fault for the injury. In such cases, an occurred as a result of employer negligence, or some other factor that was beyond your control.

But what happens if the injury you sustain is the result of someone else’s actions? What do you do if you receive an injury at work due to someone else’s carelessness, but it is not something or someone else from work that is at fault? What happens when an outsider is responsible?

Third Party Cases

When an injury occurs during work as result of an outside person, that is known as third party liability. And while this type of personal injury case can be successfully taken to court and won, it may not necessarily be quick or easy to do so. Establishing... full post

What To Do If You Witness A Car Accident

What To Do If You Witness A Car AccidentSummer means that it’s not just every day adult Florida drivers on the road running their errands or going to work. Summer also means that more teenagers are going to be on the road, and more tourists may be as well. So no matter where you live in our state, you can expect there to be a boost in the amount of traffic that’s on the road. Unfortunately, that also means that there’s a greater chance that an accident might occur, and if it’s the fault of the other driver, not you, you might need to engage in the services of a car crash lawyer to make sure that you get proper legal resolution.

But what if you are not involved in the accident? What if you have, unfortunately, a “great view” of the accident and have seen it, in detail, with your own eyes? What do you do?

You’re An Important Witness

If you have had a good view of an accident, you may possess important information that could prove critical to many parties, including the police, the drivers involved, insurance companies that... full post

Accidental Death Vs Wrongful Death

 Accidental Death Vs Wrongful DeathWhen someone close to us dies in some incident, it’s natural to cast about for reasons why it happened. And if there is some cause to believe that someone else may be responsible for the death, it’s also natural to seek out justice. But while something like a murder case, where a criminal deliberately seeks to kill someone else has a clear line of action and resolution, when things occur in an accident situation, resolution becomes more difficult to neatly resolve.

For example, in a situation where a child is hit by a car, clearly it was a driver, behind the wheel that plays some part in the death of the child. But is the driver actually responsible? A lot of factors play into answering that question, and the answer will determine whether the death was accidental, or a case of wrongful death, where legal action can be taken.

Accidental Death

When a death is legally decided to be accidental, that means that no one is held responsible, and therefore, no criminal charges or civil lawsuits can go forward. In our example of a child, if the driver is alert,... full post

How Old Are Your Amusement Park Attractions?

How Old Are Your Amusement Park Attractions?On June 14, 2018, what started out as just another night of fun and amusement at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk turned into a nightmare of fear and pain for 10 amusement-goers in a roller coaster. The ride, dubbed the “Sandblaster” was going through another circuit of the rollercoaster tracks when the unexpected happened. The front car completely derailed from the tracks.

Amanda Bostic, 34, of Knott County, Kentucky, was in the front car, along with a co-worker, and her two children. She and her co-worker, despite being belted into the roller coaster car, were thrown from the vehicle when it went off the rails, falling over 30 feet to the ground. Her children remained stranded in the car, that was still attached to others in the roller coaster, but was now fully off the rails. The car hung suspended above the air as the ride finally ground to halt when staff and onlookers realized what was happening and the ride was shut down.

While the two injured victims on the ground were immediately seen to by paramedics and sent to the hospital for further treatment, the two... full post