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Personal Injury Law Articles

could-the-seat-belts-in-your-vehicle-fail Brian O Sutter Sep/20/2021 Brian O Sutter

Could The Seat Belts In Your Vehicle Fail?

Ford F-150 trucks can be found all across the nation. Many people, including lots of folks right here in Port Charlotte, are loyal customers who standby these vehicles, and rightfully so. They are typically dependable and don't leave people stranded...

Workers' Compensation Law Articles

Why Would You Need A Lawyer For Workers Comp?

Workers compensation, or “workers comp,” is, in theory, a great idea. It’s designed as a financial safety net for honest workers. If in the course of a workday, you, as a worker, are injured through no fault of your own and are unable to earn your s...

Social Security Disability Law Articles

your-ssdi-application-is-denied-what-now Bryan Greenberg Sep/14/2021 Bryan Greenberg

Your SSDI Application Is Denied. What Now?

The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance program that is established to support individuals with disabilities that may prevent them from working. Unfortunately, the SSDI is very strict about their applications, which res...

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