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Personal Injury Law Articles

the-top-4-causes-of-slips-falls Corbin Sutter May/13/2021 Corbin Sutter

The Top 4 Causes Of Slips & Falls In Florida

Compared to a high-impact car accident on the highway, or even the accidental discharge of a gun, a slip and fall in Charlotte or Sarasota counties don’t seem all that serious. However, slip and falls are so common and so numerous that they go up an...

Workers' Compensation Law Articles

How Does Workers Compensation Work?

Life is full of complexity and information, so it's not a huge surprise that for many of us, we don't know how things work, especially if not knowing doesn't impact our daily life. The vast majority of us, for example, have no idea how our smartphone...

Social Security Disability Law Articles

what-to-do-with-long-term-disability Bryan Greenberg Jan/25/2021 Bryan Greenberg

What To Do With Long-Term Disability?

If you find yourself in a position that you can no longer perform all some of the things you do regularly in your daily and work life, you are entitled to benefits. The benefits include Social Security Disability (SSD) or Long-Term Disability and Wor...

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