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Personal Injury Law Articles

how-wrongful-death-claims-work-in-florida Brian O Sutter May/21/2020 Brian O Sutter

How Wrongful Death Claims Work In Florida

Are you looking for a car crash lawyer in Sarasota? Are you planning to file a wrongful death case but you’re unsure about where you should start? Keep reading to learn more about wrongful death claims. In Florida, about 37,000 people get into a c...

Workers' Compensation Law Articles

Scaffold Safety On Construction Sites

Workplace safety is important no matter the industry, but it is especially important for construction workers who faced many daily challenges on construction sites. Scaffolding is commonly used on construction sites to make it easier to maneuver arou...

How To Appeal A Workers Comp Denial

For salaried workers in Florida, one of the reassuring social safety nets in place is known as Workers' Compensation. It means that you may be on the job, and you get injured while working through circumstances that are not your fault. Your recovery...

Social Security Disability Law Articles

what-a-social-security-lawyer-does-for-you Brian O Sutter Nov/14/2019 Brian O Sutter

What A Social Security Lawyer Does For You

One of the worst things that can happen to you is getting a disability that renders you from working or living your life to the fullest. The good thing is that you can be covered financially if you have been consistent with your Social Security payme...

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