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March 2019 Archives

some-useful-boating-accident-data Brian O Sutter Mar/28/2019 Brian O Sutter

Some Useful Boating Accident Data

People can become injured in plenty of different ways. They can sustain damages via car, motorcycle, or truck accidents. Of course, folks also regularly get hurt on the job or while slipping and falling on someone else's property. However, there is o...

juicy-morsels-about-auto-accidents-in-florida Brian O Sutter Mar/27/2019 Brian O Sutter

Juicy Morsels About Auto Accidents In Florida

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2018, Florida's estimated population was 21,299,325. In other words, a lot of people call the Sunshine State home. Not all of the folks are drivers, but still, many of them are. In fact, res...

be-aware-of-this-tie-rod-separation-issue Brian O Sutter Mar/26/2019 Brian O Sutter

Be Aware Of This Tie-Rod Separation Issue

There are plenty of vehicles driving around on neighborhood streets, interstates, and farm roads in Florida. Motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs can be seen on our highways. Not to mention, there are also tractor-trailers, construction vehicles...

what-you-need-to-know-about-trucking-accidents Brian O Sutter Mar/21/2019 Brian O Sutter

What You Need To Know About Trucking Accidents

Being injured in any kind of accident isn’t easy. Florida motorists who are hurt in an accident will find their lives thrown into chaos. Not only do you have to try to make a full physical recovery, but you have to recover financially as well. And wh...

the-many-costs-of-a-tbi Brian O Sutter Mar/18/2019 Brian O Sutter

The Long-Term Costs Of A Traumatic Brain Injury

Most people will never dream of having to face an accident and the many different issues that it can create for you. And when it comes to accidents, few are as dangerous as a TBI. Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI for short, can be devastating. Not only...

recovering-after-a-motorcycle-accident Brian O Sutter Mar/14/2019 Brian O Sutter

Recovering After A Motorcycle Accident

Florida roads are incredibly busy, thanks to the state’s high population and the millions of tourists who visit for the pristine beaches, gorgeous weather, resorts, amusement parks, and more. And with all of that traffic, it’s far too common for acci...

new-recall-focuses-on-brake-defects Brian O Sutter Mar/13/2019 Brian O Sutter

New Recall Focuses On Brake Defects

It seems like the last several years have been filled with nothing other than recalls in the auto world. From airbags to ignition switches, each of these defects can lead to serious issues for those who are driving the vehicle at the time. And now,...

amusement-parks-and-your-injury-rights Brian O Sutter Mar/12/2019 Brian O Sutter

Amusement Parks And Your Injury Rights

Florida is famous for plenty of things, but being home to some of the most well known amusement parks and resort destinations in the world is probably one of its biggest claims to fame. And there’s no real off season – parks here run almost year roun...

a-closer-look-at-distracted-driving Brian O Sutter Mar/11/2019 Brian O Sutter

A Closer Look At Distracted Driving

Florida drivers have a tremendous amount to pay attention to while on our roads. With the third highest population in the country and millions of visitors every year, Florida roads are among the busiest in the nation. As such, they can also be among...

tips-for-teen-drivers-in-florida Brian O Sutter Mar/07/2019 Brian O Sutter

Tips For Teen Drivers In Florida

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there are 800,000 teen drivers on the state's roadways. That number grows more and more each year. In other words, there are plenty of inexperienced operators driving around in The Sunshine Stat...

the-world-is-not-always-kind-to-car-crash-victims Brian O Sutter Mar/06/2019 Brian O Sutter

The World Is Not Always Kind To Car Crash Victims

People rely on their cars for all sorts of things. They use them to travel to vacation destinations, get kiddos back and forth to school, and commute to and from work. Not to mention, all of the other stuff that happens in-between like shopping, goi...

the-dangers-of-getting-distracted-while-driving Brian O Sutter Mar/05/2019 Brian O Sutter

The Dangers Of Getting Distracted While Driving

Time and time again, people have been told not to do various things that take their attention away from the road. Yet, many drivers still partake in activities that do just that. The actions have been taking place for years, so it is not like this is...

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