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May 2018 Archives

be-careful-on-the-water Brian O Sutter May/30/2018 Brian O Sutter

Be Careful On The Water!

Florida is a state blessed with sunshine, warm weather and a pleasant environment all year round. But the march of the calendar means that even if we don’t get full seasons of environmental change, we do get the human traffic that comes with seasonal...

can-you-sue-your-insurance-company Brian O Sutter May/29/2018 Brian O Sutter

Can You Sue Your Insurance Company?

Under ordinary circumstances, an insurance policy that you take out for yourself, your home, your car, or even your medical or dental health represents one thing; peace of mind. The idea, of course, is that you pay premiums every month with the hope...

know-your-workers-comp-rights Brian O Sutter May/17/2018 Brian O Sutter

Know Your Workers Comp Rights

People in Florida take on a huge number of different jobs in order to keep themselves—and their state economy—vibrant and financially healthy. Some people work hard putting up new buildings, or ensuring that new homes and offices get their air condit...

reasons-to-employ-the-services-of-a-car-crash-lawyer Brian O Sutter May/10/2018 Brian O Sutter

Reasons To Employ The Services Of A Car Crash Lawyer

Cars, pickups, vans, eighteen-wheelers, and even motorcycles are beneficial in helping drivers, passengers, or goods travel between locations. They are necessary pieces of equipment for keeping store shelves stocked with products, which allows them t...

even-an-office-isnt-safe Brian O Sutter May/09/2018 Brian O Sutter

Even An Office Isn’t Safe

However, there’s a popular but understandable misconception about worker’s compensation and the odds of an injury occurring at the workplace. Many people mistakenly believe that this type of injury—and thus the associated legal responsibility—are onl...

lawsuits-happen-at-home-too Brian O Sutter May/03/2018 Brian O Sutter

Lawsuits Happen At Home Too

There is a particular type of lawsuit that is well known even in public circles amongst people without any expertise in law. The general category of such lawsuits is called “premises liability.” What it means in more practical terms is that someone h...

a-gas-related-incident-means-legal-trouble Brian O Sutter May/01/2018 Brian O Sutter

A Gas-Related Incident Means Legal Trouble

Natural gas may not be quite as high in public awareness or popularity as electricity, but it is still an incredibly valuable resource that modern society relies on quite a bit. When properly handled, natural gas can do everything from let us cook, d...

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