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your-guide-to-vehicle-safety-recalls Corbin Sutter Jul/20/2022 Corbin Sutter

Your Guide to Vehicle Safety Recalls In Florida

It is important to stay up to date with all safety recalls when it comes to your vehicle so you can remain safe on the roadways at all times. Today, we will go through a quick guide to vehicle safety recalls in Florida, so you know more about the pr...

is-that-a-hyundai-parked-in-your-englewood-garage Brian O Sutter Jun/09/2022 Brian O Sutter

Is That A Hyundai Parked In Your Englewood Garage?

There are plenty of car brands available to consumers today, including Ford, Chevrolet, and Chrysler. Of course, that's not all, though. Consumers can also run out and buy Kia, Honda, and Toyota vehicles if they wish too. However, there is another b...

jeep-recalling-around-100000-new-suvs Brian O Sutter Mar/17/2022 Brian O Sutter

Jeep Recalling Around 100,000 New SUVs

In late November of 2021, Jeep announced they would be recalling some of their most popular SUV vehicles. The recall is affecting the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L, 2022 Wagoner, and 2022 Grand Wagoner, which overall makes up about 100,000 vehicles on t...

2021-and-2022-models-of-ford-e-series-being-recalled Corbin Sutter Mar/16/2022 Corbin Sutter

2021 and 2022 Models Of Ford E Series Being Recalled

For business owners in Sarasota and drivers in Port Charlotte, Ford, one of the biggest auto manufacturers globally, is now announcing a recall on two models of the Ford e-series of vehicles. If you own or operate an E-350 DRW or an E-450 DRW cutawa...

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