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the-2016-mitsubishi-outlander-has-been-recalled Brian O Sutter May/23/2017 Brian O Sutter

The 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Has Been Recalled

A product recall from a car manufacturer may seem to a car owner to be a big inconvenience in both time and the ability to travel. In reality however, a product recall is simply a car manufacturer being responsible—and scared enough—of the possibilit...

what-happens-if-you-ignore-a-recall Brian O Sutter May/03/2017 Brian O Sutter

What Happens If You Ignore A Recall?

A product recall is usually a voluntary action taken by a company when it is discovered that something they manufacture may inadvertently contain a design defect that can cause injury to people. In some cases, this is a purely accidental situation, s...

subaru-making-recalls-on-2017-imprezas-among-others Brian O Sutter Apr/27/2017 Brian O Sutter

Subaru Making Recalls On 2017 Imprezas Among Others

Subaru has announced the second in some recent recalls to their Impreza and Legacy models. The Ministry of Economy and Commerce with the Mannai Trading Company has issued recalls on the 2010-2014 models of these cars due to a faulty air injector pump...

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