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When Property Goes Wrong – Your Rights After An Injury

When Property Goes Wrong – Your Rights After An InjuryIn September of 2019, a serious accident occurred in New Jersey when a deck collapse occurred. While it’s practically on the other side of the country, this incident is a perfect example of what some Florida residents may end up dealing with as well – though maybe not on as large a scale.

Property related injuries caused by faulty construction, inadequate safety measures, and more can all have a huge impact on your life and understanding your rights and what will happen afterwards is important. Luckily, you do have rights under Florida law and learning more about them is well worth doing.

The Accident In Question

The accident occurred on September 14 in Wildwood when three levels of decking collapsed on top of one another, injuring 22 people including three children. All of the injured were taken to hospitals for treatment. While none of the injuries were life threatening, the accident was still serious enough to leave victims struggling to recover.

Already, laws and restrictions as well as building codes are being looked into to determine exactly what happened as well as what... full post

What You Need To Know About A Personal Injury Case Going To Trial

What You Need To Know About A Personal Injury Case Going To TrialWhen you’re hurt in an accident, it’s not always easy to make a full recovery. This may not be entirely due to your physical health, either – often, the financial damage is just as serious as the physical. Because of this, filing a personal injury lawsuit is often required for those who are seeking compensation.

Under Florida law, those who are hurt by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else will have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit to get what they’re owed. While many may decide to try to simply file an insurance claim, this isn’t always effective and many insurance companies will fight to avoid paying out a dollar more than they need to.

One of the biggest questions from those who are hurt is whether or not their case will end up having to go to trial. There’s no way to know for sure, but there are several factors to keep in mind here.

• When you’re trying to pursue compensation on your own, the odds are against you from the beginning. The reason comes... full post

What To Do After A Slip And Fall Injury

What To Do After A Slip And Fall InjuryOf all the various injuries that you can suffer, some of the most frustrating are property related injuries like slip and fall accidents. This is because you’ll often struggle more to prove fault and get compensation than in a case involving auto accidents. While the laws are similar, proving fault and getting what you’re owed will require all of the skills and guidance of a professional slip and fall lawyer.

Knowing just what to do and what to expect after a slip and fall accident is important as well, and can have a big impact on how your case ends up progressing and ending.

The Big Challenge Of Slip And Fall Cases

The biggest challenge with slip and fall cases comes from proving recklessness and negligence in the case. Under Florida law, those seeking compensation for their injuries must be able to show that the other side acted in a reckless or negligent manner and that those actions were the cause of the accident – and the injuries sustained therein.

In an auto accident, factors like drunk driving or texting while driving are... full post

What Happens When A Car's Brakes Fail?

What Happens When A Car's Brakes Fail?There are numerous ways in which automobile accidents can occur. For example, an individual could be playing on his or her phone, not paying attention to the roadway, only to swerve into another lane side-swiping another vehicle. Drivers also partake in other distracting acts such as eating, applying makeup, or even reading while behind the wheel. These activities might lead to the running of stop signs or red lights. As such, these operators might find themselves mixed up in a T-bone or rear-end collision.

Then again, a driver and passengers could be playing around. Thus, keeping the motorist's attention off the road. In turn, they could slam into a parked car or a stationary object. However, sometimes, persons inside the vehicle are not to blame for the incident at all. Instead, a defective or malfunctioning part causes the crash. So, why should an individual have to be responsible for paying medical and other expenses associated with the event?

The short answer is, they shouldn't. Rather, when a manufacturer is at fault for injuries sustained in a collision, the individual needs to... full post

Uber Eats Accident Highlights Dangers Of Distracted Driving

Uber Eats Accident Highlights Dangers Of Distracted Driving It’s no big secret that Americans are addicted to their phones. After all, just take a quick glance around any public place and you’ll likely see dozens who are staring at their screens. While there’s nothing really wrong with that on its own, it can become a problem when drivers begin to look away from the road and at their screens. And a recent accident involving an Uber Eats driver raises more concerns about technology and how it impacts our safety on the road.

A Growing Problem

First, it’s worth understanding the basics of distracted driving itself. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 3,100 people are killed each year on average due to distracted driving.

It has become a problem so severe that it is now considered just as big a risk as drunk driving, and causes just as many accidents.

Distracted driving can mean anything:

• Texting while driving
• Using social media while driving
• Making a phone call while driving
• Changing radio stations
• Eating while driving
• And more

Of course, it’s primarily thought of as a cell-phone specific issue due to the fact that phones are the... full post

Trial Or Settlement When It Comes To Your Injury Case?

Trial or Settlement When it Comes To Your Injury Case? When you’re hurt in an accident, it can quickly throw your life into turmoil. Injuries can quickly leave you struggling to make a physical recovery, and your finances can take a server hit as well. Because of this, most will need to turn to a personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit and get the help that they need.

If you’re hurt in an accident that was caused by the recklessness or negligence of someone else, Florida law allows you to seek financial compensation for those injuries by filing a lawsuit or an insurance claim – depending on the situation.

But when you begin filing your personal injury lawsuit, one of the first things that you’ll encounter is whether or not your case will end up going to trial or will be settled out of court. In many instances, settlements will be the preferred outcome. But, it’s important to note some factors that can play a role here.


A settlement is just what it sounds like – you and the other side agree to a sum that is awarded to... full post

Things To Know About Pedestrian Accidents In Florida

Things To Know About Pedestrian Accidents In FloridaPeople go for walks all across the country. They utilize their feet to travel to work, school, and countless other places. Even right here in Florida, more and more folks are changing their lifestyles and walking from here to there. Who can blame them? Gas prices are high, and filling up can cause anyone to cringe. Then again, green movements are everywhere, and a lot of people are choosing to walk to do their part for the environment.

Plus, Sunshine State residents usually have exceptional weather year-round. As such, they can go for a jog, brisk walk, or run to exercise and stay in shape. Not to mention, the area is a tourist hot spot. That means people are out and about at all times of the day and night. They are walking to amusement parks, beaches, and more. Of course, there are also plenty of cars on the roadways. A report from Statista says that 7,407,238 licensed male drivers and 7,669,120 female drivers in Florida as of 2017.

As such, pedestrians and motorists have to remain aware of their surroundings. If they fail to... full post

Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury

Steps To Take After A Workplace Injury Even if you’re as careful as possible on the job, workplace injuries do occur. Florida is home to plenty of industries, commercial enterprises, and more and each of them has its own risks – some more serious than others.

No matter what your job is, if you’re hurt on the job you’ll be required by your employer to fill out paperwork detailing exactly what happened and how you can recover from it. But, it’s important to remember that you can also focus on yourself. A worker’s compensation claim is there to provide you with restitution for time missed at work and for your medical costs so you aren’t impacted financially by the incident.

What You Need To Do After Being Hurt On The Job

There are a few key things you’ll have to do in order to ensure that your claim is considered and that it is valid. Here’s what to do if you’re hurt on the job site in any way.

• Tell Your Employer – whether it’s a minor repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel or a serious injury caused by machinery, you must... full post