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Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Injuries If The Accident Was My Fault?

Will Workers’ Compensation Cover My Injuries If The Accident Was My Fault?Workers’ compensation is a system designed to protect both employees after they’ve been injured as part of their normal job duties and employers from costly personal injury cases. However, in the state of Florida, workers’ compensation laws are very complex. So filing a claim isn’t always straightforward. Insurance companies, attorneys, and courts look at the specific circumstances of the accident and try to apply the law as best fits before determining benefits. There are certain circumstances where this can be really complicated, such as when the accident was your fault.

No Fault Workers’ Compensation In Florida

Fortunately, in the state of Florida, workers’ compensation is on a no fault system. Workers who file for workers’ compensation do not need to prove fault. So if the accident was your fault, it does not matter. The law understands that people can sometimes make mistakes that can lead to injuries. For example, if you forgot to put your machinery in park and you were subsequently hit by it.

Exceptions To Florida’s No Fault Rules

Even though Florida uses a no fault system, there are some... full post

Who Is To Blame For A Parking Lot Accident?

Who Is To Blame For A Parking Lot Accident?One of the tasks most people dread is going to the grocery store, especially on weekends. We all know people are supposed to drive slowly in a parking lot, but not everyone does and serious accidents occur. Many people are driving distracted. Most are in a rush and trying to get in and out as quickly as possible. All of these circumstances can not only lead to car on car accidents, but also shopping carts, pedestrians, and barriers can be hit. On the plus side, auto accidents in parking lots are usually not so serious because of the slower speeds, but determining who had the right away can be complicated. Here are some tips to help you determine who is at fault.

Right Of Way Rules In Parking Lots

Your typical parking lots have multiple lanes and the cars are parked on both sides. The following are several examples of common parking lot accidents and who is responsible:

● Rear End Collision: You stop at the end of the parking lane or stop for a pedestrian crossing and you get hit from behind. It... full post

When Is The Right Time To Hire A Lawyer After An Accident?

When Is The Right Time To Hire A Lawyer After An Accident?There can be a lot of chaos and confusion after an accident. It’s never something you plan, after all, and both you and several other people may be seriously injured and have to deal with significant property damage. Then again, maybe someone rammed into your parked car and very courteously handed over their insurance information before leaving.

You don’t always need a personal injury lawyer to handle your case after a car accident or some other form of personal injury, and it’s true enough that hiring one means you won’t get the full value of your claim or settlement. However, a partial settlement negotiated with a professional lawyer can often be much bigger than a full settlement negotiated without one. If you run into any of the following issues or conditions, you should see a personal injury lawyer for at least an initial consultation.

There Are Many Parties Involved

If an accident involves just you and one other person, it usually isn’t that hard to figure out who’s responsible and which person’s insurance should pay for what.... full post

What Happens If Someone Gets Into An Accident While Driving My Car?

What Happens If Someone Gets Into An Accident While Driving My Car?Many of us have not thought twice about loaning their car out to a trusted friend or a family member. Your sister may need a bigger car for a special event or a good friend’s car is in the shop, you loan them yours. The majority of the time this is not a problem and your car is promptly returned when no longer needed. But what if an accident occurs to the car you loaned out? Who’s insurance pays?

Car Insurance Covers The Car

The popular belief with auto insurance is that the driver, not the car is insured. It is actually the reverse. As long as you have coverage it will follow your car. Your insurance is the primary coverage that will apply if the driver who borrowed your car has an accident. The person who is driving will act as a secondary insurance if your coverage is not enough. That is unless you know the person you loaned the car to is incompetent or negligent before driving off in the vehicle.

How You Could Be Held Liable

Some examples of... full post

Understand Right Of Way Before You Go Boating

Understand Right Of Way Before You Go BoatingThe right of way and passing side is relatively easy to understand when you’re driving a land vehicle. Yellow and white lines mark off the different lanes and traffic directions, and depending on whether they’re solid or not you know when it’s okay to pass. Road lines don’t stop accidents from happening altogether, but they make accidents much less likely.

Unfortunately, when you’re on the water you don’t get a strip of pavement that shows you where to go or lines that mark what part of the road to stay on. Quays and marinas are clear enough about where you’re allowed to be and which ways to go, but when you’re out on the open water of Florida, whether it’s on the Atlantic Ocean, in one of the barrier island lagoons, or on a freshwater lake, it’s not always easy to tell what angle you’re meeting another boat at or which boat has the right of way. Fortunately, there are clear rules that dictate who gives way in every situation.

Head On

When two vessels face each other, both have an obligation to be... full post

The Sode Case And The Limits On Discovery

The Sode Case And The Limits On DiscoveryDiscovery is an essential process in any legal case. During the discovery period, both plaintiffs and defendants have the right to investigate the incident in question and learn about the evidence, witnesses, and experts that the other side lines up to present their case. This is to make sure neither side gets ambushed during the trial by evidence they aren’t prepared for. After all, it can be hard to explain something suspicious when you’re on the spot, even if you have a good explanation.

Another reason why thorough discovery is important is because it encourages both sides to settle. When both sides know all the facts of a case, it’s often easy to see who has the better argument. That’s why it’s rare for a case to go to trial unless one side is being especially stubborn or the case is genuinely ambiguous.

Discovery’s Limits

Discovery is supposed to be thorough because it’s hard to know what’s relevant until you have all the information. However, you aren’t allowed to ask for everything. People have a right to privacy, so (for instance)... full post

Stay Alert And Stay Safe On Your Family Vacation

Stay Alert And Stay Safe On Your Family VacationFlorida is a popular state for tourists and vacationers throughout the summer. The sunny beaches, warm climate, lively nightlife, and massive amusement parks draw in visitors from across the United States and beyond. Many of these visitors drive down from their home states, but because Florida is full of swamps, lakes, and wetlands they only have so many highways they can drive down. Florida is already a densely populated state, so when summer comes the highways can become dangerously congested.

That’s why it’s so important to stay alert and avoid driving while distracted, drowsy, or under the influence. Whether you come to the state in a family SUV or you rent a fast coupe after flying in, the highways and streets of Florida are dangerous enough without adding to your risk levels. Keep these important pointers in mind before you climb behind the wheel.

Delegate Your Kid Wrangling

Young children can be a real handful on a long road trip, especially if you don’t have enough distractions on hand to keep them busy. They also don’t always realize that you need... full post

Protecting Senior Drivers In Florida

Protecting Senior Drivers In FloridaFlorida is known for being a great place to retire. That means that there are many seniors on the road. However, as people age, they are not always capable of doing the same things they could do before. Health issues can affect driving abilities. Decreased vision or hearing as well as decreased mobility due to osteoporosis can impact the ability to safely operate a vehicle. As many seniors are able to continue to drive safely, it may be difficult to tell when a senior should stop driving. A good way to tell is if you notice your elderly relative is having near-misses or fender benders.A physician can also help decide if an elderly patient can no longer operate a vehicle safely, it is well for the senior to listen to that input.

Five Tips For Senior Driving Safety

Many seniors can prolong the time they can be on the road by following these simple tips:

• Stay Physically Active: Daily activities such as walking, stretching and strength training are great choices for seniors. These activities improve strength and flexibility making it easier to look around, back up the car and turn the... full post