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The Same Old Airbag Issues Could Leave You In Need Of An Attorney This Year

 The Same Old Airbag Issues Could Leave You In Need Of An Attorney This YearAirbags are safety devices that inflate upon impact to prevent a person's head from hitting the steering wheel or dash. Nobody ever really thinks about the equipment until it is needed, but when a failure occurs the consequences can be drastic. Substantial amounts of vehicles have been recalled over the past decade or so due to the canisters exploding and causing injuries. The fragmented pieces leave behind punctures, lacerations, and sometimes they even result in loss of life. Seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, and countless other items are supposed to keep vehicle operators and passengers safe. However, when a malfunction or defect is present, these devices tend to cause more harm than good.

Pay Particular Attention To This Recall Notice If You Are A Volkswagen Owner

Volkswagen Group of America began issuing recalls in February on a potential 97,440 affected units. This number is massive, so the probability of one or more of them being located in Florida is high. The excessive internal pressure in the driver's frontal airbag may cause the inflator to explode upon impact.... full post

Brian O Sutter
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The Q & A On Personal Injuries

The Q & A On Personal Injuries When you or someone you love is injured in an auto accident, a slip and fall incident, or any event that was the result of someone else’s negligence, it seems personal. Though all injuries are unfortunate, those that could have easily been avoided seem to hurt the worst.

A Long Way From Normal

Many of those involved in an accident of any type just want to get everything taken care of so they can go back to “normal.” Some motor vehicle accidents, however, take away everything that once was normal and leave you with a new way of life. From the destruction of a vehicle to the destruction of a body, life after an accident is rife with changes.

After an auto accident, there are many questions that people ask themselves: Why did this happen? What went wrong? How will I continue? And though questions of that magnitude might be difficult to answer individually, there are a host of other important questions that might be easier to explain.

Q: Can I hold the other party responsible for injuries I sustained in the accident?

A: Florida is a... full post

Taking The First Steps Toward Worker’s Compensation

Taking The First Steps Toward Worker’s CompensationGetting hurt at work is more common than you might think. Though some workplace environments are more conducive to obtaining an injury than others, even an office building can hold hidden dangers. When walking through the door in the morning, no one expects that they might go out on a stretcher or in a wheelchair by the afternoon.

Worker’s Compensation Coverage

Worker’s compensation is paid out by employers at no cost to employees. It’s there to cover employees who become hurt or sick at work as the result of an injury while preforming their job duties. Worker’s compensation will pay out a certain amount of money to the employee based on the injury, and is mainly used to cover the bills that accrue as a result of necessary medical treatment and care. Some of these common necessary treatments may include:

• Doctor visits
• Surgery
• In-home care
• Hospital stays
• Dental care
• Prescriptions
• Braces or crutches
• Medical supplies ordered by your physician

Worker’s compensation coverage might also replace part of your lost wages should the doctor determine that you will need to be out of work for more than 7... full post

Seek The Help Of A Personal Injury Lawyer After Sustaining Burns From An Automobile

Seek The Help Of A Personal Injury Lawyer After Sustaining Burns From An AutomobileCars, motorcycles, boats, and the majority of machinery in this world require gas to operate. They are necessary pieces of equipment for helping us get from here to there, deliver goods, or provide services. Operators expect these vehicles to be safe, and most of the time they are, but in the blink of an eye these transportation methods can become dangerous. Tires can blowout causing the driver to swerve, and the action often results in a crash. Transmissions and engines that fail leave people stranded in middle lanes of the freeway, which might lead to the disabled car getting rear-ended. A windshield wiper motor can malfunction causing the essential components not to work correctly. The possibilities of things that can go wrong are endless, but just because they can happen does not mean they will. Don't be afraid of using your automobile, and instead, keep it well-maintained to help our Florida roads stay a little safer.

A Recall With A Potential 10,073 Affected Units

As most of society knows, anything human-made can break in the blink of an eye, even... full post

Reasons To Employ A Car Crash Lawyer

 Reasons To Employ A Car Crash Lawyer Anyone that has ever been involved in an automotive accident knows that the experience is quite overwhelming. Shattered windshields can leave lacerations on the face, arms, or on other areas of the body. Broken bones are painful results from the twisted metal caused by the impact, which might lead to partial or full paralysis. Vehicles without airbags, cars with faulty seatbelts, and automobiles with safety devices that do not operate properly allow drivers and passengers to hit their heads. These types of actions tend to produce traumatic brain injuries. The jolting back and forth motions generate spinal injuries and whiplash. Not everyone has an electric car, and most motors utilize gasoline, oil, or other flammable substances. Whenever these items enter the equation, there is always an increased risk of sustaining burns. On other occasions, the consequences of an accident are deadly, and wrongful deaths become a reality. As you can see, the possibilities are endless as to the types of injuries that a person can obtain when they are involved in a collision. Keep your head on a swivel and remain... full post

Picking Up The Pieces After The Death Of A Loved One

When someone you love has been taken away as a result of an unexpected accident, you’ll likely experience a flurry of emotions. The deepest levels of hurt can only be matched by the deepest levels of anger toward the negligence of the party that caused the death. Recovery from such a loss might be difficult and take time, but if you believe that another party is at fault in the death of your loved one, you might be able to file a wrongful death claim against them.

Who Can Bring About A Wrongful Death Suit

Under Florida law, when a person’s death is caused by the wrongful act, negligence, default, or breach of contract of another person, the deceased person’s estate can bring about a civil lawsuit to seek losses. The individuals who can bring about a wrongful death claim include those who are related to the deceased as a:

• Spouse
• Child
• Parent
• Dependent blood relative
• Child born out of wedlock of the mother; also of the father if it is established that the father assumed responsibility and support for the child.

The claim must be filed by a personal representative of the estate, typically named in the estate plan or... full post

Let An Attorney Help You Obtain Compensation Needed For Recovery After A Motorcycle Accident

Let An Attorney Help You Obtain Compensation Needed For Recovery After A Motorcycle AccidentMotorcycle operators face various obstacles while riding the two-wheeler. Some models have windshields installed, but others don't, and a bug can come flying towards a driver at what seems like the speed of light. Helmets are essential pieces of safety equipment, but many units do not come equipped with visors. Taking a flying insect to the eye can cause drivers to lose control and crash. Debris or obstacles on the road are also hazardous. However, due to the sense of freedom that bikes provide, most riders are more than happy to take on these risks. Florida offers pristine conditions for riding and letting the wind whip through your hair. Many other drivers are on the roadways too though, and a leisurely ride could turn into a nightmare quickly.

Motorcycles don't provide users with the protection that most cars do. There are no airbags, seatbelts, or even doors and walls for protection. Therefore, when a motorcycle accident occurs, the consequences are often drastic. Damages include things like...

• Road Rash
• Broken Bones Or Loss Of Limbs
• Partial Or Full Paralysis
• Death
•... full post

Know Where To Turn For Assistance When Filing A Social Security Disability Claim

Know Where To Turn For Assistance When Filing A Social Security Disability ClaimQualifying for Social Security Disability is challenging to say the very least. The United States program is run by the Social Security Administration, and it provides cash support to people with physical or mental disorders. It eases the burden on folks that can't work because of the conditions, and while the amount is typically smaller than the money received from working a full-time job, it helps the individual to pay bills and buy food. One of the most prominent reasons for failing to qualify is mistakes made on the application. Legal jargon, fine printing, and required supporting documents make the process seem incredibly complex. Forgetting to fill in blanks and putting down wrong information are common issues that bring the process to a screeching halt.

The Social Security Disability application method is lengthy, challenging, and it can seem nearly impossible to complete. Our attorney has been practicing law since 1983, which has given him necessary knowledge to effectively help clients. Don't put your approval in the hands of fate. Instead, give the office a... full post