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Do You Need Help With Social Security?

Do You need Help With Social Security?The United States is a nation that has been built on trying to be as fair to everyone as possible. This is a country that makes a straight up “deal” with its citizens, where the work you put in, the persistence you hold to the pursuit of a dream, and the rewards you claim at the end are all possible with enough effort. But this is also a nation that recognizes that sometimes unfair things will happen to people through no fault of their own. In many cases, we have measures in place to help people to overcome these hardships that they encounter.

One of the ways the US government does this is through something called social security. It’s set up by the government with the best of intentions, but, as with anything in life, sometimes practice and theory don’t line up. You may feel you deserve the assistance of social security, and you may very well be right. But the people that decide these things may not agree. How does this happen? What can you do about it? Let’s take a look at the basics... full post

Gun Ownership Is Constitutionally Protected. Gun Carelessness Is Not

Gun Ownership Is Constitutionally Protected. Gun Carelessness Is NotOne of the things that make the USA such a unique and blessed country is that it is written right into our Constitution that every citizen has the right to bear arms. This means that whether an American wants to go hunting, or simply wants the security of knowing that a family has maximum protection in the home, a firearm is available to be used. In Florida, residents are even allowed to carry their guns on their person, concealed, provided that they have sought legal permission do to so.

However, with any great power comes great responsibility. When an American chooses to purchase and keep or carry a firearm, this means that the weapon must be respected, and all laws regarding the use must be obeyed. There are many reasons for this, and while the misuse or careless use of a gun is against the law, perhaps more important is that the improper use of a gun can lead to injury or even death. And if that happens, the law holds the owner of the gun legally responsible for the consequences that come after.

A... full post

Should Parents Be Accountable For The Acts Of A Child?

Should Parents Be Accountable For The Acts Of A Child?In July of this year, a sad case took a dramatic turn of events as one set of parents went to court against another family for wrongful death. In this case, two 14 year old teenagers went missing and now one family is blaming the other, and taking a definitive stance by going to court, suing for negligence and wrongful death.

What happened? How did it come to this?

A Trip Gone Wrong

This court case stems from an incident that took place two years ago, at the town of Jupiter Inlet, in the Palm Beach area. In July of 2015, 14 year old Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos left Jupiter Inlet alone and unsupervised on an 18’ craft headed for some pleasure cruising on the ocean. They never returned. A search was conducted for the teens and the boat they had left in, but while the boat itself was eventually found and recovered, the two teenage boys were never found.

Now, two years, later, Pamela Cohen, the mother of Perry is part of a lawsuit for negligence and wrongful death that is focused... full post

A Dash Camera Is An Important Piece Of Evidence

A Dash Camera Is An Important Piece Of EvidenceIf you ever find yourself in a serious automobile accident where there are major injuries and the responsibility for the mishap is on the other driver, you will want justice. Why should you or your medical insurance company have to pay for the medical treatment of yourself or your friends and/or loved ones in the vehicle if someone else was to blame? That’s not fair, and if it’s not fair, you should make sure you get the proper legal outcome, with a car crash lawyer that is specialized in helping people resolve their auto accident cases.

However, because this is a legal case that goes to trial in court, this doesn’t mean that you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that there’s a 100% chance the outcome will be in your favor. A trial means a jury, and a jury means you and your car crash lawyer have to prove your case, make sound arguments, and provide convincing evidence that you are owed compensation for an accident that you did not cause. If you can’t do these things, a jury has no... full post

Don’t Take Your Time With A Court Case

Don’t Take Your Time With A Court CaseOne the great truisms that most of us are taught as we grow up is “patience is a virtue.” In practice, it simply means that sometimes, in order to get good results or achieve a goal we are pursuing, trying to rush things is often not the best way to go about it. In most cases in life, especially for a long-term goal, such as a career, a relationship, or raising a family, this is definitely good advice to follow.

But not everything in life benefits from this, and that’s when the other truism, “Those who hesitate are lost” might be the more relevant saying to follow. One of those instances where waiting can hurt you, not help you, is if you are injured, and someone else is responsible.

The Statute Of Limitations

One thing that people need to keep in view when being injured by someone else is that the clock is “ticking” down to when you can no longer go to court to hold the responsible party accountable. For example, in Florida, the statute of limitations if you decide to get a car crash lawyer... full post

Poor Gun Storage Is A Premises Liability Case Waiting To Happen

Poor Gun Storage Is A Premises Liability Case Waiting To HappenWhile it is the constitutional right of any American to own a firearm for survival or defensive purposes, this brings with it an extra set of responsibilities. A gun, after all, is a weapon that is designed to injure or kill a target, and anyone that does not respect this power is subject to punishment by the law. This legal punishment doesn’t just extend to the incorrect use of a gun, it also applies to incorrect storage.

It means that if you have an accident in your home involving a gun, and it is discovered that this is because children have gotten hold of the weapon and used it on each other, even if you weren’t present, and didn’t fire the gun yourself, the law holds you responsible. If you want to avoid taking on that kind of harsh, legal responsibility, you need to be responsible with how you store your firearms.

Easily Accessible Is Too Accessible

Sadly, one of the most common stories in gun mishaps involving children is a combination of laziness and underestimation on the part of a parent. The... full post

Survival Action & Wrongful Death

Survival Action & Wrongful DeathOne of the worst things that can happen to any family or group is losing a loved one through a senseless accident that could have easily been prevented. When someone else’s negligence, carelessness or sheer recklessness takes someone away, even if it is accidental—or perhaps especially if it is accidental—there should be consequences. No one should be responsible for causing the death of another person and simply be allowed to walk away and resume his or her life than the lives of others have been irreparably altered due to this loss.

This is where an accident lawyer helping with a case, such as wrongful death can make a big difference. But not all situations are as simple as the tragedy of a loss of a life. Things do not always play out as a binary scenario of a person either surviving or not surviving an accident. And that’s when things can get complicated, which is why we’re going to look one of the more complex and upsetting legal situations, the survival action, and how it compares to wrongful death.

Delayed Reaction

There may be some cases where a terrible... full post

A Truck Accident Is Not Like A Car Accident

A Truck Accident Is Not Like A Car AccidentWe have experienced car crash lawyers that can help our clients when they get involved in accidents, but we’d like to point that while all car accidents will usually involve an impact with something at some point in the accident, that’s where similarities end with other accidents. There’s a huge difference between car accidents and truck accidents and that is why when you talk to a car crash lawyer at our firm, you’ll be able to deal with someone that specializes in trucking accidents. Here’s why.

Physics Is Not In Your Favor

A typical automobile will weigh about 3000 lbs. Depending on the type of cargo a large truck is hauling, it may weigh up to 80,000. In a collision between these two vehicles moving at the same speed, the sheer mass, and energy of a truck in motion is going to win in a confrontation between these two vehicles every single time.

This means that, tragically, in a car versus truck confrontation, even for people that are seat-belted and have protection from airbags, there is still a much higher chance of severe injury for... full post