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Do I Really Need A Social Security Disability Attorney For My Claim In Punta Gorda?

Those in the Punta Gorda area applying for social security disability for the first time will learn one thing very quickly – it is a difficult and time-consuming process. As a matter of fact, as many as 65% of applications for social security disability are denied the first time, leading these individuals to face the appeals process in order to get the financial support they need. While a social security disability insurance attorney isn’t a requirement, it’s a smart idea if you want your best chance at a successful claim.

Most individuals applying for social security disability will take on the initial application process on their own. Believing that they’ve collected enough evidence, that they’ve filled out all forms correctly, and that they have a solid case, they’re often blindsided when they learn their initial application has been denied. It only then does they seek out the assistance of a social security disability attorney to figure out where it all went wrong and to make sure their appeals process has better luck at being successful.

Individuals who face an initial application denial are often left wondering if the help of an attorney could have helped them to avoid the appeals process altogether. Afterall, a skilled and knowledgeable disability insurance attorney in Punta Gorda can help them along in the evidence collection process, the filling out of the application, and learning the ins and outs of what conditions are likely to be approved for social security disability in the first place.

What Happens During Appeals?

The appeals process can be a daunting one and one that many will not want to take on alone. While most legitimate social security disability claims are approved in appeals when an initial application is denied, it’s not done without a fight. The appeals process may involve hearing proceedings and reconsideration, and your social security disability attorney can represent you in these steps. Your attorney can communicate with your medical team, collect all of the proper evidence to back up your case, and present this evidence in front of a court to provide social security with a clear picture of your condition and your need.

Social Security Disability Is A Necessity

The average processing time for an initial disability claim is around 103 days according to the Social Security Administration. That’s 103 days without being able to collect a paycheck, 103 days of mounting medical bills, and 103 days of putting your life on hold. Add in the appeals process and the experience takes even longer. Those suffering injuries or illnesses that render them disabled, as well as their families, don’t always have an unlimited time to sit and wait. A social security disability insurance attorney can help you to limit this wait time, so you get the financial support you need when you need it the most. Even during the initial filing, you can rest assured you’re taking all necessary steps and taking them correctly.

A Social Security Attorney Is Worth It

While speaking with a social security disability attorney is another step in the process, it’s one that pays off quite unlike any other. Obtaining approval for social security disability is a complicated, complex, and arduous process, and one that leaves plenty of room for mistakes along the way. If you’re facing a battle obtaining social security disability payments, we can help. Contact us today to see what our team of professionals can do for you and your claim.

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