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SW Florida Tesla Owners Should Be Cautious - Continuing ADAS and Brake Issues

For residents of Southwest Florida, the promise of a sleek-looking vehicle that consumed no gasoline finally came true when the premium Tesla electric automobiles finally rolled off the assembly line. These vehicles don’t just look futuristic; they even have high-tech features, such as the Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS.

However, beneath the sheen of this premium vehicle is a potential problem that is being recognized not just in the United States but worldwide, as Tesla owners find that their investment in a plug-in vehicle may also put them at risk.

Deadly Sudden Acceleration Incident

In early November, a Tesla owner in the Chinese city of Chaozhou attempted to park his car in front of his store when the vehicle experienced a severe malfunction. The car suddenly accelerated out of its parking position and sped through a two-lane road, colliding with cyclists and other vehicles before finally coming to a crash. In the end, two people died, and three were injured. The driver claims he was trying to use both the brake and parking brake but neither part functioned, while the Tesla company claims the car’s computer logs indicate the brake was never pressed during the entire incident.

However, other owners have expressed similar claims about defective brakes, including a confrontation at last year’s China Autoshow where an unhappy owner was vocal in front of the automotive press, claiming that Tesla brakes don’t work.

American Concerns

It’s not just owners in other countries that have had issues with Tesla cars. In the United States, there are angry Tesla owners who are vocal and critical about defective brake issues with Tesla electric vehicles. In Florida, in 2016, a Jacksonville driver became the world’s first Tesla victim while using the auto-driving system of his car. It was an overcast day, with a cloudy sky, and the Tesla’s detection systems failed to discern a white tractor-trailer ahead of the car itself since it matched the white sky, thus driving the car with its driver straight into the trailer.

Since then, there have been other accidents with Teslas and tractor-trailers in Florida, even as recently as this year. In July, in the Gainsville area, a California couple driving a Tesla exited the highway. For reasons still being investigated, their car ran straight into a parked tractor-trailer at a Walmart, and the couple did not survive.

Investigations Ongoing

Because of the incidents involving Teslas in Florida and throughout the United States, legal action is now being taken by concerned owners. In August, a class action lawsuit was enacted against Tesla, citing that the ADAS was not ready for public usage. Tesla has knowingly ignored this risk to Tesla customers, other vehicles, and pedestrians on the road.

Jose Alvarez Toledo, the plaintiff that has filed the class action lawsuit, claims that his own Tesla driving experience has resulted in at least two unprovoked, unexpected braking events while using the ADAS system. In addition to the lawsuit, multiple investigations are being conducted in different states, including Florida, looking into accidents involving Tesla vehicles, usually centering around inexplicable driving actions such as braking or accelerating for no sensible reason on the road.

Sarasota Owners Take Note

The Tesla is a premium product with pricing to match, so owning one requires a bit of financial investment. However, the ability to get off gasoline is a compelling reason to get one, but people should expect premium performance for a premium price.

If you’re a Tesla owner in Southwest Florida, and you’ve had issues with your car that have put you at risk of injury, or even death, don’t just accept it as a random accident. Talk to a personal injury attorney to see whether you can become a part of the growing trend in holding Tesla accountable for their actions with this vehicle.

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