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Why Was My Workers' Comp Claim Denied?

No employee wants to get hurt at work in the Port Charlotte area, but accidents do happen. In some instances, it’s bad enough to suffer an injury at work but insult is added to injury when your worker’s compensation claim is unexpectedly declined. There are a number of reasons why your workers' compensation claim may be denied, and a few avenues you can take to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. A few of the most common reasons why a worker’s comp claim may be denied in Port Charlotte are:

The insurance provider is being difficultIt’s always important to remember that insurance providers are businesses first, and this means they’re always looking after their bottom line. Sometimes an insurance provider providing worker’s compensation insurance may be difficult in trying to deny your claim hoping that you’ll take the denial at face value. If your case is sound, your worker’s compensation attorney in Port Charlotte can help you to appeal the denial and have your claim approved.

Mistakes were made in filing the claim Sometimes mistakes can be made in filing your claim, or key details can fall through the cracks leading to a denial. With your worker’s compensation attorney, you can have your case reviewed for anything that may have been missed or entered incorrectly in order to fix your claim.

You didn’t see an insurance-approved doctorEven if you were immediately evaluated by your own physician, you’ll also need to see a doctor from the list of approved physicians by the worker’s compensation insurance provider. If you fail to be checked by an approved physician you will likely be denied your worker’s compensation benefits. There may be avenues to take to rectify the situation, but you will need to navigate this issue alongside a skilled worker’s compensation attorney.

There were no witnesses to your injury – It helps if your injury was witnessed by a co-worker, manager, or even a surveillance camera to prove that the accident was innocent and that it happened at work. If there were no witnesses to your accident, this may open up a tricky situation. If you know that there was no one to witness your accident, you should seek medical attention immediately and file a report as soon as possible.

Your injury did not take place on the property If you are taking a lunch break from the office, you get into your car, and you drive to your favorite restaurant a few blocks down the road only to get into a car accident, this is not considered a worker’s compensation injury. While you were there during your workday, you were not on the property or actively working at the time so your claim will likely be denied.

Your injury was caused by roughhousing or horseplay If you’re having a little downtime at the workplace and you get injured while joking around, roughhousing, or playing a joke, this likely won’t be eligible for worker’s compensation benefits. Worker’s compensation benefits are only offered to employees injured while safely and responsibly taking part in work-related activities.

Representation To Give You The Best Odds

Workers' compensation claims can get challenging, and instead of allowing your claim to fail, seeking the help of a trusted workers' compensation attorney can give you the very best odds at a successful outcome. If you’ve been injured at work, see what our team can do for you at today.

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