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Going Beyond Workers' Compensation

We all work hard every day. Some professions are inherently more dangerous than others, and the opportunity for getting injured on the job is a daily occurrence. Should an injury happen while on the job most people will immediately and correctly consider their options of obtaining financial support from their workers compensation insurance.

However in several circumstances you may be able to also seek additional restitution outside of workers compensation. Those circumstances are:

You were injured because your employer caused your injury
You were Harmed By A toxic Substance
A third party caused your injury while you were on the clock
Your employer did not have insurance
You were injured by a defective product

Toxic substances are a major reason a lawsuit can be filed outside of workers' compensation. Often referred to a toxic torts, examples of this kind of law suit are law suits for substances manufactures deemed safe that later became known as highly toxic, such as asbestos or lead paint.

Being injured on the job by a third party is yet another situation where you could pursue a claim outside of workers' compensation. A common example of this is an employee of a company is making a delivery or pickup at a vendors business. While they were at the vendor's business an overloaded shelf collapses causing injury. This would allow for a premises liability case against the vendor as well as workers compensation because you were injured while on the job.

The reasons for special circumstance are many, but in each case you will need an experienced1 personal injury attorney to build your case and get the financial compensation you need to get back on your feet.

Attorney Brian O. Sutter is an experienced workers' compensation attorney and effective at personal injury representation. Serving southwest Florida for more than 30 years All Injuries Law Firm can represent your interests against the powerful insurance companies. Contact us today for your free consultation.