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Use These Tips To Help Your Punta Gorda Home Withstand Storms

Obviously, it depends on what part of Florida a hurricane hits, but Punta Gorda is often in the cross-hairs of many storms. And when your home is found there, that can put it in harm's way. After all, it doesn't really matter where your house is located. It could be on Carmalita St., Burgland St., or somewhere else. Regardless of where it is, if a hurricane come through the area, nowhere is safe.

Of course, people can get injured or lose their lives in the events. However, those are not the things we're focusing on today. Instead, this post is looking closely at the topic of property damage, or how to prevent it rather. Unfortunately, there's no surefire way to stop all wind and water damage in its tracks. However, that doesn't mean Punta Gorda homeowners shouldn't take precautions and try to protect their homes. So, use these tips to help you do just that the next time a storm blows through. After all, the best way to avoid a storm claim is to not have damage in the first place.

Have Your Roof Inspected Regularly

If a storm is expected to cross paths with Punta Gorda, things are going to be chaotic, and you're going to have plenty happening, to say the very least. Therefore, ensure roof leaks aren't added to the equation by having your roof inspected regularly. Research says these inspections should occur twice per year. The assessments allow roofers to catch and fix problems while they're small. 

However, seasonal inspections alone may not be enough. It is also suggested that people have their roofs inspected after significant weather events. Punta Gorda residents may not have to worry about a whole lot of snow and ice, but they do experience hail, rain, and wind regularly. Hence, make sure your roof is up to the task of keeping you and yours dry by getting it inspected by a professional. 

Stock Up On Sandbags

Flooding is something that often stays out of sight and out of mind. In other words, people don't necessarily think about it until it's forecasted to happen. Then, they run out at the last moment to purchase sandbags. They don't always find them, though, because businesses sell out of the products in a hurry when news stations begin predicting flooding.

Therefore, why not begin stocking up on these essentials today? Place them in storage and gain peace of mind knowing they're there. Can't find sandbags available in local Punta Gorda stores? No problem. Order the products from Amazon or another online retailer and get them delivered right to your door. Stack the bags whenever the time arises to keep floodwaters where they belong, on the outside of your house.

Clean The Yard

If a hurricane comes knocking, don't be surprised if you find yourself stressed out by trying to do what feels like a thousand things at once. You might even forget to tackle some tasks with all the chaos. However, one item you should make a point to check off your list is cleaning your yard. Failing to take care of this project could lead to broken windows, busted siding, etc. That's because if strong wind gusts pick up and toss, let's say, gardening tools or toys, they can crash through glass panes. 

Some Final Words

Has a hurricane or storm damaged your Punta Gorda home, and does the home insurance company refuse to pay? Or, are you on the verge of not getting your claim filed within the three-year time frame? If you answered yes to either of those questions, it's probably a good time to put a storm claims lawyer in your corner. Contact All Injuries Law Firm, P.A., to schedule a case review today. 

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