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We are heartbroken by the devastation caused by Hurricane Ian to our family, friends, and community. We give thanks to all first responders, linemen, and others. Through their tireless efforts we are slowly but surely recovering. If you have experienced damages and losses due to the storm, let us work to help you obtain the maximum recovery your homeowners insurance allows.

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Those who have suffered damage or losses to your southwest Florida home, business or property, you may need help to get the full benefit from the insurance that you paid for. All Injuries Law Firm is located in Port Charlotte and has helped clients across southwest Florida from Lee County to Sarasota County get the maximum amount for their hurricane and storm-related property damage claims.

Hurricane and Storm Damage Claim Lawyer Port Charlotte Florida

We Hold Insurance Companies To Thier Obligations

You paid hard-earned dollars to protect yourself from losses to your home or other property from water, storms, hurricanes, mold, and theft. You deserve the full value of the protection you purchased. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always see it that way. They will often attempt to pay as little as possible for your claim and losses.

We Get You The Maximum For Your Storm Damage Claim

Our firm has spent over 30 years fighting insurance companies across Southwest Florida to maximize the benefits to our clients. First, understand that the insurance adjuster is not your friend. The adjuster is the face of the insurance company, whose mission is often to resolve your claim for the least amount possible. Most adjusters have significant experience negotiating insurance claims. Over the years we have successfully negotiated with insurance adjusters in thousands of cases to the benefit of our clients. Allow us to use our negotiating experience to help you level the playing field.

When major storms strike Florida, damages can exceed hundreds of billions of dollars. Understand that insurance companies will be working tirelessly to minimize the impact of hurricanes, tornados, floods, fires, and other storm-related damages on their bottom line. Adjusters will be looking to save their company as much money by attempting to pay as little as possible for your losses. Sometimes, the adjuster may completely deny your claim. Many of our friends and neighbors have suffered damages and losses to homes, boats, and businesses. We are here to offer our years of experience doing battle with insurance companies and their adjusters across southwest Flordia including, Ft Myers, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Englewood, North Port, Venice, Arcadia, and beyond, to help you get the full benefits of your policy from your insurance carrier.

Hurricane Storm Damage Claim FAQs

Hurricane and Storm Damage Claim Lawyer Port Charlotte Florida

Is there a time limit to pursue my hurricane damage claim?

You are required to file a claim for your damages or losses with your insurance company within 3 years. You have 5 years to file a civil lawsuit against your insurance company in the event they deny or limit your claim.


What can All Injuries Law Firm do for me to help resolve my insurance dispute?

Our lawyers can examine your insurance policy to confirm your coverages in entitlement to reimbursement. We can assist in beginning to investigate and document your claim. We utilize a skilled team to investigate the totality of your loss and determine all of the benefits your insurance policy provides.

We know that dealing with insurance companies through their experienced and seasoned adjusters can be intimidating and sometimes even frightening. Insurance companies often hope that you simply give up. Our experience means that we are neither intimidated nor frightened by insurance companies. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to secure all the benefits due under the policy you paid for.


How does All Injuries Law Firm get paid for helping me?

We do not get paid unless you do. Our fees are a percentage of what we obtain for you. We never ask for fees up front or bill you for our services. In some instances, we may be able to make your insurance company be responsible for payment of our fees.


Now that I’ve suffered a loss, what do I need to do?

Hurricane and Storm Damage Claim Lawyer North Port Florida

First, you must provide notice of your loss to your insurance company as soon as possible. Second, most insurance policies require you to take reasonable steps to prevent additional damage to your property. In a word, DOCUMENT. Take pictures or videos of your damages. Continue to update your pictures/videos as you discover more damage. While temporary repairs are being made, take pictures/videos of the repairs before, during and after. Document all expenses incurred while taking steps to prevent any additional damage and/or making temporary repairs to your property.


What do I do when my insurance company contacts me?

Keep everything you receive from your insurance company, your insurance company adjuster or anyone contacting you on behalf of your insurance company. Do not delete any emails or texts. Keep any appraisals you received from your insurance company or its representatives.


Is my consultation free?

Yes, your initial consultation is free.
Contact us at 941-625-4878 or send us an email at


Can my property insurance company cancel my policy based upon damages from an act of God?

Understand, insurance is a profit-motivated industry. Insurance companies charge a premium to provide coverage for losses they hope will never occur. This for-profit motivation results in companies often offering lowball settlements or otherwise trying to avoid paying your claim. Disputes often arise as carriers attempt to avoid responsibility for your losses by contending that your damages are a result of conditions not covered under your policy. Other times they may provide appraisals for your losses that do not fully address the conditions. For example, an adjuster may provide an estimate for your roof repair without including amounts to cover the damage to soffits, facia and/or replacement of damaged insulation. We can help. Our highly trained and experienced evaluators will ensure that all factors are considered in evaluating your losses.


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