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Types Of Damages That May Be Included In Personal Injury Cases

Getting injured due to an auto accident, a slip and fall incident, or an animal attack may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. If it gets approved, you will be getting compensation for damages. 

In this case, damages refer to expenses and losses you are facing because of the personal injury. 

But, what type of damages can you seek compensation for in Fort Myers?

Generally, the exact damages will be dependent on the type of injury, its severity, and the related costs you incur. In most cases, the following are included:

Medical Bills

A personal injury claim covers physical damages. That means all medical bills you incur will be taken care of. Aside from current medical expenses, you may also get compensation for future treatments necessary for your recovery from the injury. That is because some people may end up needing medical care for weeks, months, or even years.

Wages Lost

In some cases, the victim may suffer from serious personal injuries that caused them to take time off work. For those who are more unfortunate, getting back to work is not possible. 

A personal injury claim may help with this. You can get paid to cover your lost wages. This is especially beneficial if you have to take weeks or months off.

Loss of Use

This is often related to auto accidents. It is very helpful if you have unable to use your car for a while due to the injuries you got from the accident.

Hiring Help

Sometimes, a person may have major injuries that make it hard for them to accomplish their daily tasks. Hiring help may a good option. However, some people find that to be expensive. Fortunately, you may be able to get compensation for hiring a helper.

Loss of Companionship

Aside from economic damages, personal injury also includes non-economic damages. One of these is
the loss of companionship.

Pain and Suffering

Other examples of non-economic damage are pain and suffering. While these are typically hard to calculate, there are cases when a claimant got compensation for this non-economic damage.

Pain and suffering may be linked to physical injuries. However, it is also possible for it to refer to emotional distress. Some individuals may not get physical injuries but may be suffering from emotional distress.

The Statute of Limitations

Once you suffer from a personal injury, it is best to apply for a claim as soon as possible. In Florida, the law has set a statute of limitations. That means you need to file for a claim within a certain period. It is four years after the date of the accident in the state. 

Getting a Personal Injury Lawyer

For higher chances of getting fair compensation for your losses, consider working with a competent personal injury lawyer in Fort Myers.

Injuries from an accident because of another person’s negligence or carelessness come with expenses. You can get financial compensation for this. 

However, the process of filing a personal injury claim or seeking fair compensation from either your insurance provider or the person at fault can be complex. That is why it is best not to do it alone. Your best option is to work with people who have experience in handling a similar case. 

Additionally, some insurers may offer settlements that will lead to lower compensation. Getting a lawyer will help ensure you are being properly compensated. They can build a case for you, if necessary. They can also help you settle the matter outside the courtroom. 

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