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Truck Accidents Are Anything But Kind And Forgiving

Rather than just blabbing on and on about the consequences of truck accidents, we will let the statistics speak for themselves. In 2012, there were 104,000 injuries and 3,921 deaths from tractor-trailer incidents. As you can see, the outcomes can be devastating. Damages are often minor to severe and include…

• Head, Neck, And Back Injuries
• Fractured Or Broken Bones
• Lacerations And Burns
• Internal Bleeding
• Concussions And Other Brain Injuries

These vehicles are designed to carry different types of heavy loads, both in-state, and cross-country. They play an integral role in helping the economy thrive, and the drivers work diligently to keep products on store shelves for consumers to purchase. Still, though, truck accidents are destructive, so everyone must practice safe driving techniques to keep incidents to a minimum. Drivers should avoid using smartphones or partaking in other activities that serve as distractions. Although everyone has the right to be on the road, small vehicle operators may find it in their best interest to back off and give these trucks space whenever possible. This action may help prevent truck accidents from arising.


Reasons To Hire An Attorney


Logistics companies and their insurers know the ins and outs of the complex Florida legal system. These institutions use a variety of tactics to avoid paying out a fair settlement amount. For instance, they attempt to get the injured party to sign documents with clauses that sign their rights to compensation away. These agreements don't usually hold up in court, but it serves as a delay tactic that sometimes works to their advantage. Truck accident victims are hurt, out of work, and in dire need of funds to pay for everyday essentials and the expensive medical bills required for recovery. By making the proceedings come to what seems like a crawl, the defendants hope that the individual will settle for a less-than-stellar financial sum.

A truck accident attorney builds a strong case in a variety of ways. For example, they obtain vital information from the vehicle's onboard black box, talk to witnesses to gain beneficial testimonies, and purchase equipment whenever necessary to use as evidence. Our firm offers a free consultation, and personal injury cases are paid on a contingency fee basis, which means people only pay if the claim is successful. So, don't delay any longer and give us a call today at 941-625-HURT. Areas that we service include…

• North Port, Punta Gorda, Arcadia, Cape Coral
• Fort Meyers, Englewood, Sarasota, Osprey
Venice And Port Charlotte

Our attorney has successfully represented many clients since 1983. By choosing to hire the firm, you gain professional, friendly representation with over 30-years of experience. Of course, anyone can claim this or that, so we invite you to check out our results section and view the case conclusions for yourself. The Florida legal system is not a get rich quick scheme, so people should not see it as such. However, individuals should not get stuck paying to recover from injuries that they did not cause either. The settlement will help offset medical expenses and other issues while holding those at fault liable for their actions. Compensation will vary between claims and it is calculated on things like…

• The Severity Of The Injury
• Current And Future Medical Expenses
• Mental Anguish
• Pain And Suffering
• Lost Wages

Don't fret if you became involved in another type of accident because we can help in these areas too. The personal injury field is vast, and it covers a wide selection of mishaps. So, contact our professionals to find out where your claim stands.