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According to Statista, there were around 225 million licensed drivers in the United States in 2017. The study reveals that Florida accounted for over 15 million of those drivers. What does that mean? Well, it shows that there are lots and lots of people operating motor vehicles in the Sunshine State. Some use the mode of transportation to go to work and return home. The same can be said for students traveling from home to school and back again.

Of course, many other folks use their cars for leisurely purposes too. After all, Florida is known for its fabulous beaches, outstanding amusement parks, and other attractions. Thus, vacationers and tourists are always blessing our cities with their presence. Nobody should be knocking it though as these people help our economy stay healthy and strong. Still, with so many cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles in one place, accidents are sure to happen. Don't just take our word for it though. Rather, take a look at some of the recent headlines from news outlets around the area such as...

• FOX 4 – Couple Married 60 Years Dies In North Port Crash On The Way To Their Son's House To Walk The Dog
• NBC 2 News – One Person Dead After Accident In Fort Myers Neighborhood
• WWSB – Man Suffers Serious Injuries In Charlotte County Car Crash
• WWSB – Pedestrian Struck And Killed By Car On Clark Road In Sarasota Identified

Car Crashes Don't Usually Have Fairy-Tale Endings

As you can see from the headlines, auto accidents can cause injuries and fatalities. If a wrongful death occurs due to the negligence or recklessness of another driver, the family may be entitled to a fair amount of compensation. Although no amount of money will make up for what happened, the sum can prove to be useful in various ways. The family members can use the funds to pay for medical and funeral expenses. They may even receive enough to help them continue living in the way they are accustomed to living, which is especially helpful if the loved one was the primary breadwinner for the household.

A just settlement can be useful for injured victims too. For one, in many instances, the injuries are extremely severe, and it can take the person weeks, months, or years to fully recover, that is if they ever do. Doctor and therapy bills add up in a hurry, particularly if the person is missing work due to the injuries. In other words, it can be difficult to pay for anything, including recovery expenses for damages that they didn't cause. The insurance company and the defendant's lawyer will pull out all the stops to ensure that the smallest amount possible is paid.

Don't Let These Characters Take Advantage Of You

Going it alone often proves to be a big mistake, but luckily, southwest Florida residents do not have to do so. Our attorneys have more than 30 years of service in representing Florida's injured. The firm has the knowledge, experience, and means to take the case all the way to trial if need be. However, on many occasions, the other lawyers and insurers settle out of court for a fair amount. Why? Our team has a top-notch reputation, and they would rather go this route instead of letting us get our injured client in front of a jury. The initial case review is free, and you only pay if compensation is recovered. So, contact the office today and get the representation that you deserve.