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The Top 3 Reasons Your Disability Benefits Were Probably Denied

If you have put in a claim to receive disability benefits, but it has been denied, chances are you made one of the top three mistakes in the business. They are easy to make, but very hard to fix. Once your application has been put aside for an error, it is very hard to get forward momentum again. Take the time and fill out the application right the first time. It might just save you weeks, or even months worth of time spent waiting for a payment.

1. Paperwork Issues

The number one cause of claims being denied is because of paperwork issues. Incorrectly filed paperwork can lead to weeks of back tracking. Filing the claim in the first place means mountains of paperwork. If one sheet is missing or incorrect, the whole application is no longer valid and needs to be refiled. It can sometimes take months of trying to properly submit an application before you claim will go through. During that time, your bills may be piling up and you may start to drown in fees and debt. Be sure that you don’t try to lie on your forms. A simple lie can set you back for a long time. It is better to stay truthful and now have to refile the whole claim.

2. Procedural Issues

There is really no hard deadline about when and how to file your claims. Claims can be filed that need months of back research and getting someone to hop on and get going on your case may be a nightmare. Agencies have strict procedures that need to be followed and if one person messes up a part of the system along the way, your application might need to go into a separate processing pile. In this case, it is usually nothing you did wrong and you have no control over what happens, which can be completely frustrating. Having professional help on your side can sometimes help with getting answers, but it is no guarantee.

3. Medical Condition

Depending on your medical condition, it could take time to file your claim. The agency may need to track down and verify your medical records. This can take forever. If you didn't’ follow through with the treatment plan that your doctor laid out for you, your claim may be denied based on the fact that you refused to do as the doctor ordered. This means that you should be sure to go to all appointments and follow up appointments to show that you are working with the doctor to get things solved. The agency will not pay a claim if they think you are just being lazy and not attending your treatments. Your doctor made you a treatment plan for a reason. Be sure to use it.

If you are having trouble filing a claim, you may need to seek legal counsel. All Injuries Law Firm is here to help. We can help you submit the right claim to the right place and get your moving on your way towards claiming your payment. Don’t sit around wishing for something to happen. Take action and call our office today.