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The Importance Of Physical Therapy In Recovering After A Crash

Like all medical professionals, Physical Therapists play an essential role in keeping us all healthy, especially when helping us to recover after being injured from a crash. However sometimes Physical Therapy can be overlooked as a step that is not absolutely needed, or Physical Therapists may be regarded as less important than traditional nurses or other medical professionals.

To help raise awareness of just how important Physical Therapy really is, the American Association of Physical Therapists (AAPT) has designated October as Physical Therapy Month, and is encouraging the public to become more informed by visiting, or by using #PhysicalTherapyMonth and #ChoosePT to spread the word on social media.

Physical Therapy - An Essential Part Of Recovering From Serious Injury

Physical Therapy (PT) is one of the most important parts of recovering after a serious injury or car accident. Engaging in a Physical Therapy regimen is especially important for those who are involved in a Personal Injury lawsuit, for a wide variety of reasons beyond the recovery of your body.

Below are some of the important benefits of Physical Therapy For Those Recovering After A Crash Injury:

Recover Faster - Physical Therapy Will Help Recover Faster From Injury Or Surgery

Physical Therapy helps to strengthen muscles, and improve the range of motion when healing. A physical therapy regimen will help you to strengthen your body faster and contribute to reducing your recovery in less time than without Therapy.

Recover Better - Physical Therapy Can Improve Your Well-Being After Recovery

Serious vehicle accidents can have life-altering and debilitating injuries. Some may not be able to walk or use their arms nearly as well as prior to being hurt. A Physical Therapy program can help you regain your mobility, and improve the range of motion even after your body has healed. In many cases returning to a normal state of mobility is not possible without a Physical Therapy Regimen to retrain your body, improve strength and increase the range of motion in affected limbs. Physical Therapy ensures you can get the best possible outcome from your recovery.

Financial Compensation - Physical Therapy Costs Will Be Considered As Part Of Your Compensation

During an accident injury claim, your attorney will be fighting to make sure your costs and needs are covered by any compensation award. This will include all incurred bills and damage to your life such as lost income, surgery costs, and ongoing long-term care such as Physical Therapy.

As Physical Therapy is medical care that was needed to recover from the accident, your attorney will demand full payment of ongoing physical Therapy costs as part of the legal claim.

Supporting Your Claim - Proof You Are Not Exaggerating Your Injuries

As with any injury case, the other party’s insurance company will have a legal team to attempt to limit how much you are compensated for your injuries. One way their lawyers may go about this, is to try and make it seem as if you have been overstating the severity of your injuries. However, your attorney will be able to show proof in a variety of ways, including your participation in a Physical Therapy program.

By following through with your doctor’s advice and participating in prescribed Physical Therapy sessions you will also be showing more evidence for the court, or mediator to consider for your case that you were seriously harmed in the accident and truly are due full compensation.

Discover Your True Recovery Costs For Your Claim

It’s not uncommon for someone who has been injured in a serious crash to only learn the full-extent of the cost of recovery until weeks or months after the initial event. By following your doctor’s advice and attending all of your Physical Therapy sessions you will be determining your long-term pattern of care. This is important for discovering all of the costs recovering from your injury will incur, and is vital information for your attorney in any personal injury legal claim.

Improving Your Mental And Emotional State

Often a person who has been through a traumatic event like a serious crash will be subjected to mental stress, uncertainty and financial problems. This can weigh heavily on an individual and sometimes have a debilitating effect on their mental state. Feeling overwhelmed and depressed after a serious injury from a crash is not uncommon and Physical Therapy can help with this too.

Not only does increased physical activity improves your mood, but the act of taking some control of your recovery by participating actively in your therapy sessions can really help by giving a sense of purpose and control. This can be essential for your emotional well-being and help you to better recover from your crash.

For more information on all the different ways, physical therapists help patients recover from injuries and accidents be sure to visit

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