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The Grenfell Tower Tragedy And Property Injury Issues

June 2017 saw one of the worst fires in recent memory as 79 people died in a fire in Grenfell Tower, an apartment building in England. And while the investigation is ongoing, numerous officials and residents have already begun to blame the owner and manager of the building for the accident.

While it's on the other side of the ocean from us, the reality is that accidents like this could happen almost anywhere - despite the country and the state of Florida having very strict regulations in place to help reduce the risk of injuries or death from fires and other issues on a property.

But still, property-related accidents can indeed happen, and taking a closer look at what this might involve is important since it could be something that you or a loved one ends up unfortunately facing.

Who Is Responsible?

Under Florida law, when an accident occurs the party that is held responsible will often depend upon who is shown to have been acting in a reckless or negligent manner. With auto accidents, reckless behavior is often the issue and could include something like speeding or drunk driving.

But with property related injuries or deaths - things like fires, falls down staircases, electrocution, mold related health issues, and more - it's often a question of negligence, not recklessness. A personal injury lawyer will be more focused on showing that a property manager or owner knew about potential safety risks but chose not to do anything about them.

For example, with Grenfell Tower, the focus is primarily on an exterior cladding that is cheaply made and not fire resistant. Early investigations are suggesting that the cladding isn't approved for use under UK regulations and that it may even be banned. If this is the case, it is likely that the property owners will be held responsible.

The same principle applies here in Florida. If a property owner fails to abide by regulations or uses shoddy, unsafe materials in the construction of their property, and those cut corners contribute to the accident and subsequent injuries, there's a good chance that they will be held responsible.

The same applies to safety risks that are noticed in the building. For instance, loose wiring that is seen and reported to the property owner but never corrected could be used to show that negligence is present. However, it must be proven that the property owner actually knew about that loose wire - ignorance means that they aren't responsible.

Proving Fault

In order to show the courts that a property manager or owner is negligent and thus responsible for an accident or injury, accident lawyers must use a variety of tools. Witness statements, past records of a property manager, surveillance footage, paperwork filed by various entities, and more are all important resources that might be used.

It can be difficult and time-consuming to show that a property owner is responsible for accidents, and as such it's a process that is best left to the professionals. If you've been injured in a property related accident of any kind, talking to an attorney is one of your best options. They can help you understand more about your rights, what steps you can take during the process of seeking compensation, and ensure that you get what you're owed.

Our team has years of experience in premises liability and property related injury cases. If you're injured, contact our team today to set up a free initial consultation. With offices throughout Southwest Florida, we're always close by to you, and we're always ready to help you get the compensation that you deserve.