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Safety Recalls What Do You Do?

There are many different recalls that can happen on a variety of different consumer products from auto recalls with a safety-related defect to products that do not comply with the federal safety standard. When something is deemed as not safe, a government agency or the manufacturer themselves will issue an alert to the public.

Recall action is then taken by the manufacturer or government to help protect consumers against the dangers of the product, whether it is an auto recall, baby seat recall, or even cosmetics. Each recall requires an action of some sort to rectify the problem and ensure the safety and health of the consumers.

My Item Has Been Recalled

Some recalls exist that ask that you throw the item away while others may ask that you return the item and seek a replacement or a repair on the recalled item. In these cases, the seller of the recalled product will replace it. Some of the more commonly recalled products in which this happens include child safety seats, cosmetics, food, medication, toys, and vehicles.

Before Making a Purchase

To avoid the hassle and headache, you will want to do some research on the products you purchase before you spend your money this is especially true for items meant for children. Research the item to see if there are any recalls. contains a list of recalls from federal agencies, and you can also visit that website to sign up for free email notifications, so you never miss a recall in the future.

For vehicle and equipment recalls, visit This site also publishes information regarding children's car seats.

Product Recalls

Recalls can be quite costly not only because the defective goods need to be retrieved but also because compensation for the consumers also needs to be given.

When a recall happens, often you will find that full refunds are given on the product in question, and the manufacturers will maintain an open line of communication with the consumers.

They will then educate consumers on the potential hazards that may exist with the recalled products and explain all the defects. Always be prepared to assume that every product will be recalled.

These steps and this information not only apply to product recalls but also vehicle recalls and other vehicle parts and accessories.

Voluntary Recalls

Consumers already know that when a recall is issued by the Food & Drug Administration for a product, food, or medication, or a consumer product has been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, it should be taken very seriously because it could mean the safety of your family.

Voluntary recalls should be considered just as serious as mandatory recalls for the same reason. When there is a voluntary recall, the supplier or manufacturer of the potentially defective products initiates their own recalls after it has been brought to their attention that the product may actually pose a safety risk for consumers.

Some of the more well-known voluntary recalls in the more recent past included Takata airbags, Blue Bell Icecream, and Sabra Hummus.

Still Unsure?

Do you still have questions or concerns regarding mandatory and voluntary recalls? Maybe you have a defective product that has caused injury, and you are looking for fair compensation. In these cases, an experienced attorney can help you get the answers you need and can guide you through the process involved with recalls.

If you or a loved one have suffered personal injury due to a recalled product, you have the right to seek compensation.